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  1. Butnig is indeed iraqi dried wild mint. The English name is Stachys. I would not use such herb dried or fresh. It does not cut it for me.
  2. Valentine's Day

    Wishing all the beautiful ladies out there a Happy Valentine's Day. This is what my sleeping beauty is getting for starters tomorrow morning au lever du lit: A Rose and Raspberry croissant. A croissant dressed with white chocolate and sprinkled with candied rose petals and an edible rose petal providing the shade. The filling is a creme pat and Raspberries. Served with a Champagne flute and me with a bow tie.......... The rest of the story is NSFW
  3. We do not usually cook with Zaatar. The common recipe is chicken coated Zaatar chucked in the oven which I do not like much. The only dish which I favour besides the usual Zaatar and EVOO on a Manoucheh or with Labneh is the Potatoe recipe. It is as simple as good morning: Cut Potatoes in cubes with skin and boil until done. Chuck in the oven, sprinkle with sea salt and half your Zaatar + EVOO mix and roast to taste. Remove and mix the second half of Zaatar + EVOO. Hide somewhere under the table or in the garden and enjoy......with a green salad and some nice cold Chablis. As for the Zaatar mix: - 1 cup Zaatar - 1 cup roasted Sesame - 1/2 cup Sumac No salt or other herbs or anything.
  4. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    My peasant breakfast yesterday consisted of Egyptian aged Roumy Cheese with Black Peppercorns - Baladi Egyptian Bread- Tomatoes - Olives and Spring Onions.
  5. Syrup should be hot on hot or cold on cold. Like when you wear your diving suit: Dry on dry or wet on wet..........that's until you put on weight and you need a larger size wetsuit
  6. Greek Kourabiedes

    Me think a visit to the tailor is in the offings as not able to handle all the pre Xmas season. Here are some Kourabiedes loaded with butter and almonds.........with a nice Greek coffee.
  7. Shai's Shakshuka

    Shakshuka has indeed many variants and the addition of a particular spice, herb or ingredient adapts the flavour to the taste of the country. The Tahineh recipe you are mentioning is our go-to recipe to dress fish (fried - grilled - bbq - hot - cold) As such, our taste buds are Pavlov associated with Tahineh and fish. I guess you have such Pavlov reaction to other spices or ingredients as well. We call this recipe Tarator. The short of it is that I am very reluctant to change the taste structure of Shakshuka. As for Caraway which we call Karawya, It is mainly a spice used for sweets in the Levant originally and all over the area as of late. Using Caraway in casseroles is not common in our area and is more of an Eastern Europe kind of food. The main sweet with Karawya is called Meghli while it is called Karawya in Jordan and Palestine. It is a pudding type of sweet laden with nuts and delectable. Meghli is associated with a new birth. Each family getting a baby will prepare Meghli for all well-wishers and distribute to family and friends. A lesser known sweet is an Aleppo type of sweet which is sinking to oblivion. It combines several spices and has a olfactory hallucinating effect when fresh from the oven. It is simply irresistible. The recipe cannot be found on the net or in books. Yupps, it is one of those to remain nameless
  8. Shai's Shakshuka

    Dunno about caraway, we use it for sweet stuff. Dunno about Tahina with Shakshuka but is it not an overload of flavours? Dunno about making a spice paste when you can do the whole spicing in the same pan. and where are the onions, tons of onions. This is my Shakshuka with three eggs for a single serving for myself and I
  9. Aya baby girl is now 7 days old and is a beautiful baby daughter to our friends. Another lady friend who is a Pastry Chef made these mini almonds Baby Birth Cakes to be offered to family and friends. Do you bake your own Baby Birth Cakes?
  10. Lazy Sunday spiced up Kerala style piping hot. A freshly caught grouper laden with a Kerala spicy marinate and deep fried in very hot oil where the skin is cracker crisp and the flesh white and moist. Golden kissed fried shrimps in a similar marinade. Few Paratas to tear and dip in the Fish curry sauce laced with coconut milk. It is Sunday after all..........
  11. Breakfast! 2016 (Part 3)

    Now that Thanks Giving is behind us. Xmas is on the doors, it is now time to put back the lost fat made obligatory for the summer swimming bodies. This used to be a one way simple cookies and sweets and now this is degenerating into an international gluttony. So, you need to prepare and/or purchase all these: - Germany: Stollen - Italy: Panettone - France: Buche de Noel - England: Xma's Pudding and Cognac Butter - Xma's cookies (approx few trillions), Mince Pies We have now placed an order for the Stollen and the Xmas Pudding. The Buche de Noel will be made in house same with the German cookies and the Mince Pies. For the pure sake of testing the tasting and in the Xmas spirit of being told off by my better half. Here are some pics of the Motta Panettone that we had this morning for Breakfast with German a dry run for Xmas As a foot note: - The Bauli Panettone was kept away for Xmas morning. - The German Dinkel Stollen is for Xmas coffee time with the German Cookies - The Buche de Noel is for Xmas lunch - The Xmas Pudding is for a flambee whenever we remember Here is today's Motta Panettone, soft and fluffy and laden with raisins, candied fruits.......
  12. Dinner 2016 (Part 11)

    After being told off by the powers that be for my desserts indulgence......I was allowed only cheese. I went for a nice Manchego with Bavarian bread and Beurre D'Isigny (D'Isigny Butter) with a nice Sancerre. Moral of the story, you will get told off by the powers that be in each and every which way you turn. My resolution for the New Year is the practical answer: Yes Dear!
  13. Dinner 2016 (Part 11)

    The epitome of gluttony.........well, I was kind of hungry and practicing for Thanks Giving and Xmas......kind of ....and the portions were so small..........
  14. Breakfast! 2016 (Part 3)

    Ohhh. No Berliner available, I had to make do with these filled with Vanilla cream......poor me!
  15. Dinner 2016 (Part 10)

    Brilliant and glad that not only you managed to follow through the recipe but you added your own twist with the split lentils. .......and indeed, some mix cooked pasta and fried kudos for you. Most importantly, you enjoyed the dish.