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  1. Here we are nearly 20 years on, and Florence is closing. My sister used to leave on W 4th in the 60s/70s and we used to go there. As a carnivore, I bemoan the loss of real butchers. I used ot say when I went to Europe, “I’d marry him for the meat.”
  2. I don't refrigerate anything on the list except cules and melon, and those only because I like them a little cold. I also don't refrigerate a fair number of cooked foods, unless I have leftovers.
  3. A co-worker who was into making candies gave me this identical recipe in the early '70s. It is obviously a favorite. I use a lot of dried fruit and nuts, especially around the holidays, for baking breads, cakes, and pies. One of my all-time prized recipes is this one for apricot chutney. Everyone loves it, and it is a versatile year-round staple in my house (make a good batch, freeze some, and keep some in the refrigerator. Bring to room temp. A great gift, too.
  4. My friend makes the best dinner rolls I have ever had and she insists you have to use Crisco, not butter, or they will be ruined.
  5. Thanks, Anna, for the link. Somehow I missed that conversation. How would you compare the rolls you link to in the other thread to an American dinner roll, texture- wise?
  6. No offense, Shelby. Just picked it because it's landlocked. A real fish-fry to me means pulled right out of the ocean and into the fryer
  7. janeer

    Salt Cod Diary

    Don 't know that place, wonder if it is new, but description sounds amazing. Chave's has great homemade chorizo too and large selection of Breads and epwines. If you do go to Fall River ( it's actually an easy trip down 24) try to time it for an early pilgrimage to Sam's on Flint Street for warm lamejun and turnovers from this old Lebanese family bakery. Better than Watertown. Sat is a good day but get there early!
  8. I'm pretty expert at both of those. If you are about to die or go to prison or be banished to Kansas, let me know and I will come cook for you
  9. janeer

    Salt Cod Diary

    Linda, Chave's market in Fall River used to sell Norwegian salt cod with skin. Very expensive. You could call them.
  10. And I thought I owned every worthy preserving book. Just ordered this; thanks!And wish there WERE "eatable", not just readable, fonts.
  11. After well-tested and thoroughly edited/proofed recipes, I think trim and binding are very important. For some reason I do not like oversize cookbooks--I suppose I do not like my cookbooks really being coffee table books. Clean, functional page design and eatable fonts. Photos are nice, but totally secondary.
  12. Thanks, Anna. Being from PA Dutch lines, I love potato breads. This looks like a good bread for "messy" sandwiches and toast. I have the book, and will try it.
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