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  1. Here's my first go-round with my new EZTemper. The chocolate tempered beautifully, but I still have trouble working with the colored cocoa butter. I rarely get it just right so that the bonbons fall right out of the mold. Had to throw these in the freezer for a few to get some to pop out. Anyways, thanks to everyone who helped with my cheesecake bonbon recipe. I was able to work from the various recipes people pointed me to and come up with something that I think worked pretty well. These are a white chocolate cheesecake ganache with blueberry (blue) and strawberry (red) jam. I might tweak the recipe just a bit, but I think they came out pretty darn tasty.
  2. First time using my EZtemper today. The sample on the left is chocolate melted to about 38C then cooled to 33.5C with no silk added. It's mottled and never really set after 20 minutes. The second sample is the same chocolate 2 minutes later after adding the silk. It's perfectly smooth and glossy and set right away. Very happy! I still made a mess - cuz that's what I do with chocolate - but it was great not having to table the chocolate to temper it.
  3. Got my EZtemper up and running with a couple canisters of silk. Going to try making some chocolates tomorrow. I did have a couple questions: Is it ok if there is a small amount of liquid cocoa butter on top of the silk? It doesn't seem excessive at all and stirs back in, but I just want to make sure I don't have to turn down the temp. Also, how long can silk stay in the machine? I don't produce a lot of chocolates so the two canisters of silk will last a long time. Does it go bad? Does it need to be stirred every so often?
  4. Help with a cheesecake bonbon

    No hurry. If you wouldn't mind sending it to me whenever you get a chance, I'd love to give it a try.
  5. Help with a cheesecake bonbon

    These will be pretty much for immediate consumption. I don't sell anything at this point. If I do start selling, I would definitely want to get an AW meter. I know that Norman Love sells a strawberry cheesecake bonbon that is described as rich New York style cheesecake topped with strawberry jam in a white chocolate shell. All of his chocolates have a shelf life of 21 days. So it is definitely doable.
  6. I had a request to do a cheesecake bonbon, and I have found a few different ways of doing it. One recipe is basically a cheesecake recipe thinned out with cream - but no chocolate. I saw a Melissa Coppel recipe where she does a cheesecake mousse using gelatin - also no chocolate. Another option is a essentially a cream cheese ganache - basically cream cheese, glucose, sugar, vanilla, butter and white chocolate. The cheesecake filling would be be layered with a fruit jelly so I don't need to incorporate it . How are you guys doing cheesecake bonbons? Other than caramels, all my fillings have chocolate inside, so I'm leaning that way, but I am curious what others are doing.
  7. My EZTemper arrived 2 days before I thought it would!!! It's all plugged in, loaded with cocoa butter and now I wait!
  8. I don't see it often, but I am seeing it here and there. I figure it's either small shops with a small-batch artisanal focus or larger shops that have interns or similar junior staff. Melissa Coppel's work is quite meticulous and does seem to be extremely tedious and time-consuming. Kate Weiser's painting seems to be sort of the opposite of meticulous. A lot of splatter, flickers and similar techniques that don't require a lot of time or precision. Not much that requires going cavity by cavity other than simple brush strokes. Very different styles - both with beautiful results.
  9. I also am still searching for the perfect tape. On this bonbon, because the line is a splatter pattern, it didn't really matter if a little white seeped in. I also did another one with a solid gold line across a black background, and that one doesn't looks as nice because a little black seeped in and ruined the effect of the solid line. sorry...didn't notice the second part of your post. The mold is from Pavoni. It's a 10gr round puck. Not too difficult to tape but it does take time to do a whole mold. I don't really see how chocolatiers are using this technique in production quantities. It just takes too much time.
  10. If I have a ganache recipe that calls for a quantity of cocoa butter (for textural reasons), can I just add the specified quantity of silk? Will that also temper the ganache? It's usually around significantly more than 1%.
  11. Mask with tape, spray white, remove tape, splatter green, quick shot of white behind it. The technique was loosely based on that black and gold bonbon someone posted in the "How to recreate these chocolates" thread.
  12. Based on the postal tracking, this should be the last batch of chocolates I make before my EZ Temper arrives. These are a white chocolate coconut lime ganache in a dark chocolate shell.
  13. Not to sidetrack, but there is a wonderful documentary called Kings of Pastry about one chefs attempt to earn the MOF title. It follows Jacquy Pfeiffer of the French Pastry School of Chicago over the course of a couple of years as he prepares for and competes in the event.
  14. OK I think I am going to get an EZtemper as a gift to myself. My wife won't let me put a bank of Selmi machines in the kitchen, so this maybe the next best thing. I think I would do a lot more chocolate work if I didn't have to spend so much time tempering chocolate. I always put off making chocolates because I have to temper chocolate for the shell, then temper a different chocolate for the filling, then retemper the first chocolate for capping. So much time just spent pushing chocolate around the marble. Not to mention the mess I alsways seem to make putting it back in the bowl.
  15. Found this video on Instagram from Susanna Yoon of Stick with Me Sweets. This is the holy grail of marshmallow to me. It pipes in easily, pretty much self-levels then sets up like a marshmallow. Of course there is no hint as to how she makes it. Here is how it sets up (it's the one of the bottom left): If you aren't familiar with her, check out her Instagram. She is truly a master - her ganaches are perfect - shiny and smooth. The insides of her bonbons are just perfection to look at. And I have never seen anyone work so cleanly and precisely. Plus she is a jedi-level master at piping.