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Favorite Italian Dishes

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For me, it's a dish I don't make often enough and surprisingly, it's not pasta. :wink:

Bollito misto.

You know it better as the Italian version of New England boiled dinner.

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Unquestionably it would have to be anything to do with vegetables. The last time I posted to this thread was in 2011 and I've broadened my experiences since then.

Stufato di verdure ("vegetable stew") is probably number one these days.

Cavolfiore con pomodoro ("cauliflower with tomato") is a second.

Then, there are the salads: insalata di funghi ("fennel and mushroom salad, with Parmgiano-Reggiano cheese") insalata di finocchio e arance ("fennel and orange salad"), insalata di zucchine e pomodoro ("zucchini and tomato salad").

Too many for me to name, but those are just a handful of things I look forward to.

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Some are Ital-American

Chicken Parm, gnocci, gnudi, brasciole w sugo, antipasti, lasagna,

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Cannelloni al Forna   Time-life  'Foods of Italy" Rx  all ingredients must be purchased in 'little Italy'


saltinboca a la romana  also from the above and 'Little Italy'


Stuffed Shells, stuffed w ricotta and basil Parmesan etc  Meat sauce  Ground beef OK here    :blink:


Antipasti a must heavy on the thinly sliced cured meats


Lasagna   An early Test Kitchen Rx got rave reviews even from Italians Ive made i for.  The ones from Italy


 Stracciatella alla romana


Minestrone  a la Marcella Hazan


crusty bread, but probably not Italian   :huh:   French is good here.  for International Relations.





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My Favourite Italian Recipes are:


Hare Ragu with Papperdelle

Bucatini All'Amatriciana (Bucatini has to be fresh!!)

and I love Cotechino (sausage type thing) with lentils and pureed potato. I think this is a new yeas eve special. 



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Most of mine are already here, except: canneloni, and for dessert, biscotti di prato with vin santo.

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Dinner at Corale Verdi, Parma yesterday.

Had some of the dishes listed here: mixed salumi with fried dough pillows and bollito misto.

And risotto Giuseppe Verdi, must add risotto Giuseppe Verdi to my dish list.

Pity i left home my camera.

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How about a Penne/Fusilli with Tomatoes ragout -Garlic - mushrooms - black olives and capers?


Like what I am having now ;)







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Nuttela. Jooke. Black ink rissoto with crispy calamari on the top. Served in crunchy basket of tortilla, tortilla act pizza bread

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    • By yentakaren
      Hi there Italian chefs around the world -    Two years ago (while visiting my family in New York - we live for 25 years in California))  we went to New York and ate in an Italian Restaurant in Syosset Long Island, New York (Steve's Piccola Bussola) and ordered their Chicken Cacciatore.  It was unbelievable, so savory and tender and juice and it had 4 lean and juicy (no skin, no fat, no gristle) rollups wrapped around what looked like a small (about 1-2" rib bone) (in chicken???_ was able to get some of the recipe because I called them 2x, but after 5 tries at various times, I am giving up.  He (the chef) said they used thighs - but the thighs I know are fatty and tough so I don't know where they got it.  He said they buy the whole chickens and cut it up, so I guess they can get rid of the fat,skin and gristle that way.   One, because I am never able to get their dark brown sauce (don't know how they do it because having a brown sauce by working with chicken, mushrooms, wine and onions is an enigma.  Their sauce is not sweet, or sour just rich and savory.   I saw the kind of sauce that it was when I saw the recipe of Hubert Keller's Beef Borguignon on TV, but it looked soooo difficult and was made with meat, not chicken. That has meat rollups sitting in a dark brown sauce.   Help!  I want to learn how to make that.   The initial recipe that they gave me was this:     Take chicken and cut it into pieces the size of a meatball with or without the bone.
      Take olive oil and make very hot.  Brown.  Add 2 cups chicken stock, salt and pepper, parsley, and simmer for ½ hour.  After brown, put until broiler and brown some more.
      In another skillet, put mushrooms, onions, little tomato sauce, and when sizzling and hot, add white wine (or Marsala) and cook in pan – ½ hour.  Add butter to thicken – but do not boil after butter melts
      Said I can also put a little tomato sauce in there - maybe it was tomato paste.
      After ready, marry the two and cook another 15 minutes all together (or not) – just eat it.
      Below is a photo of Steve's Chicken Cacciatore - I know it looks like beef, but this is chicken!

    • By Christy Martino
      I'm Christine and I'm a born and bred New Yorker. I’m an Italian by blood (and at heart, of course) since my parents actually came from Italy. My father was from Sciacca, Sicily while my mother was from Sondrio, Lombardy. Despite coming from different regions, or because of it, love for food and cooking has been one of the mainstays in my family home life growing up. And I’ve always loved the dishes my parents prepared during special occasions, and even on regular days.
      And of course, I love cooking (and eating) Italian food and I have a few recipes from my mother, but I'd really love to collect some more, especially the traditional ones. And if anyone can contribute some historical background to each dish, that would be really great.
      Grazie mille!
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      I am led to believe that World Pasta Day 2016 is to be on Tuesday, October 25 this year. So, with this in mind, what are the eG cooks planning on "cooking up" in celebrating the day?
      I will start the ball rolling.
      I am going to make my standard egg yoke pasta sheets, rolled out on my now seldom-used manual pasta machine and use them in making lasagna, using my old and reliable bolognese sauce recipe layered with béchamel sauce and a sprinkle of grated Parmesan.
      And with the left-over egg whites I will make a few meringue bases for portioned pavlova - Spring is here in the Southern Hemisphere and berries and fruit are starting to appear in the shops!
    • By DianaB
      Just found out that a member of eGullet, @Cia has begun to post his short videos on Italian culinary culture on YouTube.  Only one to date but I know there are more in the pipeline.  While made by an Italian based in Italy the narrative is in English.
      Here's the first instalment: 
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