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  1. An update for those of us in the EU: my set, which I pre-ordered on the first day possible (May 20) on amazon.de is finally on the way, after multiple delays. Expected arrival date to Hungary: January the 6th.
  2. Here is a nice video tour of their facility. Az some point chef Francisco Migoya talks about their next project, the topic of wich is still a secret. So this means new books are coming after the pizza book. Fro the love he talks about his chocolate machines, I am guessing it will have to do with sweets. Also I remember Nathan talking about some discovery regarding macarons here on Egullet, which he was not prepared to share at the time, alluding to some future pastry-sweets book. I really hope that's going to be the next one.
  3. Amazon.de has it too, for those of us in the EU. I can't wait, loved the bread book a lot.
  4. I am glad to hear this. Sourdough is just getting in vogue in my country, with a new group of aspiring guru-bakers, so it will be nice to have some fact backed science to input into the discourse before it becomes too esoteric.
  5. I pre-ordered it on the first day as well, just got the news it is going to arrive between the 8th and the 11th of November. I can't wait. Does the book discuss the microbiology of sourdough in detail? Does it look into the analysis of geographically different cultures?
  6. Thanks for the replies. So twelve of those would make up a full 7dl bottle of brandy. Impressive
  7. I was rereading George Orwell's Down and out in Paris in London, when I found this passage: What kind of cocktail would this have been? And how much brandy would the waiter have drunk? Any ideas? The story takes place sometime around the twenties in Paris.
  8. New update is out, with TOC and some sample pages. https://www.eater.com/2017/6/21/15845640/modernist-cuisine-bread-book
  9. Cool suggestions, but you need a library card for those. I don't live in the UK or the US so that is not an option for me unfortunately.
  10. I am reading more and more on my tablet, and was looking for a way to get a digital subscription for food magazines when I found Readly, the netflix for magazines. For a flat monthly fee of 10 euros you can read all the magazines you ever wanted. For me Lucky Peach alone would be worth a subscription, and back issues are there as well, searchable and clipable form. It can be used on five devices at the same time too. Normally you get two free weeks, but as a subscriber you can invite others giving them a free month's trial. I hope I am not violating any site policy by posting this invite link: https://hu.readly.com/r/Vz-GjKfPBYc4IeP7 but being able to read saveur and delicious and bbc goodfood on my nexus tablet feels like sci-fi to me even tough I have been using the service for almost six month now.
  11. The Hungarian cult classic Szinbád (1971) by Zoltán Huszárik has an iconic lunch scene, where Szinbád (played by Zoltán Latinovits) feasts on soup, bone marrow, pheasants and tafelspitz. There is a clip on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/embed/TnEn-P7z_3Y
  12. The best resource I found on the net was Duncan Markham's series of articles, La Macaronicité following his so called "more realiable macaron recipe" which is the Italian meringue method with a tweaked ratio, helped me successfully bake macarons on first go, even tough I was a complete and absolute beginner at the time. The articles are very valuable because he describes and illustrates common errors like over-mixing and shows how different baking temperatures affect the process. A brilliant tutorial.
  13. I will never again lean an unsealed sous-vide bag full of a liter of vanilla custard-base against the blender just for a second, while I split the vanilla bean, which I want to put in the bag as a last minute inclusion. No, in the future I will be sure to split the bean first, and put it in the bag first before pouring the extract in the bag. I will never again attempt to pour liquid from one bag directly in another one, when the first attempt to seal goes wrong. I learnt that cleaning up spilled custard base is surprisingly hard work, and a half liter of liquid can cover a surprisingly large area… I wonder how long will the counter top smell of vanilla?
  14. Thanks to this thread I bought "1/2 LB Madagascar Bourbon Extract Vanilla Beans 6~7" from the above mentioned seller (vanillaproducts) in the first week of January. They also sent me 10 Tahiti beans. I used 2/3 of all the beans in half a liter of Stolichnaya 100 proof for extract, which is now really wonderful, dark, and oily. Just looking at it makes my happy, whenever I go into the pantry, I shake it a bit, and watch the small vanilla dots swirl around the jar, it kind of reminds me of playing with a snow globe back in my childhood. Delightful and calming.
  15. Bovril. A squeeze here and there, and everything is just more beefy...
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