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  1. Well this has been a long time since we last posted here. We have moved the restaurant around the corner from our old location. We moved from 28 seats to 52 with 12 bar seats as well. We have been open for 11 days now and are turning people away on the weekend. The kitchen staff and serving staff have been great. We will try to upload some photos of the new place soon or you could check us out on our Facebook page.
  2. I have a copy in Saskatoon, Sk and it arrived on Monday.
  3. Everything in Saskatoon is 10 minutes apart from each other. RUH and the University are located in our area and the downtown hotels are a 10 minute walk from us. Even if you staying at the Parktown, which is the closest hotel to the university, your'll still not that far away. The weather should also be better by the time you get here. Good luck with your exams.
  4. Hi Kerry I would like to say welcome to Saskatoon. Do you know where you are staying ? If you are at one of the downtown hotels you can go to Carvers in the Sheraton, Garden Court Cafe in the Bess, Aroma in the Radisson. You will also have near the hotels, Tusq, The Spadina Freehouse, and Truffles (I would recommend these guys) On the other side of the bridge on Broadway Ave you will find Calories, Sushiro sushi, Yard + Flagon Pub, and Bliss fine foods. Then you will also find my place, Weczeria food + wine, you can find us on Open Table. The only problem I have is where we will be when
  5. The new owner of Bliss gets the keys July 1rst then he wil spend two months renoing it, so you could say around Sept ? That is the word on the street that I have heard.
  6. No, there are not really one dish or dish's that I would recommend. I have tried just abour everything on the menus, so I have no real favorites. I usually just vary what i eat whenever I am out. Unfortunalty, Simon's closed this past week. I have also heard that Pesto's which is aroundthe corner from me is also closing soon. We did have an addition to the area in Keo's Kitchen, which is a great Thai place. The market is really starting to explode with stuff, so things are looking up for us. Dan
  7. Thanks for the interest. June is the beginning of the farmer's market at it's best, so we are using alot of product from there. I just received the first tomato's pof the season, some great beef steak and roma's. So I am looking forward to the summer season. As for an upscale bar, you can go either to Flint or to 612 lounge in the Shearton. Dessert places would be Calories, which is also a great dining spot. Breakfast, I would suggest the Park cafe on 20th Street and the broadway Cafe on Braodway, just around the corner from me. As for ribs or Greek food, I don't eat out at these place
  8. I do, if I am making mistakes or one of our cooks is, we need to fix the problem right away. I try to strive for consistency in our food. Most of my long time regulars are not shy at all about voicing their opinions about anything in the restaurant.
  9. As we are looking at moving into a newer space with more equipment. I have found a number of Vulcan ranges and deepfryers to purchase for a reasonable price. I am wondering, not being familar with this company, what are other chefs experiences with this company and would you recommend them to us. We are looking at a 8 burner range with 2 stoves, 2 burner with griddle range, and possibly a electric high pressure deep fryer. Thanks for your time.
  10. It's November and it's Saskatchewan. You didn't dress for the weather ??!!! You should see the outfit we have for the Rider game on Sunday. Sorry that you were unable to find something that was better or tastier. There seems to be a real reluctance or aversion to independent restaurants in this province. People figure that since the "Greek" style places have been around forever that they are the say all and be all for what a successful restaurant is supposed to look like. It also does not help that a would be restauranteur is first directed by our own government into bringing in a fra
  11. Danbry's is closed and is now called Crave wine bar. If you want some info on Regina restaurants look into www.savourlife.ca. It's a Regina based website that should help you in finding something that will fit what you are looking for.
  12. We have the opportunity to move into a larger location (26 seats to 55) and into the downtown core of the city. We have a good reputation for our food and service. Our regulars would move with us. So we are not afraid that we will lose anyone. One of the compliants that we receive on a regular basis is our name. Now granted it's hard to pronouce but Weczeria (Vah-chair-eia) means evening meal or supper in Polish/Ukrainian. Our concept is based on the idea of the hospitality of the Ukraine and the farm culture we have in our home province. Any thoughts ?
  13. Yes indeed we were paid a visit by Chef this past summer. Chef is currently at Burrowing Owl giving Chef Casvant a break and is working on.... I am not allowed to say... I do know what his next move will be. I am sure that it will make a splash no matter what he does. We are hoping to convince him to come out again in the fall, if the Riders can hold on to first place and the Lions come second there will be a game at Taylor Field and we promised we would take him. If you do see him ask him to show you his Roughrider hat. We'll post our pics from the dinner and his weekend on our thre
  14. My wife and I went to Edmonton two weeks ago to do some shopping for the restaurant and bring her sister some stuff for school. We were overnight on a Sunday. I talked to Merlin about some places to check; of the 10 or so excellant recommadations I think 8 of them were closed on the Sunday. Last night I had a couple in for U of S's homecoming form Edmonton and they too said it's difficult to find a place to eat on either Monday or Sunday or anything past 9 pm. Saskatoon has the problem of past 9 pm and the Sunday nights. We are making a couple of trips (actually 6) to Edmonton for hockey
  15. I don't know when he went out there but I sent an email to Chef Ray to ask, so when I get the info I'll post it. Thanks for the spelling correction. I also know of another name chef who will making his home in the Okanagan next spring. Can't say who...yet. I think it has alot to do with quality of life.
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