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  1. Non-stick pan suggestions

    Really? If I could use soap, it would make it much easier. Beats me. No matter what, I sit there and scrub and scrub and scrub and there's always a layer of stuff greasy stuff left behind. It's all over my hands all over the scrubbing utensil, etc. It's probably something I am doing wrong.
  2. Non-stick pan suggestions

    Thanks all!! I'm glad I asked. I was looking at spending $60 on 2 before I asked I am mainly going to be using it for eggs and shrimp/fish. Things that don't need high heat. Yes, I could use my cast iron, but as I said above, I really don't want to be bothered to wash them. It's a pain in the ass and I can never seem to get them clean.
  3. Breakfast! 2018

    Now that's my type of condiment!!
  4. Non-stick pan suggestions

    Never thought of them. I do need a new book case, too.......
  5. Non-stick pan suggestions

    Also, that website is going to be the death of me @paulraphael
  6. Non-stick pan suggestions

    Yea, my parent's have hard anodized - I am not a fan. I can still get non-stick All Clad on Amazon, though. Not bad at all. Thanks! Thanks. Never thought of it that way. My other pans weren't the most expensive I could find, but pretty high up there. They're all stainless steel, though. Is there any difference between the pans with regards to electric range usage? I probably should have said that in the original post.
  7. Non-stick pan suggestions

    Hi, I am looking for a non-stick pan. I have cast iron, but I have two sizes - small and large. I don't want another cast iron, because, quite frankly, I hate cleaning them. I have a full set of stainless steel from all clad that I love, but sometimes, I just want the ease of a non-stick. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I didn't see a thread other than one that was discussing whether or not non-stick is bad. I'm not interested in that. Thanks! ETA: My stove is electric (if that makes a difference in recommendations)
  8. I'm a mix. I live alone and only cook for myself. Since I am trying to get healthier, I usually cook once a week for all of my meals (it makes it easier for my laziness). Sunday is usually a cook a thon to prep for the week. Breakfasts tend to be the same all the time with few changes. Lunches and Dinners is where I will explore. Dinner, I'll leave the more complicated items or things that I like fresh like asparagus, etc. Lunch, I like to make things that I can mix without being too gross. I still like trying different recipes and I have a huge library of cookbooks, but cooking and eating all of that for one gets kind of tedious.
  9. Only if it is a special meal out. Like a birthday or something. Even then, I usually choose between an appetizer OR dessert. If there's fried calamari, dessert loses
  10. Nope. Much to the chagrin of my catholic mother. To be honest, if someone doesn't tell me it's lent, it's likely I won't even remember. When I was growing up, it was Fish Fry Fridays or tuna salad, etc. Pasta was already a popular go to dish in my house. I remember LOVING the fish fries. I should go and get some this year. For @heidih.....yep, that's why.
  11. "Happy" Flatware

    If it's not used, it goes back in. If I can't remember (because I've taken something out, got distracted, moved to do something else, came back, no clue where I was in the process), then it gets washed. I find that I go through a whole 5 piece/8 person set (40 individual forks, knives, spoons) quickly enough, that I can't be wasting unused silverware. I also don't care if I touch the eating part or the handle of the silverware when I am putting it away. I think the only time I would concern myself to that degree is if I was caring for/feeding someone in the following categories: immuno-suppressed, severe food allergy, currently ill, getting over being ill..........um, that's all I can think of right now. Beyond that, nah.
  12. eG Cook-Off 76: Consider the Schnitzel

    I LOVE chicken fried steak. I never eat it out, though. I'm addicted to my mother's which is round steak, pounded with the pointy hammer thingy. First the big points, then the little points. If the piece of meat is 3 times the size or bigger than the start, it's done right. Flour, eggs, italian bread crumbs, fried in olive oil. Mmmm. Even better the next day cold out of the fridge. No gravy for me. I've never meat a white gravy or sausage gravy that I like. The only exception may be what they put on Bojangles Mashed Potatoes. And that's only because I had no choice.
  13. eG Cook-Off 76: Consider the Schnitzel

    I have an old cookbook called Luchow's that is from an old German restaurant in NY. There's only a couple schnitzel recipes in there and they are all for Veal which I don't eat. I may try them with pork instead.
  14. eG Cook-Off 76: Consider the Schnitzel

    Woo! Sounds like fun!
  15. Electric coil stove glitches

    Can confirm. If you lift the pan, you can usually see the fire. The stove pan can either be scrubbed or tossed and a new one bought (I think they are relatively cheap). Another thing to watch for is smoking coming straight from the coil. This will happen if you cook something splattery like bacon or spill something. If it hits a coil, it will burn the next time you use it. Personally, I either wipe it off, or let it burn away (if it's not a chunk of stuff). It's never been enough to start a fire in my experience. ETU - qualify which pan I mean when I say toss and bought. Definitely not the cooking pan!!