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  1. Thanks for the link, I'm going to give it a try.
  2. I am totally not familiar with the Book Depository; is this legit and do they have a history Todd Hi Todd, I use book depository.com or book depository.uk all the time. I'm in Australia so the free postage that they offer tends to make most books cheaper for me as the cost of postage from amazon makes the books more expensive. I've had great service from both book depository stores. I've ordered well over 100 books over the last few years and have been very pleased. On one occasion a book did not arrive, I sent and email and within 24 hours they offered to replace the book or refund the mone
  3. I am keen to start playing with chocolate as a hobby, doing gifts for family and friends etc. I am trying to find some time to fly down to Melbourne to do a few days at the Savour Chocolate School but wanted to have a few basic skills before I go. The other idea I had was to purchase a melting tank which I understands holds the chocolate in temper. Does that mean I still have to temper the choc before putting it into the tank or can I do the whole process in the one machine? Quasar
  4. Thank you all so much for the help, you have all been very generous. slkinsey, I guess I was relying too much on the thermomix temps being accurate. Teo,thanks for the detailed instructions and this time I'll use the butterfly and use the thermometer as I was using the blades the last time. ElsieD, I've been using the aussie forum and wasn't aware of the UK site but it looks wonderful and I've already printed out some other recipes to try including the tempering one, of course. Thanks again. Quasar
  5. No I didn't monitor the chocolate, I'll give it another try and measure between the processes. I guess I was just hoping that the thermomix would make it easier, I feel like I keep following directions for various tempering techniques but just can't get it to work. On the positive side no one in my family seems to care about eating my constant failures. Thanks for the help. Quasar
  6. Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has had any luck tempering chocolate in a thermomix. I tried it for the first time this week following a recipe for 'Marshmallow, cardamon and bitter Chocolate Dunkers' from the Blog British Larder and had no luck, actually I've had no luck tempering trying any method. Of course they still tasted yummy but the chocolate was soft, not shiny and no snap. To try and temper I used 250g valrhona choc (63%) and did the following as per the recipe. 5 mins 50 degrees at speed 1 8 mins 37 degrees at speed 1 2 mins 50 degrees at speed 1. Any thoughts on what I need to d
  7. Just wanted to add my thanks to Nathan and his team. My books arrived in Australia 2 days ago and my geeky hubby and son are still raving about the packaging, it was a thing of engineering beauty. I was very worried that the books would get damaged on transit as often happens to me with heavy orders from amazon but my 'book babies' arrived in mint condition. Safe travels for all the books, they are amazing. Quasar
  8. If anyone is still interested www.redspooncompany.com at strathfield NSW has meat glue. I haven't used it myself but have bought a number of things from this comapnay online and they have always been very prompt with postage etc. cheers Quasar
  9. Hi Heidi, Thanks for the response, not sure how to get 'oven spring' but it sounds nice I mix up my batch of dough, let it rise for 2 hours and then put it in the fridge overnight. On baking day, I am letting the dough rest for an hour and a half before putting it onto a preheated pizza stone at 450 (230 celsius). I have a pan sitting on the bottom oven shelf and pour in a couple of cups of boiling water. Am I missing something? Thanks for the help. Quasar
  10. Hi All, I'm new to bread making and have had a couple of tries of the plain white bread and the sweat potato spelt bread and am in need some help. The bread looks terrific straight out of the oven and it keeps a nice crunchy crust BUT the texture inside is gummy and needs to be toasted to be edible. Thank goodness I have a teenager that will eat mistakes!! I've tried reducing the water each time I've mixed up a new batch to keep in the fridge but once cooked the texture seems to remain the same. I've also tried cooking the bread longer to the point where the outside crust is almost burnt. I'
  11. Hi Nathan, Thanks for the quick response, I have pre-ordered from Amazon. The book depository is a huge online book seller in the UK www.bookdepository.co.uk and they also have a US company www.bookdepository.com They ship all over the world for free so quite a lot of aussies use their services. Thanks again for the help and best wishes for getting the book together. Quasar
  12. Does anyone know if the book depository is going to stock these volumes? I'm in Australia and I find the way amazon pack their books is not great for a long trip, especially if they books are heavy so they always arrive with a little bit of damage to the corners which drives me nuts. Cheers quasar
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