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  1. tsquare, was that the ponzu dressing on some kind of tuna salad? That's always my favorite thing at Mashiko.
  2. I like that idea. I think they should also leave a mint on your headrest.
  3. I put some into cowboy beans last night, too. It's really doing great so far--no signs of bolting.
  4. I didn't get over to Bellevue very often to enjoy Porcella, but their salami absolutely blew away the competition in a taste test I held, and their duck confit was a family favorite. I hope these skills are again put to good use at some point.
  5. If you want fresh masa, you're probably going to have to make it yourself from nixtamal or try to get a tortilla factory to sell you some, which is unlikely to save you any money. Homemade tortillas from masa harina are really good, so unless you find them totally inferior to the tortillas of your memory, I'd forget about the fresh masa. There's a lot of good Mexican food in Seattle. What part of town are you in and what are you looking for?
  6. They had the sucker and both sizes of bags at Broadway Market QFC.
  7. Excellent, I can check Safeway and QFC right about now. Thanks!
  8. Has anyone seen the new Reynolds Handi-Vac vacuum sealer, the super-cheap one, for sale around town? I'm planning to order one online, but thought I'd check first. Thanks.
  9. I tried to take a friend to Kintaro last week and found it papered over an a sign redirecting people to their place down the street. Is Kintaro defunct or just being remodeled, or are they always closed in February, or what?
  10. The meatball sandwich at Baguette Box is everything a meatball sandwich should be.
  11. That's great news, Shalmanese. Do you remember what block of the Ave it was?
  12. Part of the idea here was to save money, but now I can't wait to buy some of these microfiber towels. To really be economical, maybe I should get a car to go with them.
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