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  1. joiei

    Hardee's & Carl's Jr. part ways

    Where I live we only have Carl's. When I lived in the Bay Area there was Carl's and the reputation was not that good. My first experience with Hardee's was their store in the mid-60s on Eglin Parkway in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Great Burgers for the uninitiated. Jumping over the time machine, my step-dad went to the local Hardee's every morning for his free cup of coffee and to hang out with all the other old farts in Milton, FL. Now when the family gets together one event that is not missed by anyone is the Bill Walters Memorial Breakfast at the Hardee's. When he was in the later stages of Alzheimer we would take him through the drive in, it made his day. We all miss our dad. He would of probably just laughed at the sex burgers.
  2. Have you ever tried freestufftimes.com? I down load my kindle from there.
  3. Time to make a blueberry pie.
  4. joiei

    Under counter ice makers

    Thanks everybody for your input. I passed it on. She seems bound and determined to find a good product.
  5. I'm asking for a friend, they are building a new house and she is starting to shop around for an under counter ice maker. Reliability is a big issue for her. She doesn't want to have to be replacing it in 5 years. Suggestions and reviews both good and bad will be welcome and I will get the info to her. Thanks.
  6. I know this will probably get me kicked off of eG forever but I have been enjoying the Black Box Rose lately.
  7. joiei

    Crawfish boils

    I was just talking with my niece who lives in Round Rock about crawfish boils. She commented that in the Austin area something she is seeing added to boils is pineapple. WHAT! She thinks this is because of the number of boils that are being done by Vietnamese members of the community. Is that something you are seeing in your part of the world? I don't want to say that I consider that a crime against the Crawfish Gods, but I don't know. What is showing up in boils in your area that is beyond crawfish, potatos, corn, and garlic? The last boil I went to here they had added shrimp and that is okay in my book. $15 for all you can eat and I can eat some boil. But pineapple? What say you?
  8. joiei

    Chicago dining out

    Was in Chicago last weekend for my first time ever. Visiting old friends, they aren't as old as I but we go back a ways to New Orleans. Anyway, it was all about the eating. We were driven past some iconic Chicago things, I did get to see the Picasso as we passed by. But as I said, it was about eating and visiting and getting caught up. The first dinner was at Publician Anker near their home in Wicker Park. The next day after dropping Pierre off at his office tower we went to Meli Cafe. It was just breakfast so no biggie. Then we had to kill time waiting for Kathy and George to fly in from North Carolina. So, after a little touristy stuff we went to Calumet Fisheries and picked up some shrimp to go then found a park on the lake to enjoy our lunch sharing tidbits with Kia, the pug. Dinner that night we went to Taxim. That was fun, Greek foods unlike any I had had in the past. I had the pork belly and tasted everyone else's. Day three, we started at The Little Goat. The two guys who own that company, Boka, used to have a little wine bar down on 30A in Blue Mountain Beach, FL. My but they have come a long way. My breakfast was This Little Piggy went to China. I didn't share. Their loss. After taking in the conservatory we ended up at duckduckgoat ordering a ton of foods, Stephanie Izard, I love love your food. Dinner that night was recovery time, Daniella made a fish spread with the smoked trout we picked up earlier and we spent time remembering New Orleans. Day four, we started with with pastries we had picked up along the way. Then we went to Fat Rice and I loved it there. Portuguese Macao menus. The Fat Rice dish was one of my faves. Between meals we got the driving tour of some of Pierre's buildings his company is creating. So we got to drive under the el and get honked at and all that kind of stuff. Our next stop was very special chocolate shop called Teuscher Chocolates. OMG the champagne truffles were do die for, at least the ONE i was given. Plus Pierre had to do some clothes shopping, he is one well dressed Belizian. BTW, in that neighborhood, in our walk to the car which was about 4 blocks, I counted 10 Tesla's and one of those new Afla's. Here in Tulsa, we might have 10 Tesla's period. Dinner that night was at home, pizza from Craft Pizza. It was okay, I like our pizza here in Tulsa from Andolini's or Okie Goodness better. It snowed Sunday night so I had to try to get out of town in that mess. Took me 2 hours. Stopped off in Springfield, MO to hang with friends before heading on in on Tuesday. I will go back. Thanks Pierre and Daniella for showing me your city.
  9. I was back over to Bentonville to go to Crystal Bridges, I love that museum. On the way home stopped off at Onyx Coffee Lab for a cup to go. WOW, great coffee. Between NWA and over here we are starting to get some really good coffee roasters and shops with excellent baristas in this part of the world.
  10. The Oklahoma Center for the Humanities is presenting a symposium on native American cuisines. Going beyond the Indian taco. Food Sovereignty Symposium
  11. joiei

    Goan Pickle: "Prawn Balchao"

    Where do I get seeds for the 2 chiiis? I have everything else. If I can get three seeds of each I will grow my own. This pickle sounds wonderful.
  12. joiei

    Kosher Barbeque Competitions

    Our instructions are to judge what we are given, not what we think should be in the box. In my time, the best chicken I was privileged to judge happened in Ada, Oklahoma. The box was 6 breasts, no garnish. It got dinged because of the presentation aspect but let me tell you, that was absolutely the very best chicken turn in that has ever hit my table. Juicy and great texture, wonderful smokey flavor, no sauce, NO sauce. The balance was so incredible that I can remember and probably secretly judge all others by. So if your oysters totally rock, I hope I get to judge them at my table sometime. It would be my honor. Firelake will be my 170 contest to judge.
  13. joiei

    Kosher Barbeque Competitions

    I have tried to judge the Dallas event a couple of times but I guess they were not taking out of state judges. A friend from over in Arkansas did get to judge at Kansas City last year and enjoyed the experience.
  14. Yesterday I had the privilege of judging a steak cookoff at the Sam's Club in Plano, TX. One of the categories was tomahawks. Several of the cook teams used sous vide for the tomahawks and I was very impressed at what they were turning in for the judges. Moist, tender, juicy, and incredible. The one that was most beautiful to me unfortunately was over salted. There we over 40 teams cooking and turning in these steaks. Being a competition food judge is a good thing on some days. The competition was put on by the Steak Cookoff Association.
  15. I am very fond of Askinoise Chocolates out of Springfield, MO. They are considered chocolate makers instead of chocolatiers. They take the raw bean and produce chocolate bars. Shawn and his crew do some very interesting flavors besides his single origins. I think he is the only company that imports and labels kokoa beans from the Philippines. Their shop is incredibly fun, you can smell the chocolate walking up to the front door. Here is how to reach them.