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  1. I made quite a few of the Party Magnet Cheeseballs for Thanksgiving. They were very well received; I definitely will make them again. I made one large and about 5 smaller ones. I quadrupled the recipe.
  2. This sounds interesting. I'm curious what you make ahead using sous vide. I love making steaks sous vide but don't normally think of using sous vide for cooking in advance; I should.
  3. I've done Rancho Gordo pinto beans for 36 minutes on manual, unsoaked with NPR. They come out firm and hold their shape. I like the texture.
  4. I started out with the Cuisinart and switched to IP (I now have 2 IP's). I had issues switching from browning mode to pressure cooking in the Cuisinart. The pot would get too hot and wouldn't allow it to pressure cook until it cooled down a bit. I've never had that issue with my IP's.
  5. I've made this recipe many times with no issues and they taste delicious! I wonder if your pot did not come to pressure. I've accidentally left the vent to open and the IP will start to count down without ever reaching pressure.
  6. Jamaican Jerk Rubbed Roast Chicken was a big hit. Next time, I will add more heat. I used a habanero from my garden, perhaps it wasn't very hot but the dish was very flavorful.
  7. I have made a few things from The Food Lab; all have been successful. First up, Pasta with Sausage and Red Sauce Braised Broccoli Rabe.
  8. I am thoroughly enjoying this book! I've already made a few of the dishes; tonight, I'm making the Roasted Beet and Citrus Salad. Lots of interesting science tidbits.
  9. I ended up following the recipe exactly and not using the IP since the recipe called for so much liquid. I wasn't sure how I could cook with that much liquid in the IP. It was delicious by the way.
  10. Any suggestions for converting this recipe to the Instant Pot? http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1013280-pork-ragu-al-maialino?smid=fb-nytdining&smtyp=cur
  11. Those potatoes are outstanding! Very intense potato flavor and creamy.
  12. Thanks to you Anna and Mmmpomps, I will be making champ tonight with grilled lamb chops and corn on the cob! Thankfully, I worked out this morning!
  13. I use EYB to catalog my cookbooks; the indexing is a fantastic selling point. I use Evernote for recipes found on the web and other sources. Evernote has a web clipper so no copying and pasting required. Also, with Evernote premium, photos and PDF's are searchable so you can photograph or scan a recipe and be able to find details.
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