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  1. im considering trying them out...and I get a free coffee maker - Just for trying!! Anyone had any experience with them or their free coffee maker? Thanks!
  2. I received a pound of the beans as a present and have made several pots of coffee with it. It disappoints me. I expected a much more aromatic, winey flavor than I am getting. Could it be the beans are stale? What are the flavor characteristics of well made coffe with these beans?
  3. Hello out there! Like everybody else, I've been reading the Fat Guy's home coffee roasting posts, and it makes me wonder....who else besides him (and me!) are roasting out there? I've been doing it about a year and I roast around a pound a week using either a Hearthware roaster (in the garage) or a converted stovetop corn popper. Surely there must be more of you out there! Green beans and equipment are snatched right up on Ebay, and there are all sorts of websites for this. I can't be the only home roaster in New Jersey...or could I?
  4. I've got a bag of Vietnamese coffee beans, one of those groovy little stainless steel filters (there's a picture here), and a can of sweetened condensed milk. I'm desperately hoping I can recreate the coffee I had every morning in Cambodia: a tall, slim highball glass with a finger of sweetened condensed milk at the bottom, topped with a couple slugs of dark, rich, seriously strong black coffee. Does anyone out there make this? Any tips on how fine I should grind my beans, ratio of coffee to water, etc? I've got limited quantities, so I want every drop to count.
  5. glenn


    I basically just want it to boil water for coffee (press) and occasionally tea and cocoa. I'm tired of ugly looking monstrosities that you have to remove from the stove when your mother-in-law comes to visit, handles that you need 3 towels to grab on to so you don't get a 1st degree burn and water that tastes of metallic particles. The All-Clad LTD kettle looks like it'll fit the bill, though it costs a small fortune. Anyone have experience with the all-clad? What's the best place to buy all-clad stuff? other recommendations? Thanks! [if this topic has come up I promise to go stand in th
  6. Just read Steven's latest coffee roasting post... Getting even fair coffee while dining out is difficult, even at many fine restauarants. And there's relatively no chance of having freshly ground, freshly roasted beans used to start that restaurant coffee cup with. What will you be washing down your desserts with? --Mark
  7. Today I entered the deepest, darkest level of coffee geekdom. This morning the UPS man, sporting his spiffy brown uniform, brought me a box of home coffee roasting equipment and supplies from The Coffee Project. The basic starter kit contained several varieties of raw coffee beans, the book Home Coffee Roasting: Romance and Revival, by Kenneth Davids, and a FreshRoast 2.5 ounce roasting machine that looks like this: What I'm going to do over the next few weeks is try to get to the bottom of the home coffee roasting phenomenon. First I'll learn how to roast my own coffee beans. Then I'll brew
  8. Hello - I am working on compiling a series of recipes that all use coffee. This project is for a presentation to be made at the next Specialty Coffee Association of America conference in Boston. I wanted to be sure to give egullet members an opportunity to submit their favorite recipes for publication. I already have completed my research and have many, many recipes to select from, but wanted to include any other "personal" recipes that my internet friends may have. I am looking for food recipes, either savory or sweet, but no drink recipes as this will be a seminar on culinary topics. Sho
  9. My Krupps is ten years old and on its last perks. I'd like your recommendations. I need an automatic shut-off (I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally pushed something up against the switch and turned on the pot without knowing it) and a timer start would be nice. (Any thoughts on leaving the grounds in the pot overnight?) I'd also be interested in a good, reasonably priced Coffee/espresso combo. Do these make decent espresso?
  10. If getting a good cup of Joe is hard, what are the odds of ever finding a good cup of iced coffee or any of the variations, i.e., iced espresso, etc?? Even those places that have a decent cup of Joe fall short when it comes to the iced version. Dilution seems to be the major problem, though an easy solution would be to use ice coffee cubes. Has anyone found a place that makes a respectable iced caffeine?
  11. Ok, this topic is of much interest to me, so can we come up with a list. Question though, would a separate list be necessary for espresso or do you use the same bean for both? Anyway, my vote goes to graffeo dark (used with a french press) as my favorite so far. [then again, I haven't tried that many so called quality beans.] I'm curious about anyone's experience with the lighter blend as I've never tried it.
  12. jaybee


    A couple of months ago we discussed Grimes NYT rave review of the coffee at the cafe at the Neue Museum. We were told it came from Meinl in Vienna. Yesterday mornng I placed an order with Meinl through their website for several varieites of their beans, not knowing which were the prized ones. The order arrived this morning!!!, yes that's right, this morning, from Vienna. I will try the blends and report back on my experience with them. The shipping costs amount to $2 per pound if eight pounds are ordered. The beans range from $7 to $8 minus 20% VAT. The end price is equivalent to Starbu
  13. I thought there was a recent discussion on this but I couldn't find it. Can someone point the way, or just steer me to a good grinder? As I recently pointed out, I got the capresso burr grinder a few weeks ago. I sent it back yesterday, that overpriced piece of junk. I was better off with my 15 year old cheap melita with no settings. The capresso left a spoon+ of beans ungrinded and the ground coffee spilled out on the countertop as it was grinding. Damian sez he has the same problem. I need something that can ground a small amount of beans effectively (for 4 cups of coffee) and for a pres
  14. Another espresso topic for Egullet: I'd like to hear people's thoughts on beans for making espresso at home. (I use a Rancilio Rocky grinder, which has proved very effective and reliable.) I was using Illy beans for a while, but that got pretty expensive. So my standby has been the Espresso Roast from Gourmet Garage on 7th Avenue in Manhattan. Not too expensive, and tastes good. But then I wanted to take it to the next level, so I got a Hearthware home roaster. It's been fun experimenting with it, but working on creating my own blends is just too time consuming. So I've been using the two
  15. I work where there's a cappuccino bar. I love drinking coffee drinks, and when I first started working there, I very much enjoyed the novelty of trying different ones. Now, however, I can't think of anything new to concoct. That doesn't stop me from drinking my daily couple of mugs, it's just not as fun anymore. Looking up coffee drink recipes on the internet yields an overwhelming number of recipes, leaving me with no idea where to begin. Does anybody out there have a favorite novelty coffee drink? The more original, the better (presuming it's still delicious, of course). Keep in
  16. In the never ending quest for the best home brewed coffee, I, like many others, find the French Press does the job. However I've yet to discover the way to get best results from it. Would those who have enlighten me. How much ground coffee per cup? Medium or course grind? How long to steep the grounds before plunging? Water just off boiling? What else? Spill the beans.
  17. I'm sure this group have some informed opinions of where to get the best tasting beans to brew coffee at home. I'm referring to morning coffee, not expresso. I prefer a rich, "winey" coffee with some acidic sharpness. I use either a French press or the new Bodum Santos coffee maker (which can make an excellent brew, almost as good as the press). I am tempted by the site offering Fresh Kona I found somewhere in this forum. I can get to most Manhattan retailers easily. Awaiting you, java mavens.
  18. I originally posted this in a coffee thread on the General Board, but as this is an excellent source for mail order food, I thought it was worth copying here. OK, here's our source for pure Kona coffee, Bay View Farms. Jason and I visited them on our honeymoon and got a personal tour with Eva and met Roz in the tasting room. We bought a lot then and had it shipped home as souveniers for family, wedding attendants, etc. Since then we have ordered from them several times. One of the best received presents we ever sent was a Thank You to a business colleague of Jason's. We sent her a couple of p
  19. My Bunn Pour-Omatic is about shot; it leaks when I add water. I am considering replacing it with a Braun Flavor Select model. I am spoiled by the instantaneous coffee the Bunn makes but I don't make coffee at home during the week so it is not necessary. Any comments on the Braun or others?? Thanks!
  20. It’s inevitable—one of the first things I do when I land in a new country is sample the local coffee. Sometimes it isn’t all that different -- in Wellington, New Zealand, there were Starbucks a plenty -- but in others like Singapore, the local brew is a thick brew of beans and condensed milk. I’d almost be willing to fly the 25 hours to Singapore just to have a couple of cups. Anyone ever had any life altering coffee experiences while traveling? Oh -- and what is it about coffee on airplanes? Must it always be so vile?
  21. Which brand of coffee do you like and why? Also, do you think that restaurants should list the brand of coffee they serve? You are told for ex. that they serve Pellegrino water, certain brands of tea and brands of liquor. Couldn't a restaurant offer you Kona coffee, Blue Mountain coffee, Starbucks coffee etc? Each could be appropriately priced. And I wish more restaurants would serve French pressed coffee. What are your thoughts?
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