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  1. Rob has it right....but here is a video of Susanna Yoon at Stick With Me Sweets in NYC making these Bon Bons from start to finish...the painting is at about 0:46. http://www.instyle.com/videos/stick-with-me-sweets-how-to-make-bonbons
  2. It is a cut-down barrel from a ballpoint pen. The original video is from the instagram of Salvatore Martone - pastry chef at Joel Robuchon in las Vegas.
  3. I am curious if the quality of the Chinese polycarbonate molds is on par with the Chocolate World and similar molds?
  4. Meltaways

    Hmmm. The coconut oil I saw at Costco was unrefined. I need to look again I guess.
  5. Would love to see a picture of your molds before you attempt to cap them. Then we could see the level of your filling. Also, are you letting your filling set sufficiently?I also second what Kerry said: you want the chocolate at the highest possible working temperature so that it is as fluid as possible. Use as little chocolate as possible to cover all the molds then one quick scrape. Also, make sure you bring the molds back to room temperature before capping them. If they are coming out of refrigeration, they will be too cold to cap properly, and the chocolate will begin setting before you have a chance to get it over all the molds and scrape it. It also appears that your caps are not bonding with the shell. This could cause leakage and shelf life problems . You can use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm up the surface of the molds a little bit (but not enough to melt or untemper the shells) before capping. This will allows the shell and the cap to bond and contract together.
  6. If you look at the last pic, it appears he is putting color over milk chocolate as well. I don't know how you could do the dip and swirl technique and ensure another color under the gold. Here's another view:
  7. The one I'm using is called "Gold" from the Jewel Collection.
  8. So you think he's dipping the truffle in chocolate, letting it set then dipping in a swirl of colored cocoa butters? Also, how come my gold cocoa butter (from Chef Rubber) is never that metallic and shiny. It comes out looking more yellow - as in this picture from a recent bonbon run:
  9. I figured it had to be something like that...I don't know any other way to do marbling. Do you think he is using different colors of white chocolate? I guess you would pick a base color, then layer up the additional colors on top and dip using one of those dipping forks that had a ring at the end.
  10. I have a new one that intrigues me. Giorgio Demarini from Roselen Chocolatier in Peru does these amazing marbled truffles in a variety of color schemes. What's your best guess as to the technique. The first one almost looks handpainted to me. The others look dipped. Not sure if it's colored chocolate or cocoa butter. Is it as simple as just drizzling all the colors on top of your container of chocolate and then dipping into it?
  11. I guess it's just my nature to seek precision.....it's a blessing and a curse.
  12. Not to derail this thread - maybe La Chocolatiere needs its own thread - but how precise is the thermostat? My complaint about my mol d'art melter is that it's hard to be precise when setting the temperature. If I want 32C, it's hard to know if I am getting 31, 32 or 33. Given that the La Chocolatiere costs a lot less than the Mol D'art, I am guessing the thermostat is not any better. Am I correct?
  13. Bulk Chocolate Packaging

    I know Tomric has bulk packaging for storage. See if this is suitable for your needs: http://shop.tomric.com/Category/36_1/Production_Storage.aspx
  14. This is interesting. I have never heard of cocoa butter used in marshmallow. Do you have a recipe you can share?
  15. Here's my first go-round with my new EZTemper. The chocolate tempered beautifully, but I still have trouble working with the colored cocoa butter. I rarely get it just right so that the bonbons fall right out of the mold. Had to throw these in the freezer for a few to get some to pop out. Anyways, thanks to everyone who helped with my cheesecake bonbon recipe. I was able to work from the various recipes people pointed me to and come up with something that I think worked pretty well. These are a white chocolate cheesecake ganache with blueberry (blue) and strawberry (red) jam. I might tweak the recipe just a bit, but I think they came out pretty darn tasty.