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  1. MatthewB

    Cooking my Goose

    Well, the goose didn't turn out as well as the Thanksgiving turkey. I overcooked it. I was aiming for "clear juices" but in retrospect that was wrong. What's the goal when roasting a goose? Temperature? If so, what temp/temps?
  2. Have you tried a Scotch Brite pad as Suzanne F notes above (about 4 posts)?
  3. On a NWTC jag . . . Tonight will be "Garlic Soup with Ham & Poached Eggs" (page 386?).
  4. The fish curry was extremely easy & very good. I'll do it again as I've a couple extra red snapper filets in the freezer now. I added shallots, sesame oil, hot pepper flakes, & fresh basil to the broccoli. That's a standard recipe for me. Unfortunately, I assumed jasmine rice in the pantry but only basmati showed up. So we made due with that. One issue: Only green & white on the plate!
  5. Some recipes in SMK do call for a clay pot or a tangine but not as many as I assumed before I actually went through the book. (And she does offer alternative vessels most, if not all, of the time.) But as far as special equipment--and very interesting, I might add--is the need for a remote thermometer, especially for some of the chicken recipes. I didn't see Wolfert mention it, but I'll note that you stand a good chance of destroying remote thermometer probes when you're using them in ovens over 450 degrees F (approximately). So, definitely use a probe but don't use it when the oven is at higher temperatures.
  6. MatthewB

    Cooking my Goose

    I've reason to believe that I'll be receiving David Bouley's East of Paris : The New Cuisines of Austria and the Danube as an early Xmas present in a few days. I've a 10-12 pd goose on its way. (Thanks, Guajolote.) How about sides, etc. from Bouley's book? Thoughts, suggestions, and so on?
  7. That sounds good to me too. I'm going to do the fish & curry tomorrow night. Also, broccoli via the steamed/sauteed method in NWTC--with some hot chili sesame oil & what not. And, jasmine rice. This afternoon I picked up Wolfert's Slow Mediterranean Kitchen. I've been going through it this afternoon & evening. Plenty of recipes that I want to cook. Anyone here interested in doing some recipes from SMK?
  8. We ate at Chez Papa around this time last year. (Amanda Hesser wrote an article for the NYT in early December '02 that focused on "French bistros" in SF. Chez Papa & Chez Spencer were both noted in that piece.) Chez Papa was will worth the trip to the Hill. Recommended.
  9. I was looking through NWTC this morning & a couple of items grabbed me . . . -- Fillets in Green Curry Sauce (pp. 228-29) -- Creamy Garlic Fish Soup After a Bourride (pp. 262-63) I'm thinking about the Fish Curry tomorrow evening & the Bourride over the weekend (depends on my SO's work schedule). I'm also considering doing Beef Rendang. I've liked & would use again Jenna Holst's recipe in her Stews. FWIW, on Friday night, I made Bittman's column recipe from this week--Beef Stew with Prunes. Much easier than our beef stew, not as elegant, yet more interesting flavors. I recommend it.
  10. Quite a bit of this thread seems, IMHO, to focus on individual buying patterns, patterns related to both price & quality. This is interesting if we're atomized individuals but there may be a bit more to these issues. A couple of more interesting themes, again IMHO, that have emerged center on "conspicuous consumption" and "the Good Life." Jack Boulware's "Revenge of the Leisure Class" provides an engaged update of Thorstein Veblen's concept of conspicuous consumption. As far as the Good Life, Heather points to this when she notes managing choices between the amount of money she spends on food & how this relates to her ability to raise her children more actively than if she were employed outside the home full-time. I think this notion of the Good Life--e.g., answering for one's self (& acting upon this answer) as to what type of life is most worth living--plays a significant role in consumption patterns. Priscilla also pointed to this when she noted the conflux of self-identity & consumption. Edit: Perhaps the best place to start for a discussion of the Good Life is Charles Taylor's The Ethics of Authenticity. A fuller treatment can be found in Taylor's Sources of the Self: The Making of the Modern Identity.
  11. Priscilla, you've just raised the discourse quite a few notches. Thank you. I hope the ball doesn't get dropped or handed off to a Jerry Springer-like running back.
  12. You mean if we were having more sex (with more partners?) that we wouldn't be so depressed? Sounds like Wilhelm Reich.
  13. Sounds like you've been reading Pierre Bourdieu, fresco.
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