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  1. no..one..else...has...any...insight...on...this....? c'mon...people////think...!
  2. I was just wondering what restaurants in NYC do most of the work in-house: from the bread baking and pasta making to the charcuteries, pates, sausages and what not? a rough list would be great...or just start throwing out names...high-end, neighborhood or dives...doesn't matter, just want to find places that try to do as much in house as possible. thanks. jonathan
  3. if we decided to go to sonoma, are there places (restaurants and wineries we must try? i like the suggestions of the oakville grocery, market, bouchon and terra. ty all.
  4. I am going to SF area and want to spend one day/night up in Napa. Anyone know of some of the best wineries to tour around (nice scenery; not super tourist; friendly)? Anyone know of a place to get a good meal (can't afford FL, but was thinking of hitting up Buchon)? thank you. jonathan Also: while in SF i am going to eat one fine dining meal at Quince; but anyon e have any suggestions for cheaper eats. I love all types of food, and i am a professional cook. just a few things to know about me. PPS: I will also be in LA earlier in the trip and heard there is a great deli there that rivals the be
  5. this is not the restaurant with the awning that says HEIRLOOM on it on orchard street?
  6. just want to report back in on my trip to nyc. thank you all for your reccommendations..... saturday (cold as a mofo)-walked around the city for awhile, then while heading back to our hotel, realized we were close to Daniel's Bagels. stopped in for a snack, and the bagels did not disappoint. delicious, chewy but tender. after resting back at the hotel we went to blue hill for a late dinner. the place was very charming. the food had some highs (the mushroom salad, the parsnip soup amuse bouche, the slow poached egg) and some lows (the lamb and pork entrees, the roasted pineapple dessert). but a
  7. staying near there.... and i settled on a late reservation at blue hill for saturday night.
  8. any bagel rec's? also, does anyone know if the blue hill menu on their site is an updated one. or is it just representative of what they do?
  9. upon looking at various threads and websites i think i have ruled out cafe gray (due to expense) and jojo (due to lack of enthusiastic suppport). now its between wd-50, blue hill and gramercy tavern (or should i check out craft)? as for me. i am a professional cook, love really good food like katz's pastrami on rye, short ribs, lamb shanks, pastas, etc. i like and am interested in the avant garde movement of food, i really am a cook that will be cooking comfort type foods for people. i am looking for a nice new york experience, not a stuffy over-the-top service (i would have gotten a rez at j
  10. my plans are set with the exception of saturday night dinner so as it is now: saturday arrive by bus around 2 and enjoy street food dinner: either gramercy tavern, blue hill, wd-50, jojo or cafe gray sunday breakfast: bagels sunday lunch: late at lupa sunday dinner: late at momofuku noodle bar or another dumpling place like new green bo(?) monday lunch: katz's help me with saturday dinner, please!
  11. were you suggesting blue hill or wd-50 over jean-georges, or as my cheapper meal? thanks.
  12. i am thinking either jean-georges or grammercy for the nice meal, lupa and katz's for lunches and momofuku noodle bar for a cheap dinner. what are your other suggerstions for cheaper meals? what are your thoughts on blue hill and wd-50?
  13. my wife and i are coming up for a quick weekend from the DC area. a little background. i am a professional cook at a nice restaurant in washington, dc. and i love food. my wife also loves dining out. we havent done much fine dining out in nyc, since we havent been there in awhile. looking for some suggestions from you guys/gals. looking for one nice meal out ($200/person max) one cheaper meal out (like lupa or prune) and one place we just cant miss (bagels or pizza or the momofuku dumpling place, my wife is a sucker for dumplings). some places i had in mind were ouest, grammercy tavern, wd-50,
  14. from my experience, maestro is the best all-around restaurant. service is excellent, the kitchen amazing, the food excellent, all the little extras delicious. while extremely expensive, i have found that maestro is a better value than the other high priced places in the city or nearby.
  15. i can't say whtr bird is better since i've never had judy's or stephanie's; but to discount onebecause "brining is for sissies" is close-minded and ridiculous. maybe i'm being oversensitive; but cooks use a variety of techniques and tools in their repetoire, borrowing from the past and other cultures...being close-minded makes for a bad cook.
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