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  1. Yes, that's right. I recall my grandma preparing a pasta with cottage cheese and brown butter very often when I was a kid. There is also another very popular sweet pasta dish which consists of small, flat, square pasta coated in poppy seed paste with honey, cinnamon and almonds ('Łazanki z makiem'). However this dish is more common in the region of Silesia (south of Poland), especially during Christmas.
  2. Objective Foodie

    Dinner 2021

    Absolutely. They manage the ripeness of the fruit very well, always preserving the acidity. I have always been impressed by how Bordelais their Cabs/Merlot feel while using American oak.
  3. For us, the tonka bean have a aromas of vanilla, almonds (almost like marzipan), spices (cinnamon, clove). Peppermint sounds a bit unusual. We think that the best way is to grate the beans on a microplane.
  4. Objective Foodie

    Dinner 2021

    Steak, ale and stilton pie with confit potatoes; all from Quality Chop House in London. Paired with a fruity Zinfandel from Sonoma. Ridge's wines are always elegant.
  5. Objective Foodie

    Dinner 2021

    Today's dinner: beef burgers with spinach, pickle cucumber, caramelised red onions, grilled Portobello mushrooms and a spiced plum ketchup. The recipe for the buns is a hybrid of brioche and Japanese milk bread which we adapted from Joshua Weissman.
  6. We are about to make a one on Sunday. We don't have any experience with Galette des Rois yet but we've been doing some research about it. We've found this video which we think it's useful to understand the technique of Galette des Rois La galette des rois (à la frangipane) - YouTube Also, we think it's important to note that we haven't really seen recipes with puff pastry. The recipes usually call for inverted puff pastry, where layers of dough are encased in layers of butter.
  7. Objective Foodie

    Dinner 2021

    Celeriac and sorrel ravioli, from Alain Passard. Such a simple and elegant flavour combination. Mandolined slices of celeriac, cooked in butter, olive oil and water with a filling of sorrel sautéed in salted butter for a few seconds.
  8. I love them, I used to eat them for breakfast every day as a kid
  9. Our favourites are: Torres Iberian Ham (Spanish) San Carlo Lime and Pink Pepper (Italian) Brets Goat's cheese and piment d'espelette (French)
  10. Objective Foodie

    Dinner 2021

    Our humble Kimcheese: a raw kimchi and a farmhouse aged cheddar melted into a sourdough. We don't actually know who made this sandwich first, nevertheless it's a very comforting combination. A great surprise - pairs very well with Madeira!
  11. Objective Foodie

    Dinner 2021

    We made duck with a bigarade sauce a while ago but ours was a bit lighter in colour. The Seville variety is quite bitter and it's usually used in marmalades. I think you should try the Navel variety which is the most popular in any supermarket. Alternatively, blood oranges should be a good option too.
  12. As promised here are the results. 150g buns covered with the same pâte sablée as Modernist Bread's version and candied kumquat slices. We preferred this dough much better. It's lighter, intensely perfumed and very delicate. Served in a Sicilian style as brioche e granita for breakfast with hazelnut ice cream. Very indulgent.
  13. Objective Foodie

    Dinner 2021

    Risotto allo zafferano (saffron risotto) with roasted bone marrow. We followed a recipe from Carlo Cracco in Milan. A comforting winter meal.
  14. It was delicious! We will be making more this weekend in smaller individual portions (we would love to have some of your friend's magical genes @heidih, these things are calorie bombs 😂). The Modernist Bread's recipe we used was a bit more bread-like and dense than the texture we are used to in Europe. This time we will be trying a recipe from one of our favourite Basque chefs, Martín Berasategui. We report back with photos!
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