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  1. How does it taste? My first hunch is to use it instead of apple brandy or Calvados in any cocktail recipe that asks for those. Things that should go good with it I would think include lemon, maple, cinnamon, orange bitters/zest, rum, apple vinegar syrup,...
  2. FoodMan

    Salt & sous vide

    Here are my rules of thumb from my experience and reading various sources: - I never salt a steak before SV unless i am certain that it will be cooked relatively quickly (which usually is the case) AND consumed right after cooking. I've certainly noticed an effect that I do not like if I say season a steak the night before, SV, then sear and consume. As others have mentioned the texture reminds me a bit of ham (ie cured). Some might like it but i do not. Same rule I use for longer cooks that aim to make a tough piece of meat more tender but steak-like rare. More so actually in this case, if a piece of chuck is salted and cooked for 36 hours....hammy texture - For tougher cuts of meat that i want to tenderize and have their texture be more similar to a braise, I do salt them and like the result. It's really a matter of preference, but as long as you know what you like and what you can expect from various techniques then you will be fine.
  3. It's been a couple of years since one of those posts have been updated here. We'll be there for a wedding this weekend. Anything new worth checking out? We'll have a car and have two kids. So, mostly we need middle of the range eats, some Ramen or Udon joints, local favorites, some good breakfast places and bakeries.... For higher end, is Chef Mavro the place to go? A couple of places on my list so far include Ethel's Restaurant Marukame Udon Alaina Shave Ice
  4. Definitely been a positive experience dealing with the customer support via email. Quick responses and already sent me all the forms to return the one I have and get a new one. Could not have asked for a better outcome.
  5. Update: After a few emails back and forth (and me refusing to buy another circulator at a discount) it seems like they are going to honor the warranty even though it expired a few months ago as a courtesy. Very cool of them.
  6. Are you also reading "Trust me I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator" by Ryan Holiday ?? :-)
  7. My thoughts exactly Paul. I emailed them something along those lines this morning. FWIW attached is a picture of the circulator showing the issue.
  8. I did chip in for the new Anova kickstarter, so I'll get one one of those later this year. As for my circulator, well I opened it up and found what the issue is. Basically one of the wires that goes to the heater just got burnt through! very odd. Looks like moisture somehow crept in there and caused corrosion (also odd...I would think PS units should be more durable than that!). I might be able to solder the wire back and have it working. We'll see.
  9. Argh...well after regular use for about a year and half my CREATIVE series IC (I posted about it a while back but am not able to locate the original posts to update) juts stopped heating. It circulates and powers on fine. The "waves" icon on the LCD indicating it is heating shows up but it certainly does not heat the water. Needless to say this is upsetting since my warranty expired and Polyscience wants $85 at least plus shipping to even look at it. At that rate I'd rather just get an Anova! I'm posting this for two reasons: 1- to add to the conversation about this series and potentially their even cheaper latest model for those considering them 2- any suggestions how i might be able to repair it myself? is it a fuse that is burnt? can the heater be busted?
  10. FoodMan

    Steven Shaw

    It's just too sad, shocking and surreal. I am not sure what to say for the moment... RIP FatGuy and deepest sympathies go to Ellen and PJ. With Relish, Elie
  11. I got that too and already checking out the free chapter on my PC. Have not forked over the $40 yet...but most likely I will based on what I've seen and on how convenient and flexible having the ebook companion version would be. In the FAQ section it seems like this version fleshes out a lot of the recipes, has more pictures, interactive materials and of course videos. Question is, will I be able to use it on my Android device when Inkling releases their app or would I have to re-purchase? I am not clear on that but I believe I should be able to just use it on any device with an Inkling app.
  12. That looks beautiful! For the Chocolate tile, did you actually buy the "special" Peter's high-fat chocolate? Do you think it would work with regular dark chocolate (like Green and Black)?
  13. I really did like the Genoa bread and I do not recall making any changes to it. Is it possible you made a mistake while weighing out the ingredients? It certainly was not salty. As far as cake-like, I agree it is not a traditional cake. It is more dense but not dry at all. It definitely needs no extra sugar after being encased in caramel. I recently made a pistachio version based on this recipe that worked great and I will be posting about it soon.
  14. The more I read through this book the more I love it. It really provides a home cook like myself a fantastic insight into how the real modern pros do dessert. I tried one recipe from it so far but used many ideas and concepts. The one I did is this one the Caramelized Genoa Bread with poached Seckel Pears, Pear Ice Cream and a Chocolate Veil ( I did not do the triangular chocolate decoration for it though). The flavors are familiar and work perfectly together, but the presentation is modern and classy. I posted about it in a bit more detail on my blog. I'm also reading through Migoya's Frozen Desserts which is equally amazing IMHO.
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