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  1. blbst36

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    @HungryChris - That's the type of restaurant I want to have! Eat what I want to cook that day!!
  2. blbst36

    Cheese (2008– )

    Noo! They were great suggestions! Very helpful. I can have a nice little platter - even in the woods I will check it out when I've exhausted the pre-made stuff. My biggest fear is that they're going to stop making them Too late? To get bread? Not yet. I was thinking of that, too, but the bread won't be fresh since I won't be eating it until Monday. I could run down to the Piggly Wiggly, though. It's only about a half hour away from where I'll be. A plate with cheese, meat, fruit, and something crunchy is one of my favorites! If I'm feeling froggy, I'll even throw some dip and veggies on there. Thanks for all the cheese suggestions! I love gouda, too. Brie is hit or miss for me. I haven't experimented with using Ricotta for anything other than baking. It might be fun to make it. I had burratta recently and thought I had died and gone to heaven. I found an Italian shop where the owner hand makes all the cheese. I was thinking of getting some of that, too, but I am going to wait until I can enjoy it properly. I've never heard of butterkase, but I've had havarti (don't remember if I liked it) and I love fontina. I haven't had it alone, though, I don't think. Ugh! So much information! I'm going to be full of cheese for a while Thanks all! I'll post an update with pics afterwards!
  3. blbst36

    Cheese (2008– )

    @blue_dolphin - thanks for all the wonderful information! I'm definitely pre-slicing the meat, but I may leave the cheese as is for transport. It looks so pretty! Oooh, an apple might be a tasty addition. I'll have to see what's at the store. I was going to get some bliueberries anyways for baking. I can take a few and see if I like it. I like dried berries, but not much of any other dried fruit. Is there something special about Marcona almonds? I'd never heard of them until reading the label. I'm so excited! It is actually just me eating this . To be honest, it's going to be my lunch on my last day of camping this weekend There was one package that had some sheep's cheese in it, but it had pepper spread in it and I really wanted to try the fig spread. There was another that had a little container of what, I assume, was soft cheese. It's a fun thing to experiment with and I'm glad I saw it. It's not too expensive (I don't think), so it's definitely something I'll be trying more than once. I may even leaf through my cheese and cheese cookery cookbook!
  4. blbst36

    Cheese (2008– )

    Rebooting an old topic, cause I just bought a container of cheeses from the grocery store put together by the cheese monger and I have questions. There's three types of cheese, Marcona almonds, fig spread, and crackers. Questions: what do I do with the fig jam? Does it go on the cheese or do I eat it alone? Is pineapple a good accompaniment fruit? Or should I stick with grapes? What about dried blueberries? What kind of meat? I don't like prosciutto raw (please put down the pitchforks!), but I want something a bit fancier than the summer sausage I usually eat with cheese. Would salami be good? Maybe one of those logs you slice yourself? Would you add any other nuts? Or are the almonds enough? What do you drink with it if you can't have wine? Water and food is not good to me. The cheeses are: Monterey Jack, Gouda, and Herbed Gouda. I know, I know, not very adventurous, but I wanted the first one to be something I knew I would like. Next one will be more adventurous because I'll be eating it at home, so if I hate it, I have other food to eat
  5. Right now, I am not lighting fires. The weather currently is devil's buttcrack, so it's not very appealing to me. When it gets chillier, I am hoping to do a lot more fire cooking. I kind of liked not lugging around the grill this time, though. That's why I'm looking more towards meals that can be cooked on the camp stove. The egg muffins is a good idea. How would I reheat those, do you think? Without a grill or fire. With a fire, I'm totally putting them on a skewer I usually make the sandwiches before I leave. One less thing to do on site. Less food to carry. Less clean up, etc. I like sandwiches with hiking. I don't see a need for protein bars if I have a sandwich. I could do that with the cheap cooler, but all the food goes back in the car at bedtime or if I leave the site. It's suggested by all the state parks to prevent attracting animals. I could also use it just for drinks - who cares if they get a little warm. No harm there. And it would save room in the good cooler. Thanks for the comment!
  6. I have returned! It was about half successful and half not so much. The first day, I was going to hike, but decided to just chill in my hammock in the rain. I switched the meals around and made some soup the first night. Cream of chicken, canned chicken, and the "canned corn" linked above. I added a little pepper, too. It was DELICIOUS. Do you know, I had someone think I was weird for eating cream of chicken soup?? @Thanks for the Crepes - the corn was pretty good! Nice and crisp. No weird flavors. I'm not sure what normal canned corn tastes like, but I would eat this again. I want to try the carrots now, too. For dinner, I tried my first ready made meal. This one wasn't dehydrated. It was an all in one package that cooked the food and everything. It was ok. Not a lot of food, though. If I was a proper backpacker, this would in NO WAY be enough food. Plus, all the waste was just horrible. The heating element stayed hot for a very long time, basically until all the water was gone. So, if you add too much, it can go on quite a while. The idea is a good one, but using a silver pouch with no way to pull it out safely caused a bit of an issue. I had to use a handkerchief to get it out of the boiling packet. I also had to put it in the pot to eat it. There is just simply no way to hold the hot pouch. The only way I could see me buying these again would be for emergencies. Since any liquid can be used to activate the heating element, I could see it being perfect for emergency usage. Packet Inside Pulling the packet out. I had to use the scissors to open it, too The food itself The next morning was a DISASTER with the dehydrated eggs. I missed a step, so the eggs weren't completely hydrated when I ate them. They were overwhelmed with a bacon flavor with no egg flavor to offer a break. All of the extra water was a pain to dispose. I am going to have to figure something else out for breakfasts "cooked" I had a sandwich while hiking for lunch Dinner was another win from my pantry. Rehydrated broccoli (that was from Trader Joe's in the snack section because apparently there are weirdos that eat dried broccoli as a snack ), Bear Creek Broccoli Cheese soup mix, and canned chicken. Heating up the water Rehydrating the broccoli All mixed together The last breakfast was another of the OMeals packets. It was oatmeal. It looked like oatmeal, I guess. I still don't think I like oatmeal. I only ate half of it. The other sandwich I made had mold on the bread So, there was no hiking on the day I left since I didn't have enough food for it. I'll tell you what. I really liked the home pantry meals. So much easier than dragging the grill around. I have another camping trip the beginning of September and I think I am really going to try to do it all like this again. One thing I did lean is that I have to use my good cooler even for a few things. The other cooler was completely warm by the end, even with two 48-hour cold packs.
  7. blbst36

    Rice cookers for singletons

    Awesome! That would be perfect for me! I shall be eagerly following along....
  8. blbst36

    Breakfast! 2018

    Don't feel bad - mine NEVER look as good as the ones here Even your's looks better than mine! LOL I cook once and reheat all week. If I didn't it would be fast food every day. One for me, please! That bacon looks out of this world. I'm sad I probably can't get it in the states
  9. Thanks! I'm not a canned veg person myself. I am hoping that drowning it in cream of chicken soup will make it more palatable Maybe I'll get corn instead of carrots. I was thinking of this form since it's more of a single serving type deal (they have corn, too).
  10. I've thought about getting those!! Unfortunately, I don't like pie. I was thinking more for grilled cheese, or meat and cheese, or (OMG - just thought of this) chocolate and marshmallows!! But NOT smores - I do not like smores Dang. Now I'm hungry. I don't know how I would do with oil and fire, though Hopefully, I won't have a rained out camping trip, soon, so I can actually LIGHT a fire! I have a telescoping hot dog fork I want to try, dammit!!
  11. As my next nature soaking nears, I have planned out all of my meals. I will be taking a smaller cooler to hold sandwiches for hiking (my preferred hiking meal), but everything else is shelf stable. I decided to go adventurous and try some pre-made dehydrated meals (I don't want to hear about how much they suck. No, seriously, I don't want to hear it). I've also got some canned chicken, dried soup mixes, dried broccoli (snack from Trader Joe's), noodles, chicken bar, back up soup. I need to get some single packs of canned carrots and I should be good to go for the main meals. I got some trail mix, salsa and chips, dried corn (which DOES NOT rehydrate!) for snacks. And, of course, astronaut ice cream for dessert one night I didn't get a chance to go through the cookbooks as much as I wanted because procrastination is so much fun. I've abandoned the very low carb plan of eating, so it's much easier to find things to eat. I still have to watch the calories, though, so I may need to tweak the snacks. I'll have everything pre-portioned before I leave, so it makes it easier on site to just grab the food for that day. I may even just pack it up some way so it's all together for each day. I can just grab the bag I need from the car without guessing. The weirdest thing is how little I will need from my normal kitchen box supply. Like, I need a smaller box and it's freaking me out! I need my kitchen comforts!! LOL
  12. blbst36

    Old cookbooks

    @Kim Shook - I have that one! It was my father's mother's who wasn't known for her cooking. I haven't tried anything in it, but I've leafed through it.
  13. Here's a couple of collages of my food Prep table - grill with new skillet, potato skewer with tiny onions A "genius" idea to use the tongs to prop the lid so the asparagus could cook more. Yea, it melted a bit - Finished food before the rain Cooking the soup on my camp stove Camp set up Looks pretty, doesn't it? Nope, there's rain there if you look close. Jerky NC storms with shining skies
  14. blbst36

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    OMG - I finally have something worthy of this thread! I recently broke out my Julia Child Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Previously, my diet didn't allow for such high fat foods. Now, it's perfect!! I selected something easy first - Breast of Chicken with Cream Sauce Chicken after cooking. I had to split it up. I think chicken breasts were a lot smaller when this was written Finishing up the sauce Plated! With an arugula salad with balsamic vinaigrette Yes, the sauce is purple. No, it doesn't taste like it should be purple. Ideally, I would serve this over mashed potatoes or rice or something, but unfortunately, that doesn't fit into my diet right now.
  15. No. I am sleeping in my tent - not the hammock. I am just relaxing in the hammock