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  1. blbst36

    Flavor combinations

    The lemon cookies seem to be the winner (of those that told me their preference). The recipe calls for using a fork to smush the cookie similar to a peanut butter cookie. The last time and this, I've been lazy and didn't do it. I think it is affecting (effecting?) the texture. The mouthfeel is off with them. No one noticed but me since they are my favorites. I think I'll do it again with the fork and see if it makes a difference. I also softened the butter a little too much resulting in a more greasy cookie. Again, something only I would notice. All in all, still a good turn out. I liked experimenting with the flavors.
  2. I have ordered some books from thriftbooks.com on the subject of camping/backpacking, but I am not going to receive them before this weekend's camping trip. Fortunately, I will be in the mountains, so I shouldn't have a problem with bugs. UNfortunately, rain is forecast again. I am still going to go. I think I am prepared this time. I will absolutely hang the tarp over a spot (need to get more rope). I am going to put my grill under it if I need to so I can cook without getting rained on. I will take a few cans of soup in case I just want something easy over the camp stove. At the worst, I'll be eating soup in my hammock, under a rainfly, reading a book. Wish me luck!
  3. blbst36

    Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    https://www.wired.com/story/strikes-boycotts-and-outages-mar-amazon-prime-day/ https://www.geekwire.com/2018/prime-day-protests-call-amazon-boycott-avoiding-tech-giants-reach-wont-easy/
  4. blbst36

    Flavor combinations

    All of you are weirdos! I just made the dough. Tastes pretty good. I'll bake the cookies tomorrow. I really think the lemon is the best, I don't think that the almond is bad, though. I'm interested to see how they taste baked.
  5. blbst36

    Breakfast! 2018

    Mine is a batch made meal to be eaten all week at work - lol. I envy people that are with it in the morning enough to get breakfasts like these!!
  6. blbst36

    Flavor combinations

    Thanks all! @Jim D. - I am not sure if they like nuts, but this is my first time modifying the recipe, so nuts may have to wait. @Tri2Cook - Thanks! @ChocoMom - My first thought when you mentioned chocolate was chocolate and orange @pastrygirl - Weirdo....
  7. blbst36

    Flavor combinations

    I have a cookie recipe that I LOVE. It's a lemon cookie with raisins mixed in. But, the weirdos I am friends with don't like raisins. (weirdos) I got some dried blueberries and dried cherries to try a different combo. I think the lemon would still work with the blueberries, but I need something to go with the cherries. It's an extract that flavors the dough. I have almond (I am leaning this way), orange, vanilla, lemon, and possibly anise. Any advice? Or suggestions?
  8. blbst36

    4th of July

    I don't have many friends and no one thinks to include me in any festivities, so I'll be on my own again. I'm heading to the a mountain to do some day hiking and that's it. The only special food I am contemplating is a pressed sandwich to take in my pack. Other than that, normal day.
  9. blbst36

    Saving cooking mistakes

    Well, the whole sauce component cost $1.00, so I think I'd be ok with tossing it I was just wondering what people had in mind with the suggestions. I am leaning towards saving it for later to make it into soup later. Would foodsavering it make it more salty some way? I have to foodsaver everything or it ends up encased in an enormous ice block
  10. blbst36

    Saving cooking mistakes

    If I were to save them for later or make them into soup, would you toss the sauce or keep it?
  11. blbst36

    Saving cooking mistakes

    So, I was lazy last weekend and bought some meatballs pre-made. I cooked them like I would cook my own meatballs - brown, then simmer in sauce for a while. Well, these meatballs are made with sausage (I also didn't read the labels), so now I am stuck with salty meatballs in salty sauce. AND they didn't even cook all the way through. So, uncooked salty meatballs in salty sauce. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to possibly save the food. I hate to throw it away, but I don't want to waste more food trying to save it if it is unsavable PS - I hope you realize how much I restrained myself while writing this post. It easily could've gone straight into the gutter.
  12. I forgot to update on my overnighter! It turned into a 4-hour-er instead. I was being eaten alive by bugs, so I had to bail. I was wearing 3 applications of bug spray, but they kept at me. If I had a bug net for my hammock, I would've stayed, but I knew I would be a bug magnet all night. I still managed to cook one meal. I made bulgur over the camp stove and reheated some chicken and broccoli over the same stove in a skillet. Mix together and bam! Dinner. It was definitely missing some taste, though. I forgot the butter and the soup base I was going to use for the water and in the skillet. It did work well, though. It will be a nice meal when I have all the flavorings and am able to grill the chicken. I think it will also be nice if I use canned chicken for a more pack friendly meal. @paulraphael - thanks for the book suggestion! I think it wold be fun to try and do it backpacker like, but there's so much information out there that I don't know where to start. Some of it is just not economical for a single person like dehydrating your own meals. I would love to be able to build meals form bulk bins
  13. blbst36


    Cherries are coming in here, too. I got a bag for 2.99/lb - VERY cheap for NC. I was so excited! I want to go back and get another bag before they are off sale tomorrow. I could eat them all day.
  14. @Nancy in Pátzcuaro - Thanks - I'll remember that for future trips @heidihMostly, I am taking picnic foods cause I have an awesome cooler. It would be nice to cook something on my little camp stove, though. I am contemplating using it not necessarily to cook, but heat up breakfast and dinner. I will look up the sandwich to see what it's like. It could be a good option!
  15. @chileheadmike - thanks for the suggestions. I am only going for the night (post a couple up). That's way too much for one night. Also, there is no "we". There's just me.