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  2. I just stopped by TJ's to pick up a bottle of inexpensive port to use in this Serious Eats short ribs recipe. Look what else jumped into my cart: Could this thread have had anything to do with it???? That red chili pepper brie is the "Spotlight" cheese at my local TJ's. It sounded so wrong that I had to try it and it's actually not bad. I'm not sure I'd call it brie but it's nice and creamy and I think it will be a good cheese to stuff into those jalapeños. I think I'll try the panko-topped, baked version but clearly, I'm prepared for the bacon-wrapped, grilled version as well 🙃
  3. Kim, I've had the horrid flu for weeks now. Still have a plugged ear, gland and sore throat. I feel for you. Get well soon. Lots of liquids and rest.
  4. I'd say it's just parts of the bean on the side. I'm sorry your chickpeas are mush. I've only done them once in the IP and I didn't soak them first so they took some time but I don't remember how much and I didn't write it down so I'm not any help. Hummus for the peas? Or blend them as a thickener for a bean soup?
  5. I'm so sorry, @TdeV! I saw you post this the other day and almost immediately fell ill. I've been on the couch in a bit of a coma since then with a hell of a virus (not flu, thank goodness). Managed to make it to a second dr. visit today where they discovered I also have an infection, so they added an antibiotic to my slew of meds. Anyway, before I lapse into my evening coma I will link to my recipe for collards in the IP. @Shelby gave you a great explanation and an answer to the WHY? Here's the recipe. Make sure to read my notes.
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  7. Advice please. Below is a image of IP which cooked Rancho Gordo chickpeas for 10 minutes in the bean soaking water with veg (carrot, celery, onion cut in half) and nothing else. I forgot to add some olive oil. I followed Steve Sando's advice (posted here on eG) to add 1" liquid (water) above soaked beans. Can you tell me what the mungy substance is on the side of the IP? Also the chickpeas are mush. Suggestions about what to do with them?
  8. Going here will take you to all of the IP recipes I've made. I have two of @JAZ's books and am enjoying planning on making lots of those.
  9. Welcome, @Cahoot! Looking forward to hearing about your progress!
  10. btbyrd

    DARTO pans

    Did somebody say "fried chicken"?!
  11. Yes, my colleague did so I got to taste it. Pretty delish! For best drinks of the trip: "Le Pain Killer" at Murder Inc., which was described as "Havana Club 7, OJ [though I'm sure they goosed it with lime], walnut croissant marsala." Garnished with a tiny piece of toast (le pain--get it?) which was goofy, but the walnut flavor in this was great. I liked the Beetle Boulevardier at Lyaness: "Patron Reposado, Martini bitter, purple pineapple, white & pink radicchio, cochineal." I do find the vagueness of their menu irritating though. Both of my drinks at Swift: Sicilian Avenue ("Monkey Shoulder scotch, toasted barley, Mr Black coffee amaro, bitters") and the yummy, dessert-y Praline Flip ("Swift spiced rum blend, Guinness, hazelnut orgeat, egg").
  12. suzilightning

    Dinner 2020

    I was talking with a friend who just returned from a 10 day work trip to India. He said he was craving a steak AAAAHHHHHH. I woke up this morning thinking the same thing! It has probably been 4 years since I have a NY strip. I don't grill at home as Johnnybird does not approve of "burned" meat as it causes cancer. Too much to do today to stop or go out so seeing if I can reply to his messages I'm going to make a s bison burger for dinner tonight and the remainder of meat will go into a smooch for when he gets home sometime next week. I have some sautéed pork and some Indian-ish broccoli and cauliflower dish foe tomorrow.
  13. Pho rice noodles were on sale this past week with coupons picked up some. Pork was on sale and I had a bunch of stock. 2 of the steaks I cut are going to be used as is; the rest will be slivered, sautéed and made into pho if/when John gets back.
  14. gfweb

    Lunch 2020

  15. Captain

    Lunch 2020

    Xolo? Hairless dog..
  16. Thanks for that recipe! It looks like a keeper, well worth trying. To answer your question, though: I cooked them long enough to cook that thick, raw bacon...half an hour over the fire? I didn't see a way around that. Porthos' suggestion of par-cooking, and Shelby's of using thinner bacon both would have helped. It looks like I'll have to buy some toothpicks, too. My BBQ skewers would be another option, but they're thicker and wouldn't allow individual turning of the peppers.
  17. Swift is good, drinks-wise, but for whatever reason it didn't jump out at me like some of the others. Did you get the milk punch at Punch Room? I could take a bath in that
  18. How long did you cook them? They might be easier if warmed through rather than completely heated, since the peppers won't hold their shape after too much cooking. I've done a 'cheater' version before using filled half peppers, kind of like this: https://www.spendwithpennies.com/jalapeno-poppers/
  19. When my DD and SIL make bacon candy they use thinner bacon and pre-cook it about 1/2 way done. I would do the same thing for your bacon-wrapped Dragon's eggs. Toothpicks make for the easiest containment of everything.
  20. For the record: Only had time to hit a couple of those (Trailer Happiness, Punch Room), but I did like them. Also had great drinks at Lyaness and Murder Inc., but my new fave place is Swift.
  21. Another angle of approach might be to think of special collections in the library, e.g. when somebody's estate gives all their papers to Harvard. Perhaps there are food people in that mix. Julia Child lived down the street for a good while, did her estate drop her stuff on Harvard or someplace else? Going through my own attic turned up food stuff from my grandparents and great grandparents... menus, promotional postcards for restaurants in the 1920s, matchbooks, etc. People not in the food biz kept that kind of stuff... Does the Harvard library have a special annex for that stuff (like the Harry Ransom Center at UT Austin), or is it all under one roof and administration there? So it does look like some Julia Child stuff landed at Harvard: https://www.radcliffe.harvard.edu/schlesinger-library/collection/julia-child
  22. Smithy

    Food funnies

    I fear this will be behind a paywall for non-subscribers, but I recommend this funny article by J.J. Goode in today's Washington Post: As a cookbook writer, I just knew my children would be good eaters. Then they were born. It's a funny essay about high expectations and low capitulation. Here's a small sample:
  23. Ha. I just thought to Google the issue and discovered this web site owned by the San Diego Farm Bureau. Farmers Markets lists location and schedule - and by golly, there is more than one in Rancho Bernardo! So I've answered my own question. Nonetheless, pointers from others who know will be welcome.
  24. I'll be making a trip soon to visit my best friend in Rancho Bernardo, just north of San Diego proper. Where would we have to go to find a good farmers' market, if there is one? Escondido and Poway are the two towns I can think of that aren't too far away. Rancho Bernardo would be ideal, but I think she'd know about it if one existed. Locations and schedules would be most welcome.
  25. gfweb

    Lunch 2020

    @BonVivant Great food, but keep your eyes open. Not everywhere is as safe as you'd think. I'm looking forward to the photos!
  26. Yes, I was going to suggest pinging Dave Arnold, who was involved in that HarvardX class. Obviously, he's not at Harvard but he was involved in that and might have some connections to suggest. Seems to be pretty responsive via Twitter. Here's a link that includes the lecturers and schedule from one of the iterations of the course.
  27. Didn't Harvard do a food science MOOC? I recall some eG people mentioning it a few years back. Was through one of of the MOOC clearinghouses that wasn't Coursera... EDX or something like that. Don't remember exactly. But it was Harvard faculty doing sciency stuff centered on food. Figuring who was behind that would be a good lead to send an inquiry about what faculty have a academic/culinary bent... edited to add link to the old eG thread: another edit to add that I recalled someplace had a food/anthropology grad program... but it was NYU, not Harvard... NYC isn't exactly convenient to Boston for a daytrip unless you're well motivated and well funded. .
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