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  1. Carne Adovada making time. This is everyone's favorite. Roasted red chile pork.
  2. Two huge shout outs for anyone wanting to do this outside of New Mexico. First the red chile came from New Mexico Chile and Ristra. A fantastic company http://www.newmexicochileandristra.com. The red is delicious. The green came for the second year from the Hatch Chile Store. Fantastic chiles with little loss. https://www.hatch-green-chile.com. And of course Casados Farms is crucial for our blue corn, posole and chicos, but they don't mail order much and are more of a destination.
  3. The chiles have arrived and the staff shirts. The family is long time Denver Broncos fans so a little commemorative staff shirt was in order this year.
  4. OK, some photos tonight. We made Chicken stock for stews, soaked our posole, chicos, and pinto beans from Casados Farms, made Sangrita, Red Chile Bloody Mary Mix, 14 quarts of New Mexico Red Chile Sauce, Green Chile Bean Dip, Infused Tequila (ghost and habanero), Green Chile Dip, Red Chile BBQ Sauce. Big night tomorrow and not a whole lot of sleep ahead, but, as my exhausted wife who just got home from a work trip said, "quit complaining, you love this." Happy Chile Roast Weekend.
  5. Some photos from Saturday's tamale making event. Chiles should arrive tomorrow and sleep is looking like a rare event until we get done on Saturday.
  6. I probably won't document everything but a solid night or New Mexico tortilla making tonight. Don't have a actual count but I am guessing about 300. Good fluffy New Mexico style tortillas are a must. These are made for those who actually do work on Saturday roasting chiles. Some butter, salt and a fresh roasted chile on a heated tortilla is the chile roaster's reward.
  7. We are here once again. Happy Chile Roast season to the board. Tamales are made and we are having our roast on Saturday. Hope everyone is doing well.
  8. By the way this is the first year we ordered our green chile from the Hatch Chile Store. We have struggled to find trust worthy companies. They were fantastic and cannot come any more highly recommended. A little more expensive, but out of the 250 lbs of chile we threw away less than 10 chiles. Less than if I bought a full bag in NM.
  9. Thanks for the Crepes -- Thanks! It is fun sharing with a group that can appreciate it!
  10. Shelby, we have an outside freezer so this is our chile crop for the year. We give a ton away though. This is at our house and I bet we had 150 or so people show up throughout the day. It is always a big party. Thanks for all the kind comments. Now it is time to get some sleep. Chad
  11. Sad to here this. But hope the new endeavors are successful!
  12. So we got it done on Saturday. Little sleep and Sunday morning is always rough, but I found a bowl of chiles we had used to decorate with that had not been roasted. I fired up the grill set up, which looks sad without the crowd, and got to roast a dozen chiles or so. Tradition dictates that the roasters get fed home made tortillas with butter, salt and a freshly roasted green chile. That was what the homemade tortillas were for. I did not get one on the actual day of chile roast, but my lovely wife put some tortillas aside. I got to roast chiles, have a tortilla and drink the awful, horrible Fosters beer which somehow my late father introduced into the Roast years ago. Now every roaster has to drink an oil can in memory of his continuing on of the tradition and his terrible taste in beer. Happy Chile Roast 2015. I hope this series was at least entertaining. (Also, FYI egullet staff, in New Mexico, it is always spelled Chile, not Chili). Thanks for tolerating the posts and let me know if you have questions.
  13. So here is yesterday morning. Smoker going, the stews on the stove. Our Senior Cousin who took the roasting lead. And the set up for roasting with two of my cousins and my second cousin roasting. The problem for me is the annual event has grown so much that I rarely get to do my favorite thing which is man the grill.
  14. Ingredients for Chicos, the rare NM green chile and smoked corn stew. Beef Ribs, Onions and Garlic, Green Chile and Soaked Chicos. Simmered for hours with Chicken Stock and spices. This is my favorite.
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