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  1. We had a cold front come through so I guess I will be digging sweet potatoes tomorrow.
  2. In the garden this morning I pulled up all the tomatoes except the Jonagolds, they are still producing. If Miriam doesn't come harvest her Thai basil that is going away also. Noticed that the one pinto bean planted in June, I found a bean in my garden bag and said why not, is not only blooming but has beans. Hoping the frost stays away long enough to get a little harvest. And the late season volunteer dill is going crazy along with the jalapeno. I think the sage is to the point where I can make some smudge sticks to get the house ready for winter. There are beets hiding underneath the dillghost peppers anyone. It has gotten very prolific.See my baby pinto beans, the last couple of days the bees have been working this plant like a bee freeway. sage to make smudge sticks with and a bit for Thanksgiving I am told this is a variety of arugula, very thin leaves and has a very mild spiciness. I love the flowers. It is a late summer/early fall bloomer.
  3. No that wasn't one of the kid's entrys, that was one of the cake masters competing for big bucks. The winner of the Grand National Wedding Cake portion will take home $30,000.
  4. That was one of the cakes in the kids 7-12 catagory. Good sense of humor.
  5. Where did you get the inspiration for your wedding cake from? Did you just pick one out of a book at the bakers or did you have something specific in mind? Here are a very few of the examples that I saw today at the 2018 Oklahoma State Sugar Arts Show. What was amazing was some of the cakes by the 7-12 year olds. Artists in the making.
  6. joiei

    Fair Fare

    And as luck would have it, the liquor laws change here on Oct 1st. Cold high strength beer can now be sold in Oklahoma at liquor stores and grocers. Wine also. I bet the beer garden at the fair will be busy this next week.
  7. joiei

    Fair Fare

    It is Tulsa State Fair time again for the next 10 days. I will be there this weekend working the Oklahoma State Sugar Arts Show with Kerry Vincent. Channel 2 did a review of all the Fair Food appearing at the fair this year. Which one shall I try first? Channel 2's listing of New Foods at the 2018 Tulsa State Fair.  
  8. In these parts, Mazzio's Pizza has the best Ranch Dressing. You can even buy containers of it people like it so much. Me too.
  9. joiei

    Revisiting an old recipe

    Chillies -in-oil My jalapenos have become very prolific late in the season and I remembered an old recipe that I did for a couple of years. The thread was by Foodman. This was back when we had a fairly active Middle East group. I know he used a different pepper but I have Jalapenos. After 3 months of curing, these tasty treats saw life on a crudite platter at a meeting of the farmer's market board I was on at the time. They did not last. I love going back to the old days of eG and revisit threads from the early days. Such good stuff. I learned to not be afraid of trying to cook Middle Eastern from Elie.
  10. Ranch Dressing, the unofficial ketchup of Oklahoma.
  11. joiei


    My closest Aldi is less than 3 miles from my house. I am so lucky.
  12. Sorry I am so late seeing this. Shreveport, for dinner, the Lucky Palace in Bossier City is the best. Really good Chinese. Nothing like most. Don't be put off by the motel it is located in. The food is so worth it and Lim has created an incredible wine selection. Depending on what time your driving Natchitoches for meat pies. If you go all the way down to Lafayette to get on I-10 lots of good cajun choices. If you take US90 through Baton Rouge, find Stinky's Fish Camp. It just opened. I still remember Chef Jim Richards (Ree-chard) gumbo from when I dined at his place down in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Make sure you fill the gas tank before leaving S'port, not to many stations on l-49 t
  13. I really like Mesa, two locations, the chef/owners are from Veracruz. The seafood is great. And the mole is delicious. Tell Sandor Larry from Tulsa said HI.
  14. When you all are here try to get over to The Gathering Place. The Gathering Place It is our new city park on the river and it opened today. Took 3 years to build. Amazing place. We are very thankful to the George Kaiser Family Foundation and this wonderful gift to Tulsa. Sorry for getting off topic.
  15. joiei


    WIth the liquor laws changing in October, maybe we will finally get the beer and wine that i have seen in the Missouri stores. The last time I was there I picked up a hatch chili cheddar that is decent. Very very mild on the pepper.