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  1. Urban honey

    My local honey producer of choice is an urban business. Shadow Mountain Honey I love their honey, it has an almost spicyness I find. As for disturbing the bees I have found that when I am watering in the garden, especially the mint bed, that the bees don't care. I guess they think it is raining. Same with the butterflys and other flying insects including wasps. I don't bother them and they don't bother me.
  2. THanks for this info. It is looking like i will have a bumper fall crop of poblanos and love chili rellenos and will follow your directions on this. Now as to the stuffing, does it have to be just cheese? I am thinking something along the lines of a seafood and cheese.
  3. I have eaten at Tusk and Trotter a couple of times, very good brunch, order the carrot cake waffle. Susie Q looks like it has potential. We have several old line burger joints over here that are worth their reputation. Thanks for the suggestions.
  4. I will be traveling through on Saturday heading to Kimberling City, MO to judge SCA steaks on Sat and KCBS bbq on Sunday at Boats and Bones. Looking for recommendations for a fun lunch on Saturday in the Fayetteville up to Bentonville area. There has been all kinds of new places open and I have not been able to keep up.
  5. Joplin, MO

    When your driving along I-44 and passing though Joplin I highly recommend stopping at The Eagle Drive In for a meal. Very fun and creative menu and a daily burger special most days. They also have a limited and interesting craft beer on tap menu. When I am going to or from Springfield, MO I have been known to time my trip so that I can stop at the Eagle Drive In. This company has another place called Instant Karma Gourmet Hot Dogs in downtown Joplin. I like the Eagle because it is not that far off the interstate. Eagle Drive In on fb
  6. I had a great time judging wings and steak at the Steak Cookoff Association portion of the annual Bedford Blues and BBQ festival. Because the American Royal changed their date to that weekend a lot of the bbq teams went to Kansas City that would of otherwise been in Bedford. The entries in the KCBS bbq cookoff on Sunday was not as stellar as in years past.
  7. He has a giant hood over all the grills. Fire department and health department requirement. They have daily specials otherwise it is the same smoked meats listed at their website. Crepes, if you go to their facebook you will see ;a photo of the grills at the new place.
  8. Adam Meyer has opened a second restaurant location here in Tulsa. Yay! He will now be able to offer lunch and dinner. And the lines are just as long. In the new restaurant he has maintained his primary method of cooking. He put in 24 Hastybake Grills. Everything is cooked on those grills. Everything. INcluding the mac and cheese which is to die for. .
  9. This morning in the garden I picked my first harvest of pole beans, planted from seed 2 months ago. Some poblanos and lots more on the way. And enough arugula to make a salad to go with those pole beans at dinner time. I also helped a fellow gardener out by pruning their tomato plant of all the dead leaves. Tomorrow I will give that tomato plant a little drink of Epsom salts to give it a boost for fall production. Waiting patiently for the blackberry to ripen.
  10. There is a new to Tulsa restaurant opening very soon. They are claiming to be focusing on healthy lifestyles. Basically they are a pizza and salad bar type of place. What they are pushing is handmade pizzas and craft salads. What is a craft salad? Online i found a restaurant in Manila named Craft Salad: I also found out that Sizzler calls their salad bar Craft salad. What makes it craft? It's a salad bar Are we going to be facing a whole bunch of places starting to call their salads craft salads? Then I went to their nutritional page and realized that I probably will not eat there. Most of the nutrient breakdowns were for what they called Mini size. About one cup. Very deceiving. The soups were given in 6 oz portions which they called a cup. I pay attention to the sources of fat,sodium, carbs, and am starting to pay attention to cholesterol. I'm still wondering what the heck a craft salad is. Is it a regional thing?
  11. Brisket is my go to. When in Texas, brisket. Then beef ribs, usually one does me in.
  12. As it turns out I will be in Dallas, Bedford actually, doing my food judging gig. Saturday is Steak Cookoff Association's steak gig Bedford Blues and BBQ Festival steaks . Then Sunday it will switch over to BBQ. Bedford Bluesfest &nbsp . I will not be judging the pork steak cookoff. Any suggestions for a decent breakfast in the Bedford, Euless, Hurst area? Does not have to be fancy.
  13. Pecan Lodge for some bbq. Mesa for some incredible Vera Cruzan Mexican, think seafood. The mole, OMG. And I second the CAfe Brazil for breakfast. Good coffee, and I have not had anything there that I didn't like. Tell Sandor hello for me. I would be there but I'm scheduled to judge bbq in Shawnee, OK on that date.
  14. With the approaching Hurricane Harvey what foods do you normally stock for after the storm? Growing up on the gulf coast, too many times the very first things that disappeared from the store shelves was bread, milk and frozen pizzas. Who is going to want to deal with frozen pizzas when you have NO power. Plus with the power out those babys are starting to defrost in your now not working freezer. What do you normally stock up in your pantry for post hurricane dining? Me, I go for canned goods, stuff I can heat up on my little butane stove Or grill on the bbq. I do not get frozen pizzas.