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  1. I would recommend going back to TJ's and stocking up on that mustard in case it is a seasonal thing. They do that.
  2. apparently they have opened their new facility in downtown Rogers
  3. May 31-June 2 Judging SCA steaks in Kansas City on the 31 and judging KCBS bbq in Baldwin City, KS on the 1st. June 21-23 Judging SCA steaks in Springfield, MO on the 21 and judging KCBS bbq in Oklahoma City on the 22nd. July 12-14 woohoo, free weekend July 26-28 Also a free weekend I enjoy free things to do.
  4. joiei

    Best wine book for varietal research

    Here are a few more links Wine Folly Palate Press
  5. We have a seed library here also. I found out about it last year and was able to get a few seeds for Cherokee Purple tomatoes. Tulsa City County Library Seed library
  6. Tried my hand at almond macaroons. I need to work on it a bit.
  7. joiei

    Mulligatawny soup

    It has been a very long time since I had this soup. I will be making it this week to warm up. It is pretty cold here right now. I can already taste it.
  8. My Baker's Seeds came the other day. now I am dreaming of what I can put into my 4x5 gardening space.
  9. joiei

    Tampa treasures?

    I haven't been in a very long time but some of the old places we used to hang out when I was a student at USF. Cafe Pepe, Columbia-Ybor City, the Silver Ring, Las Novidades, The Mullet Inn, The Swiss House at Busch Gardens, and a few clubs out near the university.
  10. joiei

    Making corn flour

    I will let Moe know what you all have suggested. She made me some fritters last night with a marinated eggplant and some with potatoes, The eggplant ones were delicious.
  11. joiei

    Making corn flour

    The lady who lives above me is looking for corn flour like she had in Bangladesh. Can I process cornmeal in a blender or a food processor to make as fine a flour as she is looking for? Would masa be a suitable substitute? The corn flour from Bob's Mill is pretty expensive for her everyday cooking requirements. Thanks in advance.
  12. Found this newish bbq joint in Joplin, MO and checked it out this weekend. So worth the trip and time. Little Pigs, put it on your lunch list when traveling the I-44 or Route 66. In fact it is located on the original route through Joplin. Go straight for the burnt ends. This is not competition be's but what I can think was the original version of this delicacy. They only sauce a little bit, make their own sauce and that is the only sauce, unless you just have to have ketchup. Dominic, the guy who owns the place is from KC and cooks KC style bbq. One reason I like his be"s is they contain bark. In the meantime, it is supposed to snow overnight. I was out earlier and it smelt like snow. I might be involved in a snowball fight later tomorrow with a 3 year old. Can't wait.
  13. joiei

    Thanksgiving 2018

    THanks, had not thought of the bread.
  14. joiei

    Thanksgiving 2018

    I need your all's help. Thanksgiving is coming up really fast. In the last few years it was a very quite day for me. I would usually head over to the equality center. But this year, I am thinking of sharing the day. There is a young couple who live above me. They are from Bangladesh. Over the last year they have become a part of my world. I want t invite them to join me to celebrate the holiday at my apartment. My thinking is to integrate some very American dishes with some things I have no idea about but is more comfortable for their palates. There will be 4 of us including a 3 year old, who is my best friend. I am thinking a turkey breast and gravy, starch and vegies are open, and pecan pie to finish. Now I do not have a normal table, but we can set up on coffee tables, sort of relaxed. What am I missing? How do I make them feel relaxed and comfortable? I need to keep the menu doable. Should I ask Mo to add to the menu? What should I plan on as beverages? BTW, no pork. As for Megh, he loves anything truck. Thanks in advance. btw, I now go to thrift stores to find trucks for my buddy. Menu suggestions that are doable in a 7.5x7.5 kitchen are greatly appreciated.
  15. What brand of coffee do I use in my french press? I use Topeca, a local roaster, and grind to order.