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  1. Lancelot

    Lunch 2021

    Very interesting to see a BC wine in the line up. Hope it showed well. I'll be visiting them tomorrow.
  2. My wife inherited a set from her parents. There is a straight sided oval one that that I particularly love. Not very heavy but great for long slow oven cooking.
  3. Very cool. Where did you manage to find those beauties ?
  4. Is it this one ? http://www.chocolat-chocolat.com/home/chocolate-molds/c378157547/p17612284.html
  5. Just picked up Fresh Yeast at Capers on 4th. $3.99 a pound. Thanks
  6. Making Stollen.Looking for Fresh Yeast on the Drive or close. Asked some of bakeries like Fratelli and they said they don't use it. Any thoughts?
  7. I work for Marquis Wine Cellars at 1034 Davie Street. We have the corkscrew in one style right now. The bone colored ones are in stock, with a nice leather type pouch for $220.00 each (I think) . Will double check the price and quantity when I go to work tomorrow. Cheers David
  8. Qzina will sell to non wholesale customers. This is a non retail location. Nothing pretty to look at. We have bought stuff from them in the past. The fruit line is on-line . We bought some of the fruit products as well as cocao butter and they are special ordering PCB transfers. Call and order ahead of time and bring your Visa.. They will accept cash too. Edited for spelling
  9. Success Turkey place at Granville Island did not have any whole fresh birds. Armando did...fresh not frozen Grade A J.D Farms turkey $4.99 a pound. I feel violated about the price but I got what I wanted so I shouldn't bitch.
  10. I/we want to have a turkey today. Non butter basted around 16-17 pounds. Any ideas? Everything we have seen is butter basted . Many stores have no turkey at all. We live in Vancouver but are willing to drive. Have checked Superstore,Costco,Capers and Super Value. Didn't check Whole Paycheck. Thanks.
  11. Work till 8.30 pm... Somebody has to make sure you can all buy bubbly for New Years. 5 pound standing rib roast with curry squash( from Trout Lake Farmers Market) and a bottle or two of Red 1997 Nottola Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and maybe a 1997 Isole e Olena Cepparello or 2000 Tua Rita Perlato del Bosco. I'll be asleep before midnite.... until our crazy neighbors start banging pots and pans off their front porches.
  12. A friend of mine... recent US import is looking for a ham for the Holidays. He has had a number of good American Hams, honey/hickory smoked types and is looking for a source in Vancouver. Not being a ham afficionado I couldn't help. Any ideas?
  13. Lancelot

    French dinner

    Glad to see the feedback on the wines. When I saw the list I knew some research had been done but it was going to be expensive. All it takes is some lateral thinking and a little planning. It's easy to help when the customer has a clear idea of what they are looking for and a defined budget. David @ Marquis
  14. Great post. I was there as well and it was very impressive. There were a couple of discordant notes . I thought the eau de vie overwhelmed the the mirabelle plum sorbet, and the Dirty Laundry Gewurztraminer seemed a bit petroly with the dessert. Wine wise I really enjoyed trying a RED Chassagne Montrachet and the Paul Blanck 01 Rosenberg. The Cote de Layon was very nice.We are very lucky to have as many good chefs in this town as we do.
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