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  1. Some general Lansing rec's from someone who grew up there, but has lived in NYC for the last few years. Sultan's: is in my opinion the best Middle eastern food in the lansing area i always eat here at least once when i visit www.sultansrestaurant.net/ El Azteco: Kind of a hole in the wall but the hot salsa, cheese dip and the Topopo salad are great. I usually eat here multiple times when i visit. Knight Cap: Was always great when i lived there but i have not been there in over 3 years so i can not speak to any decline in quality. Ukai Sushi and Steakhouse: Not the most innovative sushi/steakhouse place in america, but i have never had a bad meal or sushi that wasent fresh at either location east or west.
  2. I cut them in half and use a rounded point plastic knife to cut out all the segments and eat them one by one, then i squeeze the two halves into a cup and drink the juice.
  3. 1 copy, Brooklyn New york. advanced amateur. I have a sous vide professional. Cooked a lot of things sous vide but not a lot else "modern".
  4. Check the price and shipping at L'Epicerie And check their other Molecular Gastronomy ingredients. Note under "Specials" that there is free delivery in Manhattan. P.S. I use their flavorings which are superior to others I have tried. The "Bacon" is extraordinary. Is this a storefront or just mailorder?
  5. That to me is the true beauty of MC, with another cookbook you might have a recipe that contains a hot orange gel component to it. Well if you want to make a hot apple gel, or a hot banana gel you can try it, but its going to take a ton of experimentation because you might not have a great scientific explanation of whats going on. With MC they have a whole chart, with multiple fruits, and an explanation of the science and the Ph and the option to use different gelling agents, so it frees you to really create exactly what you want.
  6. I initially started with book 1. More skimming then reading. Kind of skimmed through the first 4 volumes. Volume 3 became my immediate favorite. Volume 2 and 4 are are also amazing. 5 is good for inspiration. 1 is maybe something i will read through once but dont see myself going back time and time again. Overall its pretty amazing and maybe the best non fiction book I have read on any subject. I was thinking of cooking the microwaved tilapia with scallions and ginger recipe first...seems quick and easy with no "modernist ingredients" or multi day prep needed. My modernist pantry consists of only agar agar and xantham gum right now. Some other things i am planning on trying soon are: Rib Eye with cherry mustard marmalade and porcini Scallop Tartare
  7. I got mine from Amazon.ca today and was thankful to receive all 6 books. Nathan this really is an incredible set of books. Thanks for the effort.
  8. Just got an email from my building concierge! My books are waiting at my apt! Longest afternoon ever....
  9. I thought the hamburger called for vacuum compressed fresh tomatoes? or is that from a different recipe?
  10. Finally! Shipment 1 of 1 Shipped Delivery Estimate: April 12 2011 Tracking Information: Hide Tracking Status: In transit Ship Carrier: Canada Post Latest Event: MISSISSAUGA ON Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit - Apr 05, 2011 8:33:00 PM
  11. Me too! I had a little mix up with my CC (i have lost and replaced my cc since purchase) so i got an alert that my order was on hold pending a real form of payment, I was really scared i would lose my spot in line, but i called customer service and i am on track to ship on the 6th! Cant wait!
  12. I am in the same boat (or train as it were...) ordered in Dec from amazon.ca. Hopping to get a "shipped" confirmation this week.
  13. Whats the MC recommended temp and time for white meat chicken?
  14. So it the mason jar pressurized or is it just closed normally and then placed in a pressure cooker?
  15. Thats a bummer about the watermelon. I was thinking about buying that model, but without compression i am not sure its worth it...
  16. Whats the MC method for making polenta? I am curious after hearing about the "worlds creamiest polenta" from the main Modernist Cuisine thread.
  17. How does someone like John Mariani keep his job writing about food?
  18. Someone should make an iphone/ipad app, where you shoot a photo of a cookbook page with your camera phone, and the phone converts all the words on the page to editable text, then it lets you crop the original photo of the whole page down to just the photograph of the dish, and then saves them both to a searchable database. Have it so you can set the cookbook title and author first, then you shoot as many pages as you want, and it saves them all with the correct information. Obviously you would need some options to shoot multiple pages for one recipe, or shoot a new photo if the recipe and the photo of the dish are on different pages. Imagine having your entire cookbook library stored on one ipad with full text and photos... You could search by ingredients, author, book, cuisine...
  19. I got to see the book today and browse it a little. It really is amazing set of books! I kind of rolled my eyes when people described the set as overwhelming at first but now i completely understand what they were saying. Just browsing the a few of the volumes i saw about 100 different topics i wanted to read more about, or recipes i wanted to attempt. Most of which seemed fairly accessible. The photography you see on the modernist cuisine website is really just the tip of the iceberg, Every page is full of amazing photos. Michael Ruhlman in his review called this book "mind-crushingly boring" and called the text "compelling as my high school science textbooks". I could not disagree more, I have never opened a more interesting book in my life, I want to take a vacation for a week or two just to read it all. I want to thank nathanm for creating something so extraordinary! I am still waiting for my book to ship from amazon.ca and getting a glimpse today has made the waiting even more painful, but at least i now know that the wait and expense will be worth it in the end.
  20. Ne need to put eggs in a plastic sealer bag. Just drop them in.
  21. Chris please attempt some fruit compression and let us know how it goes.
  22. I am glad there are no dust jackets. First thing i do when buying a book is throw away the dust jacket.
  23. Just got another delay from amazon.ca We wanted to let you know there's a delay with one or more items in the order you placed on January 03 2011. Nathan Myhrvold, et al "Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking" Estimated ship date: April 14 2011 This is starting to really bum me out.
  24. TORTURE! Everyone is getting their books and i am still at expected date: April 20 2011 - May 4 2011 Amazon.Ca why have you forsaken me?
  25. I know a guy who has about every modern kitchen toy imaginable and he claims that the vacuum chamber is the most day to day useful.
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