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  1. There were pudding/bread molds that were like a springform pan. Personally, I have used coffee cans and put them in my steamer. As we all know, coffee cans are becoming an endangered species...
  2. I might imagine as you do with a veal or beef heart. The last veal heart I braised gently most of the day and it was stuffed with bread stuffing. I sous vide lots of things, but have not tried heart. However, I probably would prefer a longer time frame than discussed above.
  3. Depending upon when you are remodeling and need to order your equipment, consider attending the National Restaurant Show in Chicago in May. There you will be able to see, touch, discuss and get a good grasp of lots of manufacturers and their latest products. Should you consider induction, certainly talk to the folks at CookTek who have not expanded their range of products for both front of the house and the kitchen. Also, WoodStone offers a plancha that is a fascinating piece of equipment (if you are in Chicago go eat at The Purple Pig to see CookTek induciton hobs and the WoodStone plancha being used). One other item you need to seriously consider is a Rational combi oven. They are magic.
  4. I have been through four or five stick blenders. Finally, I got a Robot Coupe Mini-end of the search. Give Robot Coupe a serious look. This is a piece of equipment that will last for years.
  5. Look at the Dry Bag website. Also, have you looked at Polcyn and Rulhman's books?
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    Nick, sounds like you found a good compromise in the kitchen. The avoiding the stirring time certainly allows you freedom to pursue all else your meal might require. As with anything, doing this several times will have the process becoming second nature for you. Have you ever substituted farro for rice? Nice flavor, good tooth feel and in ways a heartier meal.
  7. Was the roast patted dry? I generally sear quickly in a pan after I have dried the meat out of the bag and then put the pan in the hot oven.
  8. With turkey breast, I have done them at 160 degrees for four hours. They are moist and with good texture. Adding that yours ar stuffed, I might consider this higher temperature. Also, consider duck fat in the bag.
  9. Michael Ruhlman has just published and released his new iPad app The Book of Schmaltz, a Love Song to a Forgotten Fat. At present, it is only available for the iPad, but will shortly be launched for other platforms. There also maybe a print version at some time. I have downloaded Schmaltz and am glad I did so and recommend others give it a look. I am very particular about cooking apps for my iPad and iPhone. However, when I see Michael Ruhlman's name attached whether it is a book or an app I delve deeper. Schmaltz is another of his quality efforts, not only with his writing and recipe prowness, but it is further enhanced by Donna Ruhlman's excellent photography. In my opinon, Ruhlman has the gift to weave an interesting story, while at the same time giving confidence to go into the kitchen to try the techinque or recipe. Having always been a visual learner in cooking, Donna's extensive photography further reinforces my desire to try using the recipes in my own kitchen. This is on the same tier as Bittman's How to Cook, the CIA's The Professional Chef and the Epicurious apps, among a very few others.
  10. Of course, you can always find lots to consider at Hank Shaw's Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook site. There is also the September released cookbook Afield: A Chef’s Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish by Jesse Griffiths. Between the two, many new thoughts and ideas will be presented.
  11. Aside from those of us who eGullet, there are many consumers being exposed to sous vide daily. Not just in restaurants or articles in magazines, but right in the aisle where they are grocery shopping. A few weeks ago, I purchased a leg of lamb from Cuisine Solutions at a local Costco. As you probably all know, Cuisine Solutions was the pioneer in sous vide and today offer a wide variety of sous vide prepared foods for both commercial and home use. Their preparation instructions on the bag give conventional oven directions and also how to prepare the leg of lanb in a water bath. Sous vide seems to be moving from experimental food preparation to something to be found in more and more kitchens. This may be similar to how induction has been accepted and become increasing visible in home kitchens.
  12. Polyscience sells the Minipacki-Torre, so you might go to their web page to learn more. I purchsased mine from them and highly recomment Minipack-Torre for chamber vacuums-they are terrific.
  13. They will be in Chicago on Friday for a demonstration set up by the Butcher and the Larder...looking forward to Ruhlman and Polycn being here!
  14. From what I have read recently, there have been a number of changes of chefs at the restaurant. I also recall reading that maybe Elliot himself was back in the kitchen to cover some of the bumps in the road. Their executive chef Andrew Brochu lett recently and the pastry chef Bryce Caron had wanted consideration to replace him. Then Caron left suddenly.
  15. As an adunct to the book (mine is to arrive Monday, Oct. 1) did you see this new website from Chef Steps?
  16. Recently, I purchased some uncured bacon from my local grocery. This was the bacon in consumer packaging, not from the meat counter. Some weeks ago, I opened the package and used abouit half the bacon while leaving the remainder in the oriignal packaging. This was then placed in a zip lock back and returned to the refrigerator. Last night I went to pull the bacon and it browned from oxidation, I suppose. What is the recommended shelf life for uncured bacon that has been opened? While I could have sealed it in a vacuum bag, does anyone have other ways to best store opened product?
  17. JBailey


    I very much enjoyed my stay in Frascati. I, too, stayed at Villa Grazioli which is a wonderful place and is highly recommended for anyone wanting to stay in Frascati. They have a great dining room there. The Casal Pilozzo winery was a great stop. Also, we ate in a restuarant a short way to the north that had the most perfect view over a valley and the outside terrace seemed to hang on the cliff, but at the moment I forget the name.
  18. Plate just sent out a notice they are on iTunes. I am reallhy enjoying Saveur this way.
  19. My CookTek MC-1800 stopped over the weekend. It is maybe one of my most used appliances in the ktichen. Fortunately, I had another as backup. May I say that it is such a pleasure to deal with a company who is headquartered and manufacturing in the US. They were so helpful having someone right at their headquarters on the help desk. They took care and concern with my problem and came up with a terrific resolution. If you are looking for an induction hob, certainly consider CookTek. I am a most satisified customer.
  20. Seems that Polyscience has a game changer for beginning sous vide kitchens. They are offering the Creative at $499 coming out this August. At the price, it probably will find its way into many home and professional kitchens.
  21. Just had a terrific lunch Saturday at Bottega in Yountville followed with great pastries from Bouchon Bakery. Bouchon and Ad Hoc also need consideration.
  22. Often, Bass Pro has several meat grinders on their shelves. If there is not one nearby, they have an extensive website, as you might imagine.
  23. Have you been through Olympic on Cicero just north of Midway? Another to consider is Schweppe in Lombard on Lake Street.
  24. And you saved the new photo for the letter and didn't use it here??? Seriously Steven, best wishes to you and your family, great luck with this new adventure and thank you for making all of this happen which has given so many of us countless hours of enjoyment.
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