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    Breakfast! 2018

    Don't feel bad - mine NEVER look as good as the ones here Even your's looks better than mine! LOL I cook once and reheat all week. If I didn't it would be fast food every day. One for me, please! That bacon looks out of this world. I'm sad I probably can't get it in the states
  2. In an effort to save money, but still have getaways, I am going to be camping for the first time ever this year. My state of NC has LOTs of parks with camp sites and hiking trails, so I am focusing on those for now instead of back country camping. They are considered primitive campsites, but some of them have grills and all locations I have looked into have at least a fire pit. I will have a backpacking-like stove with me, too. All of them are drive up sites, so I don't have to worry about weight restrictions. I am not looking to buy a whole bunch of equipment until I decide if I like it, so buying a portable grill is not an option I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll probably have to go get bagged ice every day and use a cooler for fresh/leftover foods. BUT, I am still looking to keep it mostly minimal. I don't want to come back from the trail and worry about whipping up a four course meal. It's only going to be me, so no leftovers or very few is preferred. I was thinking of trying to figure out some dried food that I can reheat in the morning with just some water for breakfast/lunch. Like some canned meat and cous cous or something. I'm ok eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch. I have a food jar to put the lunch in, so it can be kept warm or cold as needed. I am not stuck on "breakfast" foods. Then, for dinner, cook an actual meal. Maybe a foil packet or something simiilar. I am trying to think of veggies and fruit that don't actually need to be kept cold (not dried) If there is anyone out there with any suggestions or tips on the food part of camping, I'd appreciate it.
  3. Thanks! I'm not a canned veg person myself. I am hoping that drowning it in cream of chicken soup will make it more palatable Maybe I'll get corn instead of carrots. I was thinking of this form since it's more of a single serving type deal (they have corn, too).
  4. I've thought about getting those!! Unfortunately, I don't like pie. I was thinking more for grilled cheese, or meat and cheese, or (OMG - just thought of this) chocolate and marshmallows!! But NOT smores - I do not like smores Dang. Now I'm hungry. I don't know how I would do with oil and fire, though Hopefully, I won't have a rained out camping trip, soon, so I can actually LIGHT a fire! I have a telescoping hot dog fork I want to try, dammit!!
  5. As my next nature soaking nears, I have planned out all of my meals. I will be taking a smaller cooler to hold sandwiches for hiking (my preferred hiking meal), but everything else is shelf stable. I decided to go adventurous and try some pre-made dehydrated meals (I don't want to hear about how much they suck. No, seriously, I don't want to hear it). I've also got some canned chicken, dried soup mixes, dried broccoli (snack from Trader Joe's), noodles, chicken bar, back up soup. I need to get some single packs of canned carrots and I should be good to go for the main meals. I got some trail mix, salsa and chips, dried corn (which DOES NOT rehydrate!) for snacks. And, of course, astronaut ice cream for dessert one night I didn't get a chance to go through the cookbooks as much as I wanted because procrastination is so much fun. I've abandoned the very low carb plan of eating, so it's much easier to find things to eat. I still have to watch the calories, though, so I may need to tweak the snacks. I'll have everything pre-portioned before I leave, so it makes it easier on site to just grab the food for that day. I may even just pack it up some way so it's all together for each day. I can just grab the bag I need from the car without guessing. The weirdest thing is how little I will need from my normal kitchen box supply. Like, I need a smaller box and it's freaking me out! I need my kitchen comforts!! LOL
  6. blbst36

    Old cookbooks

    @Kim Shook - I have that one! It was my father's mother's who wasn't known for her cooking. I haven't tried anything in it, but I've leafed through it.
  7. Here's a couple of collages of my food Prep table - grill with new skillet, potato skewer with tiny onions A "genius" idea to use the tongs to prop the lid so the asparagus could cook more. Yea, it melted a bit - Finished food before the rain Cooking the soup on my camp stove Camp set up Looks pretty, doesn't it? Nope, there's rain there if you look close. Jerky NC storms with shining skies
  8. blbst36

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    OMG - I finally have something worthy of this thread! I recently broke out my Julia Child Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Previously, my diet didn't allow for such high fat foods. Now, it's perfect!! I selected something easy first - Breast of Chicken with Cream Sauce Chicken after cooking. I had to split it up. I think chicken breasts were a lot smaller when this was written Finishing up the sauce Plated! With an arugula salad with balsamic vinaigrette Yes, the sauce is purple. No, it doesn't taste like it should be purple. Ideally, I would serve this over mashed potatoes or rice or something, but unfortunately, that doesn't fit into my diet right now.
  9. No. I am sleeping in my tent - not the hammock. I am just relaxing in the hammock
  10. I went, I camped, I didn't bail - what an accomplishment! LOL I have some photos to post later, but I managed to get a bit of a shelter up, so even though it rained a lot, I was protected. Since there was so much tree cover, even when it was raining, I didn't get soaked like I did on my first solo trip. I just felt more prepared for this one. I kind of wish I had one of those fancy shelters to set up, but they aren't cheap and I want to focus that money more on sleeping items or other stuff. I think I'll get better at it or maybe DIY some stuff together to make it better. I only received 4 bug bites. Sadly, I think most of them were from the last night. The buggers got into my tent. Even with the rain, I manage to hike approx 5ish miles. I went to the peak of Stone Mountain, NC and saw the Stone Mountain waterfall. I wanted to do more, but hiking on the stone there is dangerous when wet. You could tell that it would be difficult by just paying attention to the rock surface. Much time was spent in the hammock, but I am still struggling with warmth while laying in it. The coldness always surprises me when I am out there. I never expect it. I tried one sleeping pad and it didn't work well at all. I have another to try, but I have a feeling I'm just going to use a comforter or blanket. That way, I can have some insulation and also keep the hammockness of it. I ended up not cooking breakfast at all. I had some egg salad in the fridge that I didn't want to go bad when I was out in the woods. One meal was cancelled because of rain and migraine - but I got to use my full size camp stove to make some soup. One meal was cancelled because of threat of rain. I didn't have any signal on my phone, so the weather was kind of a guessing game. I relied on a friend to text me and he didn't give me an update. It was the day I was leaving, though, so I was ok with hanging out in my hammock. I need to find something I can take with me into areas without signal to be able to get weather. The one meal I cooked was asparagus, kielbasa patties, and mini potatoes on a skewer. I cooked it all on the grill to much success. I ended up grabbing a cheapie ceramic skillet to use on the grill. I didn't want a traditional non-stick because if I was using it on the grill, I was worried that it would peel quickly. If I can get my shelter worked out better, I should be able to have the grill underneath in bad weather. I was barely finishing up eating when the first of the rain storms moved in. I think I need to plan less, actually. I seem to plan all these meals, then I don't feel like cooking them. Like I'd rather chill in my hammock on the last day rather than cook. The migraine was unforseen, but I knew it was going to rain. Things more pre-prepared might be better for those situations. I did kind of miss having a warm breakfast, though. I think I'll continue to cook them fresh instead of something cold. It definitely will make a difference in my hiking fuel Next trip is 2.5 weeks away. It'll definitely be a different experience. The camp site is 125 feet from where the car will be. Not much in the grand scheme of things, but will probably change the food choices. My cooler almost always stays in the car, but carrying the grill may not be something I want to do. I might have to do more cooking over the camp stove. Or have something I can set up quickly by the car to use the grill. I got a couple backpacking cooking books ( @paulraphael - NOLS Cookery being one of them and The Well-Fed Backpaker) that I am going through to see what ideas they have. An extra challenge is that I am eating very low carbohydrate right now (no potatoes, rice, noodles, etc) which is the opposite of how hikers/campers usually eat Do an anti-rain dance for me!!
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I was out that way last weekend and didn't have a single bug bother me. I will definitely still be doing the same bug repellent regimen when I am camping.
  12. blbst36

    Flavor combinations

    The lemon cookies seem to be the winner (of those that told me their preference). The recipe calls for using a fork to smush the cookie similar to a peanut butter cookie. The last time and this, I've been lazy and didn't do it. I think it is affecting (effecting?) the texture. The mouthfeel is off with them. No one noticed but me since they are my favorites. I think I'll do it again with the fork and see if it makes a difference. I also softened the butter a little too much resulting in a more greasy cookie. Again, something only I would notice. All in all, still a good turn out. I liked experimenting with the flavors.
  13. blbst36

    Flavor combinations

    I have a cookie recipe that I LOVE. It's a lemon cookie with raisins mixed in. But, the weirdos I am friends with don't like raisins. (weirdos) I got some dried blueberries and dried cherries to try a different combo. I think the lemon would still work with the blueberries, but I need something to go with the cherries. It's an extract that flavors the dough. I have almond (I am leaning this way), orange, vanilla, lemon, and possibly anise. Any advice? Or suggestions?
  14. I have ordered some books from thriftbooks.com on the subject of camping/backpacking, but I am not going to receive them before this weekend's camping trip. Fortunately, I will be in the mountains, so I shouldn't have a problem with bugs. UNfortunately, rain is forecast again. I am still going to go. I think I am prepared this time. I will absolutely hang the tarp over a spot (need to get more rope). I am going to put my grill under it if I need to so I can cook without getting rained on. I will take a few cans of soup in case I just want something easy over the camp stove. At the worst, I'll be eating soup in my hammock, under a rainfly, reading a book. Wish me luck!
  15. blbst36

    Amazon Prime Day - your loot ?

    https://www.wired.com/story/strikes-boycotts-and-outages-mar-amazon-prime-day/ https://www.geekwire.com/2018/prime-day-protests-call-amazon-boycott-avoiding-tech-giants-reach-wont-easy/
  16. blbst36

    Flavor combinations

    All of you are weirdos! I just made the dough. Tastes pretty good. I'll bake the cookies tomorrow. I really think the lemon is the best, I don't think that the almond is bad, though. I'm interested to see how they taste baked.
  17. blbst36

    Breakfast! 2018

    Mine is a batch made meal to be eaten all week at work - lol. I envy people that are with it in the morning enough to get breakfasts like these!!
  18. blbst36

    Flavor combinations

    Thanks all! @Jim D. - I am not sure if they like nuts, but this is my first time modifying the recipe, so nuts may have to wait. @Tri2Cook - Thanks! @ChocoMom - My first thought when you mentioned chocolate was chocolate and orange @pastrygirl - Weirdo....
  19. blbst36

    4th of July

    I don't have many friends and no one thinks to include me in any festivities, so I'll be on my own again. I'm heading to the a mountain to do some day hiking and that's it. The only special food I am contemplating is a pressed sandwich to take in my pack. Other than that, normal day.
  20. blbst36

    Saving cooking mistakes

    So, I was lazy last weekend and bought some meatballs pre-made. I cooked them like I would cook my own meatballs - brown, then simmer in sauce for a while. Well, these meatballs are made with sausage (I also didn't read the labels), so now I am stuck with salty meatballs in salty sauce. AND they didn't even cook all the way through. So, uncooked salty meatballs in salty sauce. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to possibly save the food. I hate to throw it away, but I don't want to waste more food trying to save it if it is unsavable PS - I hope you realize how much I restrained myself while writing this post. It easily could've gone straight into the gutter.
  21. blbst36

    Saving cooking mistakes

    Well, the whole sauce component cost $1.00, so I think I'd be ok with tossing it I was just wondering what people had in mind with the suggestions. I am leaning towards saving it for later to make it into soup later. Would foodsavering it make it more salty some way? I have to foodsaver everything or it ends up encased in an enormous ice block
  22. blbst36

    Saving cooking mistakes

    If I were to save them for later or make them into soup, would you toss the sauce or keep it?
  23. I forgot to update on my overnighter! It turned into a 4-hour-er instead. I was being eaten alive by bugs, so I had to bail. I was wearing 3 applications of bug spray, but they kept at me. If I had a bug net for my hammock, I would've stayed, but I knew I would be a bug magnet all night. I still managed to cook one meal. I made bulgur over the camp stove and reheated some chicken and broccoli over the same stove in a skillet. Mix together and bam! Dinner. It was definitely missing some taste, though. I forgot the butter and the soup base I was going to use for the water and in the skillet. It did work well, though. It will be a nice meal when I have all the flavorings and am able to grill the chicken. I think it will also be nice if I use canned chicken for a more pack friendly meal. @paulraphael - thanks for the book suggestion! I think it wold be fun to try and do it backpacker like, but there's so much information out there that I don't know where to start. Some of it is just not economical for a single person like dehydrating your own meals. I would love to be able to build meals form bulk bins
  24. blbst36


    Cherries are coming in here, too. I got a bag for 2.99/lb - VERY cheap for NC. I was so excited! I want to go back and get another bag before they are off sale tomorrow. I could eat them all day.
  25. @Nancy in Pátzcuaro - Thanks - I'll remember that for future trips @heidihMostly, I am taking picnic foods cause I have an awesome cooler. It would be nice to cook something on my little camp stove, though. I am contemplating using it not necessarily to cook, but heat up breakfast and dinner. I will look up the sandwich to see what it's like. It could be a good option!