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  1. @Thanks for the Crepes - Thanks for all the tips! I am hoping to hang out in my hammock most of the time. Luckily, it looks like Friday is 20% chance of rain, Saturday is 60%, and Sunday is 40% (the day I leave). The site I reserved is actually pretty covered with trees. The tarp is just some extra protection. I was also going to use it to have a clothesline down the middle so I can hang anything that's too wet. Since I'm short, I don't expect it to be very high, so it will hopefully not have as much rain going underneath The guy at REI did warn me that the cheaper (big blue) tarp may lose the grommets in strong wind or something, but it was like 12 bucks. Oh well. I don't think it's supposed to be that windy. I'm hoping for more of a soaking rain than torrential storm. I also bought some pants better suited for the rain and a new rain jacket. I didn't even think about an umbrella for the bathroom. I have one, though. I'll have to take it with me. I did think about baskets and such for the fire, but to be honest, I don't want a fire in the heat Hopefully I can start that back up in September, October, and November. I want to use my hot dog fork!! I'll have to check Dollar General out. I don't want to spend too much since they'll be a sometimes use. I think there's one in Brier Creek. Or Big Lots! Although I get in trouble there with all the cheap snack food I can close the lid on the grill which should help keep the flame alive, it's just no fun to grill in the rain. Also, I don't drink coffee, so no worries there For kitchen supplies, I have leftover jars from Penzey's to use for the salt and pepper. They're glass that have a shaker lid and regular sealed lid. I also got some nalgene bottles I am planning on using for soap and olive oil. One good thing is I won't have to worry about taking a shower, I can just stand in the rain - LOL! I'm pretty sure I have my menu down, but I'm not going to tell you until I get back
  2. I've got a grill! I settled on a Blue Rhino portal propane grill I've got it built. I think it'll work well. It does have a broken locking clasp which is disappointing, but not enough for me to take back. Hopefully, I can just get a replacement part. It's a rainy week here in NC. Sadly, it will be the same when I go camping. I am trying to plan for rain with the hopes that it will change (like the weather here does). I'm trying to figure out the menu, but I think that rainy food and non-rainy food are two different beasts. If I can get my hammock up and under the rain fly, I will be a happy camper. I also want to see if I can get something set up over a larger area so I can cook on the grill and with the camp stove Mark my words, regardless of the weather I WILL have a grilled hot dog! If I am lucky, I will be having some kielbasa, too!
  3. Ahh, Bisto! The Gravy Mix

    We were a gravy master house, too. I still use it, but I don't make gravy like my mother at all. I do it traditional with a roux, drippings, and some gravy master to round out the taste
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't want a stove. It's not as practical for me as a portable grill. I'll get more use out of a grill in non-camping situations.
  5. I did think of foil packets, too I figured I could prep them at home and even freeze them if needed to help with the cooler. If I can figure out a grill solution, I may still try them. The cookbook was suggested a while ago. I did get it, but it is more for families and groups than a single person. The recipes are actually quite involved. I am picking a couple that can be easily adapted for just me or that can be prepared ahead of time. There's no way I am doing any cooking in a dutch oven just for me! That salad sounds lovely! Thanks! That's what I am seeing in a lot of the reviews. That it runs hot and is difficult to attach the tanks. I feel like whatever I select, there's going to be problems
  6. I ALWAYS have cream of chicken. Apparently it's weird to just eat it as soup. Who knew?!?
  7. So, NEXT week is going to be my second camping trip. Since the temps have been in the 80s+ this week, I was contemplating getting a portable gas grill. I don't need a stand. Every where I'll take it has a picnic table. I want gas so it will be easier to cook for just me. I don't think I need a large cook space, though. I don't want a stove, I want fire. That way I can cook my wieners properly I was thinking of the Weber Q. Reviews say there's a problem connecting the tanks and with the regulator. It also only has one burner. There's also a multitude of coleman grills. I haven't looked into these too much. I started getting overwhelmed I be lost. HELP!
  8. True, true. I was hoping to have a recipe I can cook directly over the fire, but better to start something than nothing.
  9. Alas, I have cancelled the camping trip. They gave me an out "because it's going to be hot" this weekend and I jumped on it. At this point, I am not sure I even care if I get the money back. It will mean you have to wait a few more weeks for camping food I still may take the same approach for the next one, though. If it's still hot, I am going to want to keep the fire to a minimum.
  10. I have another camping adventure coming up next weekend. It's with a hiking group that I joined, but left me behind on my first trip with them. I would cancel, but I've already paid and offered to help the person setting up. As of now, there is no information on the fire situation or anything. I am planning on treating it more like the hike in sites I have reserved later in the year. I want to see if there is any way that I can leave the cooler in the car and walk back and forth to get food or if I should depend on dehydrated/canned food. What I have planned so far: Breakfast - Egg tacos wrapped in foil I can reheat on a small skillet on my camp stove - Backup - Shelf stable cheese and sausage with bread or crackers Lunch - Sandwich and fruit - Only one lunch day. Could be while hiking - Backup - Canned soup Dinner - Assumption is there is at least one fire a day - Hobo packet with chicken and veg - Backup - Canned soup Definitely taking my 5 gallon water jug. I need a smaller container for a limited kitchen box. Maybe just a box for now, but long term, it should be something else. Maybe I should make a bag or something easy to carry. Or use a duffel bag. Experimentation time!
  11. The title of this thread made me thing of this (amazon link - non-affiliated) book that I have. It's an interesting read.
  12. Good news! My mother brought hot dogs and kielbasa from up north! I can't find anything like it down here. I am now prepared with a fork to put over the fire and roast some weenies. @nasi goreng - That's a good idea! I bet it would go good with hot dogs and kielbasa, too. Have any grilled flatbread recipes?
  13. Thanks for resurrecting the thread! Now, I totally want this!!
  14. Yes - state parks. Beaches are much more lax about enforcement, but again, for camping, not worth the risk.
  15. This is actually not true at all in NC. There are many stories of people being forced to dump all of the booze when only a single is in view. I even read one where someone got a ticket while cleaning up/moving the empty bottles to the car. It can result in a ticket, fine, and even being charged with a misdemeanor. In NC, the rangers are a separate law enforcement officers. Not sure if this is the same every where. Not really worth the hassle in my opinion. Thanks for the other tips, though. @caroled - that's actually why I started a separate thread. There's a lot of differences having an RV and just camping with a tent. I do read it, though