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Now that the first printing of Modernist Cuisine is done, shipped and for the most part delivered into the purchaser's hands, I am curious where all the copies actually ended up going? While I am fairly certain Fat Guy would like to think MC and eGullet readers are one in the same, it likely would not be a stretch to believe the majority actually do read or participate in these threads. My curiousity about the first 6,000 copies of MC is as follows:

How many of the 50 United States have readers with copies?

In the 10 Canadian provinces and three territories how widely distributed are they?

Do most buyers live in a metro area or a non-urban area?

How many are working professionals, advanced amateurs or simply interested in food?

What well-known chefs or restaurant owners bought a copy for themselves?

How many copies of MC are ending up in Great Britain/Ireland?

How many were bought by people on the European continent, even without the announced translated versions?

How many will end up in Australia and Asia?

What about Africa and the Middle East?

Are there buyers in Mexico, Central America and South America?

Edited by JBailey (log)

"A cloud o' dust! Could be most anything. Even a whirling dervish.

That, gentlemen, is the whirlingest dervish of them all." - The Professionals by Richard Brooks

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Anna and I are sharing a copy. We are urban, southern Ontario, Canada. And we have large dogs, effective alarms - and aren't leaving town anytime soon!

Both talented amateurs!

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one at the foot of Mount Diablo, CA

Note the Diablo in there, he's my friend and protects the books on the rare occasion that I'm not at home growling at the door myself :cool:

Back to the yard, have to finish the moat today~~

"And don't forget music - music in the kitchen is an essential ingredient!"

- Thomas Keller

Diablo Kitchen, my food blog

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I've got mine in Sydney, Australia. I joined eGullet over a year ago specifically to find out more information about the book, after I read about it in a New York Times article on Nathan Myhrvold...

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I live on Long Island, NY and I'm a personal chef. I have a sissy for a dog but a cat that would scratch your eyes out if you tried to take my copy of MC and an alarm!

Anne Napolitano

Chef On Call

"Great cooking doesn't come from breaking with tradition but taking it in new directions-evolution rather that revolution." Heston Blumenthal

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I'm in center city Philadelphia and an enthusiastic home cook. I've been playing around with sous vide for about a year but haven't done much else with modernist techniques so far.

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Michigan's UP. I will venture to guess I'm the only person in the area with a copy, but would love to be proved wrong.

Home cook, like to experiment, always up for something new. My day job is writing software; I like to think it's the engineer in me that's drawn to Modernist Cuisine.

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I'll pretend not to be upset that you left New Zealand off your list.

It's just possible I have the only copy in the country, but I know there's at least one other on the way (at least my man Brian hopes it's on the way ...). And everybody I show it to drools.

Urban; somewhere between 'interested' and 'advanced amateur'.

Leslie Craven, aka "lesliec"
Host, eG Forumslcraven@egstaff.org

After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relatives ~ Oscar Wilde

My eG Foodblog

eGullet Ethics Code signatory

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Leslie, I meant to list New Zealand first! :biggrin:

"A cloud o' dust! Could be most anything. Even a whirling dervish.

That, gentlemen, is the whirlingest dervish of them all." - The Professionals by Richard Brooks

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