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    Pizza Tour of Italy

    Northern Italy is not the best place for Pizza, but as you will be passing through Piedmont, you might try Pizza al padellino: http://www.repubblica.it/sapori/2017/03/24/news/pizza_padellino_torino_ristoranti_storici-160041215/ Or pizza with Bagna Cauda ( not a light option ) In Liguria you will find local pizza-like focaccia: https://www.facarospauls.com/apps/italian-food-decoder/10799/pizzaladiera http://www.genovatoday.it/cucina/ricetta-pizza-andrea.html https://blog.giallozafferano.it/giustopergusto/pizzata-ligure-focaccia-di-recco/ " Pizzata " is a cheese stuffed focaccia di Recco, topped like a pizza
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA02tN-cyx0 Summer is coming, nothing better than a quick and easy bread salad.
  3. Hermann Morr

    Homemade Ricotta

    These quotes might shed some light on the matter: http://foodloversodyssey.com/2011/04/puglia-cheese-making-fresh-salento-cheese/ http://www.emiliaromagnaturismo.com/en/flavours/traditional-recipes/starters-en/raviggiolo-cheese-en.html http://www.cooksinfo.com/prescinseua-cheese
  4. Hermann Morr

    Hot Dogs in Sunday Sauce??!!

    I was thinking about a sunday gravy \ cassoulet hybrid. So wondered if it was plain hot dog or some smoked kind.
  5. Hermann Morr

    Hot Dogs in Sunday Sauce??!!

    Looks like a french twist to the italian recipe. Might be interesting to know what kind of hot dog was used.
  6. Hermann Morr

    Pizza nei testi

    Ever seen this cooking technique ? A reference with pictures in italian language. Could'nt find any in english. http://cheprofumino.blogspot.it/2009/02/la-nostra-pizzasenza-forno.html
  7. Hermann Morr

    Parma Restaurants

    Sorry i did'nt notice this thread in time. Should someone else need advice, i live in Parma.
  8. When grandmum made Cappelletti last christmas i took some pics , so i can share this tutorial. Cappelletti are pillows of pasta stuffed with bread, parmesan and stracotto juice, cooked in a chicken broth soup. So what is Stracotto: its just a Pot Roast made from some tough and unexpensive beef cut, simmered for a long time, 6 to 10 hours depending on the cut you choose and your willingness of making the ultimate sacrifice driyng your meat in order to get the best roast juice vs having a proper and tender pot roast on your table.
  9. Now pasta machine time: make long sheets. Distribute bits of stuff over the sheets, fold and cut your cappelletti with the help of a tiny glass. Press the glass strongly or the edges won't seal perfectly.
  10. For the pasta dough you need 1 kg all-purpose flour, 200 grams semolina and eight eggs. Mix all toghether, add a few water and salt, knead. Kneading will take some time, 20 minutes minimum, italian cookin doesn't require expensive ingredients, but is labour intensive. Once in a while cut the dough to see how it is inside. When you find tiny bubbles it's done.
  11. For the stuff you need 150 grams ground bread ( 5 oz. ), 150 grams ground parmesan, two eggs, pinch of megnut and your stracotto juice. Mix bread, cheese, eggs and megnut in a bowl, pour the warm juice and knead with your hands till you have a firm and uniform dough. Parmesan cheese should be at least 30 months old to have the right texture.
  12. Cover the pot and let it simmer. You can use a common lid, but true parmesan grandmums cover their stracotto pots with a clay dish with a thin crack running through the middle and fill it with wine and sweet spices, like cinnamom and clover. In theory the evaporating wine should penetrate through the crack and diffuse the spices scent in your simmering pot. Simmering does'nt have to happen all the same day, tradition is starting friday with all the preps, simmering a few time, then turning off the fire and starting again saturday morning. At last the meat should be falling apart as you touch it with a fork. Once it's done separate the clean juice with a sieve. The solid vegetable bits and a small part of the juice will season the stracotto meat, serve it with polenta or tagliatelle noodles. Or mash if you just can't live without. The liquid part will be the flavour of your cappelletti stuff.
  13. Start heating some olive oil in a pot and sweating finely cut onion, carrot, celery and garlic. Add a couple bay leaves, one rosemary branch, sage. Brown the meat. You may use just beef or add more meats to your liking, like a quarter capon, a pork rib, a sausage. Once the meat is browned pour a glass of still red wine, let it dry, cover with water or stock, adjust salt and turn fire to minimum.
  14. Reading italian language recipes for Bomba i see they use canned vegs in oil.to save time. So, start with fresh red hot pepper, add 1 garlic clove every 250 grams pepper, then all the vegs in oil and herbs you like you like ( bell pepper, eggplant, artichoke, sun dried tomato, capers, someone adds salted anchovy fillets too ). Blend it all to desired texture. There is a longer procedure starting from raw vegs.
  15. Caponata, Peperonata, Gremolata Red pesto made with dry tomato, oregan, evo and a touch of peperoncino. Ground breadcrumbs with basil or mint and almond milk, like a yoghurt sauce.
  16. Hermann Morr

    Orzo vs Pignolina

    Yes, possibly Orzo and Risoni was a Barilla trademark and Divella had to change the name.
  17. Hermann Morr

    Favorite Italian Dishes

    Dinner at Corale Verdi, Parma yesterday. Had some of the dishes listed here: mixed salumi with fried dough pillows and bollito misto. And risotto Giuseppe Verdi, must add risotto Giuseppe Verdi to my dish list. Pity i left home my camera.
  18. Hermann Morr

    Favorite Italian Dishes

    Anything with nettle ( risotto, ravioli, pies ) Squid ink risotto Tagliatelle or polenta with stracotto.
  19. Hermann Morr

    Favorite Italian desserts

    Chocolate sausage ( salame di cioccolata ) with a glass of cold Barolo Chinato wine. Or Pattona, chestnut flour cake with pineseeds and raisins.