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  1. Vuko Laosic

    What's Your Favorite Cocktail?

    Air Mexico Trio of Margaritas
  2. Vuko Laosic

    Espresso Powder

    If you have at home sugar powder mill you can buy roasted coffee beans and do by yourself. Oh that is smell of roasted coffee. You will get great flavour too.
  3. Vuko Laosic

    Don't Refrigerate These Foods

    Depend of conditions. It's not same in Europe and in Thailand. I never eat tomato which is room temperature. (Tomato salad with feta and olive oil warm ) If i leave home for more than 4 days, i will put coffee jars in refrigerator
  4. Vuko Laosic

    What's Your Favorite Cocktail?

    Whenever I'm in South East Asia i have in fridge passion fruit for passion fruit martini. In Europe I have to use pure. 3 part Vodka 1 part Passion Fruit Liqueur 1 Passion Fruit / Soft Part, don't use skin 1 Lemongrass I like to add lemongrass to sweet tropical cocktails, you will get spicy note well balanced with sweetness Put all ingredients in boston shaker, muddle well add ice and shake. Strain into Martini Glass
  5. Vuko Laosic

    Amarone v Vin Jaune

    I agree with you. Amarone di Valpolicella is one of most complex wine i ever had. i love it
  6. Vuko Laosic

    What wine did you buy today?

    I'm traveling across Europe. I found out Slovenian Pinot Noir really good. Movia Modri Pinot
  7. Paulaner Light Lager Beer 0.5l
  8. Vuko Laosic

    Reheating Leftover Pizza

    In preheated oven on baking paper, just add little bit more cheese
  9. Vuko Laosic

    4 bottles to make manly cocktails

    Amaretto, Almond Liqueur Peppermint Liqueur Vodka Extra Dry Vermouth Chambery Triple Sec You can make nice range of cocktails with this ingrediants
  10. Vuko Laosic

    What Wine Are You Drinking Today?

    2012 Jermann Pinot Grigio
  11. Vuko Laosic

    Interesting Way to Dry Fruit

    In South East Asia They dry pineapple and mango on street. Simple Fruit is sun dried in couple of days. You can see that front of houses together with sticky rice (crunchy sticky rice Disc) until cats comes
  12. Vuko Laosic

    Press Pot/French Press Coffee

    Which coffee you use for French press? I use espresso arabica. I found it better than regular coffee.
  13. Vuko Laosic

    Baking Bread from Scratch in France

    Nice. From my experience with starters, It s most important to never put salt in first phase of rising. Starter doesn't t like salt.
  14. Vuko Laosic

    Favorite Italian Dishes

    Nuttela. Jooke. Black ink rissoto with crispy calamari on the top. Served in crunchy basket of tortilla, tortilla act pizza bread
  15. Vuko Laosic

    Drinks! 2014 (Part 2)

    Really nice selection. Can you share with us, how much is your cost per cocktail?