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Vanilla beans


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I would make either (or both) creme brulee or vanilla ice cream. Vanilla recipes don't come much simpler than these or much more delicious. I can help with recipes if you like.....just let me know.

Edited to say that if you insert a vanilla pod in a jar of sugar, your sugar will eventually be infused with the scent and flavour of vanilla, and this can be put to good use when baking cakes.

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I have an assortment of tahitian and mexican vanilla beans. Any good recipes I should try? Thanks!

To add to Rachel's excellent suggestion, Rum Drenched Vanilla Pound Cakes - Dori Greenspans Baking - From My Home to Yours. Also, if you have Baking by Flavor by Lisa Yockelson, there's a whole fabulous section on vanilla. Some very yummy vanilla buns in that cookbook.

And, on the simpler side, vanilla custard, vanilla infused rice pudding....

Enjoy the vanilla beans.

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That's funny because i'm just writing a post about vanilla for my blog.

I will include:

- descriptions of my favourites vanilla beans: mexican, bourbon and tahitian

- a recipe for Pierre Hermé's Emotion infiniment vanille.

Here is a little tease:


It's basically (from top to bottom):

- vanilla chiboust (well, i know that the original Emotion calls for creme de mascarpone, but i forgot to buy mascarpone and thought a chisboust would work well, adding creaminess to the whole thing)

- baba infused with vanilla syrup

- light vanilla 'gelée'

With this 'entremet' you really get what it's all about: VANILLA.

Simply perfect to allow vanilla to develop a full and satisfying flavour.

- fanny

fanny loves foodbeam

pâtisserie & sweetness

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Lucky you, to have extra vanilla beans lying around.

How about this--

Slit open a vanilla bean, cut it into 1/2-inch pieces, and combine it in a jar with 1/2 cup of any fruit brandy. Shake the jar to combine well. Let sit for 2 weeks. You can use this delicious infusion as a substitute for vanilla extract in recipes.

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Lots of great suggestions here, and the first thing I would do would be to drop it into a bottle of vodka and hide it from myself!

Only thing I can add is steeping vanilla bean in a good bottle of bourbon. Great for dark cakes and cookies, and makes the most amazing bourbon pecan pie!

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I'm bumping this topic because a friend has a birthday on Thursday and asked me to make his cake. The only request was vanilla. WTH. Its like the only flavor I have ever not featured! Why not cilantro or celery (I'm a freak).

I want to do something fancy not simple. He deserves it and expects it. Any ideas?

I'm not sure if I can do something with this - but he loves dark beer, so if I could incorporate that into a dessert that features vanilla I would get brownie points! I'll have to go re-read Mette's Iron Baker challenge.

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Vanilla Guiness cake? Heh. I'm the least knowledgable person when it comes to beer.

I think I would love plain chiffon layered with panna cotta!


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What about vanilla beans with a Belgian kriek. You could make a chocolate ganache frosting using the kriek and have a white layer cake with the vanilla beans.

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I loved these ideas, but I'm in the middle of nowhere and had no lead time on this one (which meant no kriek). I ended up making a Guinness cake with vanilla panna cotta, super charged vanilla whipped cream all around, sprayed with white chocolate. It tastes great but my executiion was horrendous - good thing its for a friend.

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