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  1. Thanks for all the ideas, love the look of all of these! Hard to pick one
  2. Hi Guys! I am struggling to think of any new things to bake for Easter. Any ideas? I need inspiration Thanks
  3. It's my boyfriend's birthday tomorrow and I wanted to make him a red velvet cake (his favourite). I've never made it before - does anyone have any tips/could point me in the direction of a good recipe! Thanks a lot
  4. In London, you don't really see many other types of cake around christmas apart from fruitcake. Biscuits however are huge, gingerbread, shortcakes, cookies and of course mince pies (again more fruit!). In our family, as well as the usual flaming christmas pudding we also make a christmas log (chocolate), and we always have a big trifle on christmas day.
  5. Thanks for this recipe! It sounds amazing and I'lll definitely try making this. I'll just have to convert it all into metric I love owls too - this was at an local fete.
  6. Hi CatPoet, I'd love the recipe for the saffron cake if it's easily available. I love saffron! Thanks very much!
  7. Hello! I just wanted to ask whether anyone had any good ideas for festive baking? I wanted to make a festive cake, but my family do not like raisins or dried fruit, which is so commonly used in most festive cake recipes. Any ideas would be very welcome. Thanks,
  8. Thanks for the super recommendations. I'll definitely try a few of these recipes out
  9. Hello, Now that the festive season is approaching I'm looking forward to making a Gingerbread house and men this year. Does any one have any recommendations for a good gingerbread biscuit recipe? I've never made it before. Any feedback would be appreciated
  10. Thanks everyone for the tips - Sadaharu Aoki was my favourite! The matcha eclair and tarte au citron were particularly amazing!!
  11. OK - thank you everyone! Lots of really useful advice here. By 'other ingredients', I'm referring to what I see on the packets of chocolate I have at home. I'm totally clueless when i comes to chocolate, so I'm going to take on board what you've said and try again at the weekend! I was quite pleased with my first attempt, so hopefully the second result will be even better. Obviously, there will be higher-quality chocolate around, but it's very fun to try at home! @ Lisa S - No idea what conching is - if you could provide more detail that would be great?
  12. Hi Everyone, I spent the weekend making chocolates with raw cacao. I wanted to try and make some chocolates that are made from natural ingredients. I managed to get some brillant flavours together using the raw cacao powder, agave nectar and cocoa butter. However, the chocolates melted a little too easily (I guess this is why so many additional ingredients are added). I'm completely new to making chocolate, but could anyone give me some guidance on the correct quantities for chocolate so I can experiment? Are there certain ingredients that should be added in order to increase the melting
  13. Hi Guys, I'm trying to put together a collection of meals that you can cook for £5 ($10). I have my staple budget meals, but mainly consists of casseroles. Does anyone have any favourite budget meals, which are possible to cook for under £5/$10. Thanks!
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