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  1. Yesterday I had the privilege of judging a steak cookoff at the Sam's Club in Plano, TX. One of the categories was tomahawks. Several of the cook teams used sous vide for the tomahawks and I was very impressed at what they were turning in for the judges. Moist, tender, juicy, and incredible. The one that was most beautiful to me unfortunately was over salted. There we over 40 teams cooking and turning in these steaks. Being a competition food judge is a good thing on some days. The competition was put on by the Steak Cookoff Association.
  2. I am very fond of Askinoise Chocolates out of Springfield, MO. They are considered chocolate makers instead of chocolatiers. They take the raw bean and produce chocolate bars. Shawn and his crew do some very interesting flavors besides his single origins. I think he is the only company that imports and labels kokoa beans from the Philippines. Their shop is incredibly fun, you can smell the chocolate walking up to the front door. Here is how to reach them.
  3. Hummus

    I will definitely give this recipe a try. The portions sound very close to what I use. I have Aleppo pepper but never thought of adding it to my hummus.
  4. Hummus

    Canned beans that have been rinsed and dried, garlic, tahini, lemon juice, water, salt. Food processor.
  5. Hummus

    I make hummus but I am bored with my recipe. I can make a meal out of vegies and some excellent hummus. I need a recipe for a better hummus than what I have. So you all can help me. This is part of my new diet designs. First question, a source for quality dried garbanzos. I live in Oklahoma and it is winter, the chance for fresh beans is not a happening thing. Do you cook your beans in stock or water? I have never peeled the cooked beans, is it worth my time? All suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  6. Hung out at a local taproom last night with some friends and shared a 2014 GI Bourbon County and a 2015 Evil Twin Christmas Eve in a New York Hotel Room. The Bourbon County is aging very nicely. The Evil Twin on the other hand needs to be drank now or disposed of.
  7. Worst cooking show ever

    The Drummonds are changing the life of a small town in Oklahoma. I know people she hires to work with her developing recipes for her shows. Ree may not be the most exciting but she hires local. Her folksy shtick may be offensive to some, I celebrate places that have retained their regional diction. After I went away to south Florida for college I became my mom's Yankee son because I had lost my accent. The Drummond family has become the 24th largest land owners in the state of Oklahoma. Now, lindag when you come to visit. get in touch and I will drive. Pawhuska is not that far. I enjoy meeting other eGer's. So all you big city folk, just know that your also invited.
  8. 1) What is your favourite restaurant (apart from your own) bluestem in Kansas City. Megan's desserts completely rock. These folks are the reason planes land in midcontinent. Thanks for your passion. . 2) What is your most important ingredient in the kitchen, and why? My salts, different ones for different reasons and uses. 3) What tool is most important in your kitchen, and why? My knives. 4) Which restaurant, anywhere, is your dream destination to dine? Any restaurant from Boka in Chicago. I have known Kevin since Lazy Dayz and Indigo Wine Bar days. 5) What trend do you see becoming popular in restaurants in the next year? Hopefully oysters 6) What trend would you most like to see go away? Out of season items listed as locally sourced.
  9. I will be out to the American Solera taproom tonight. What should I try. The Cirque Dilemma is currently my favorite. I have not had the Santa Kush, this years Cranbarrel, Caribbean Christmas is new, haven't tried this years version of Raspbarrel, the Terpy Cherry Limade is sooo good and refreshing, the Foeder Cerise is a long time favorite. The Cirque Dilemma is perfection in a bottle. Think coffee, chocolate, malty, deep dark luxuriousness. Decisions, decisions.
  10. I have worked a bunch of restaurants in the BOH. At only a few did the BOH receive any tips, always from customers. Never from FOH. At one restaurant in particular the chef/owner kept the tips and then at the end of our busy season used the funds to throw a party for all of us in the back and included a personalized baseball jacket for all the BOH staff. I still have that jacket and that was 30 years ago. After a particularly excellent meal I will tip the BOH separately from the waiter. Once I had bad service but excellent food so I tipped the waiter 10% and left the busser 20% handing it to the owner and explaining to them that the busser took good care of me and I never saw the waiter expect to take the order and present the bill. For your question, any thank you is appreciated in the BOH. Even to just get an after shift beer is appreciated. 20% is very generous of you.
  11. Update on my winter gardening. The cauliflower, broccoli, red cabbage, and brussel sprouts survived the freezing temps we have been having. Nothing below 20F yet. And we did not get any of that snow that happened last week. This future meal is about 3 inches across right now. Dang it, one day I will figure out how easy it is to add photos to my posts.
  12. Beautiful loaf of bread. I wish my bread making abilities was where yours is. I will keep practicing. If you want more cornmeal, let me know and I will get in touch with Valarie.
  13. Dropped by Marshall Brewing tap room this afternoon and enjoyed a Black Dolphin Imperial Russian Stout variation that had been aged on plums in first use bourbon barrels. Very nice and i did taste the plums. Not overly sweet.
  14. In the morning I will be heading out to Webbers Falls to participate in a friend's family farm tradition. Corn Grinding. Absolutely fresh corn meal. Think polenta, spoonbread, the most fabulous cornbread. What cheese should I pick up for my first pot of polenta with wilted greens and roasted chicken? I have some goat cheese brie in the fridge.
  15. Was just in the garden harvesting everything for Thursday. It is so cool to me that 3 of my dishes, I grew myself. Cauliflower update. I have TINY cauliflower, about the size and look of a fancy button on a ladies blouse or sweater. They are soooo cute. Broccoli should be anytime now. I don't know how long between budding and harvesting is but I am so excited.