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  1. We were looking at walk in coolers to store ganaches and bonbons for conditioning, but we don't want refrigerator temps (30-40degreesF). We are looking for around 55-60 degrees F, but the only products I can see in this category are reach ins like the Koma and similarly small capacity coolers. IS there such thing as a walk in cooler that can do a temp in the mid 50s for conditioning and storage of products?
  2. Bentley

    Bonbons in NYC

    Stick with Me Sweets and Marie Belle are my two favorites. Tache is also one I'd put in the must-see category.
  3. Bentley

    Recommended chocolate molds?

    Any polycarbonate mold by Chocolate World, Martellato, Pavoni or Matfer Bourgeat will be great.
  4. No website yet. interviewing designers/developers this week. Priority #1 though is getting the space leased and set up so that we can produce products to put on the website.
  5. It is a long and crazy process getting the business up and running. Just finding a physical space to locate the production facility is proving to be a challenge. The products we put out will have a completely different look than what I've done in the past. We're going in a whole new direction. Can't wait to unveil it.
  6. Don't sweat it....people are still doing splatters and fingerswirls, right? If those aren't passé yet, then I think you're safe with dendrites.
  7. These dendrites are all everyone is doing all over Instagram. Looks like Andrey definitely struck a nerve (see what I did there???).
  8. Is that chocolate or cocoa butter in the molds?
  9. Is that from the online course or something you can share?
  10. You seem to have the shine down pat! Nice!
  11. One day someone will offer a class called "Techniques that You Can Actually Use in Production" and they will make a fortune.
  12. Bentley

    Opening a shop - dos & don'ts

    I'm going through the same process.....so much to work through. Equipment, suppliers, packaging, website, point of sale systems. You have to become an expert in so many areas to make sure you are getting the best for your business. It's not for the weak. One tip i will give is to peruse fiverr.com for creative needs - logos, flyers, basic websites, etc. Some great designers there at very reasonable costs.
  13. Bentley

    Cream cheese ganache?

    I just saw someone post a Wild Blueberry Cheesecake bonbon on Instagram....was that you? Looked delicious.
  14. In preparation for launching a business venture, I have spoken to a number of successful chocolatiers, and the main lesson I learned was that chocolate is a business. You have to make sure that your margins are acceptable and that means watching your cost of goods sold like a hawk. All of the chocolatiers I spoke to used a wide variety of chocolates in their confections. It was a mix that allowed an average chocolate cost that was reasonable for the blended margins they were trying to achieve. You wouldn't just use a single origin grand cru couverture for everything because you could never charge enough to run a decent profit. You might use it for one piece in your collection, but it wouldn't make sense to enrobe your Oreos with it. Some pieces are about featuring a particular chocolate and in other cases the chocolate is a vehicle for another flavor. Everyone I spoke to used just about every one of the chocolates on your list for one application or another, so don't feel you have to choose just one.