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  1. Speaking of the second law, here is a great one: So, more questions: if the humidity cannot get above some percentage at certain dry bulb temperatures, then how come the anove supports the setting of humidity to every level from 0 to 100% at higher than 100C?
  2. Thanks guys! That was super helpful.
  3. @rotuts you wrote that "in environments w 100 % humidity , at all temperatures , WB = DB temp". You mean that if DBT is 220C and we have 100% humidity, then WBT = 220C?? This is impressive. I don't understand it.
  4. @gfweb and @JoNorvelleWalker,100% steam, or 100% humidity, means that the air cannot hold more steam, it reached its peaked amount of water it can hold. @JoNorvelleWalker if the third fact "As long as the cooking is happening with some percentage of steam, the item that is cooked, will be cooked with the wet bulb temperature" is incorrect it would make a lot of sense, but I have no idea what else could be the case here.
  5. I am afraid I am not understood because English is not my mother language (or I am an idiot). Let me try again. Facts (I think they are facts, correct me if I am wrong): - Wet bulb temperature will ALWAYS be lower than 100C. Correct? - Dry bulb temperature may very well be above that. But the wet bulb will be lower than 100C. - As long as the cooking is happening with some percentage of steam, the item that is cooked, will be cooked with the wet bulb temperature. Question: - If we are cooking with steam, let's say 100%, why does it matter if the dry bulb temperatu
  6. This seems right, but then, since the wet bulb temperature will never go above 100C, then why use the steam mode when we are above 100C?
  7. I have read that and many more, but perhaps I should refresh my memory.
  8. OK your first line makes a lot of sense. Humidity will provide energy faster to the food. But then, does it matter if it is 1C above 100C or 200C above 100C? Also, can you get Maillard reaction below 100C? I have been reading the forum but there are so many things I don't understand.
  9. Host's note: the following discussion has been moved from the Anova Precision Oven topic because its general thermodynamical nature is not specific to a single model of steam oven. The term "APO" refers to the Anova Precision Oven. The term "CSO" refers to the Cuisinart Steam Oven. I have a question: is there in the APO a mode to cook with steam, in temperatures higher than 100C? If so, when the steam is inserted in the oven, the wet bulb temperature will stay of course, below 100C, then the cooked item will not cook just like a normal oven, because even in the nor
  10. There is something wrong with this page. For Greece, it states 22 Euros, but if I go and order one, the price goes up to 89.54 Euros for GLS and 170.61 for DHL.
  11. Since you want the skin to crisp, why not cook without humidity and then crisp?
  12. OK, when he buys it, he will be able to connect to the oven!
  13. Oh I am not criticizing or anything, I am just looking for solutions. I was thinking that you could configure your cellphone as an access point (AP) instead of a station (STA) and then you would not have all the things you don't like, your phone would actually be your router. Then you could connect the oven app to your cellphone and the oven to the same network. That way you have nothing of the outside world (no FB, instagram etc) but you will have your own private WiLAN. I have not tested it though, perhaps it is not easy to setup.
  14. So, you don't even have your cellphone connected to a WiLAN?
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