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  1. https://www.fissler.com/us/products/product-list/sale/ some fissler stuff is on sale. no code needed Sale dates 11/24/21 through 12/2/21 at 11:59 p.m. PDT
  2. @rotuts seems like the oven light is on by default. comes on as soon as the oven starts heating up. as far as the light is concerned, you basically only need your phone if you want to turn it off while the oven's on. the light is off when the oven is off/idle.
  3. jaw

    AGA Ranges

    i always thought they were kind of interesting. though totally unappealing. better than nothing, but far from my first choice in ranges.
  4. i forgot to mention one of the things i like the most about it so far. there's no bullsһit mystery modes! the theory of operation is pretty transparent. idk if i've ever used an appliance this complex and just immediately felt like i knew WTF it was actually doing. a real treat, wow. one exception is what steam % actually signifies above 100°C. the manual hints that this temp is a cutoff in the control logic but doesn't actually explain it well. fortunately, i listened to some podcast about it, so i know the % is kind of like a duty cycle, and it just 'continuously' emits steam. at 100°C and below, % steam is the RH. but compare that to my breville toaster oven or miele M Touch ovens that don't explain jack. they only give you application advice / usage suggestions. many of the operation modes are totally opaque 'magic' bs. the APO is so much better in this regard.
  5. well, i got an APO because it was on sale. haven't used it yet aside from initial burn in to cook off the residues. what i like: build quality seems acceptable although i haven't put it to the test, the app seems ok. multiple clients connected to the APO at once, and it didn't seem buggy. i was worried about lack of usability with the on-device (non-app) interface, but you can actually get to most of the useful stuff. seems like the main thing missing is multi-stage cooking, and i'd want to do that from the app anyways. the fw (OTA) update process is pretty good. and fast. neutral: no exposed bottom element for powerful radiation from below. maybe this isn't a big deal though. the on-device interface is capacitive touch. i don't really like the look or UX, but as far as capacitive interfaces go, this one is good. NOT great, but it is at least (barely) acceptable. capacitive interfaces are usually complete shit. what i don't like: there is no way to have the oven turn off when the timer finishes. this is a major WTF. if they want to have a mode where the timer just beeps at you and does nothing, that's fine. but it needs to be configurable in the timer menu (do X when timer finishes). CRITICAL feature imo. afaik, the closest thing to a workaround is to set up multi stage cooking and have the final stage set the oven to the minimum temp (75°F?). that kind of works, but it's a pain the ass. every other oven i use (including toaster oven) shuts off by default when the timer's done. this potentially totally breaks my experience with the APO. idk if i can use this as a convenience device. i'm used to being able to put in food, quickly press a couple of buttons, walk away, and come back whenever i want without worrying about burning. and you know what happens to devices that aren't convenient, right? they don't get used no on-device oven light button. app-only. the baking pan is ridged. ew. i know they did it because it's a cheap way to get a rigid pan, but ew. no desktop/web app. i guess i can probably run it in bluestacks or something (android emulator). assuming this is the case, it's no big deal
  6. eh, what? MAPP gas hasn't been readily available in over a decade. lol
  7. i'd open it and check it out at least. inspect the can liner from the inside. lol could still be good
  8. i'm with you. i have various scales in various capacity/resolution ranges for different tasks. for this one, i have a Jennings CJ-4000 (4kg x 0.5g) that lives on my countertop connected to AC power. i put the rice cooker bowl on the scale, tare, weigh the rice, tare, wash the rice, and then weigh the water. notice that i tare before rinsing. the rinse residue is included in my water weight. for me, i wager that this is at least as fast as measuring the rice and water volumetrically. i can just pour the rice directly in the bowl without stopping. no fiddling with the stupid measuring cup up to 6 times, making sure each cupful is level, etc. i have a small table taped to my wall next to my scale with measurements i've tweaked bit by bit over time. the columns are for "portions" -- 1-6 portions, where 6 portions represents the max capacity of my cooker. the first row is rice mass. the subsequent rows are water masses for various kinds of rice i use (water for tamaki gold, water for brown rice, etc). i use scales whenever it makes sense (which is almost always). my recipes are all formulated gravimetrically in spreadsheets in google drive in a recipe folder. i just have to change the value in the "portions" cell to quickly scale the measurements. i like this system.
  9. for BB&B, you should be using a 20% coupon on every order. ideally, you should split orders with multiple over-$39 items into multiple orders -- the coupon is 20% off a single item, and the free shipping threshold is $39. i make a new account with a new email address every time, but i don't know if that's actually necessary. coupon link: https://offers.bedbathandbeyond.com/SignupWidget/dynamic/BBBUS-email-printable-offers_FEO some brand exclusions apply (look at the list). you have to wait a little. it does arrive within a day or so, though. link to creami for convenience: https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/ninja-creami-ice-cream-maker-in-silver/5628259
  10. you mean a portable induction cooktop? if so, no. i only have a CF. but the vollrath 4-series is worth a look. see this post for my thoughts: i mostly cook on this miele HR 1622-2 induction range: https://www.mieleusa.com/e/30-inch-range-hr-1622-2-10902350-p i strongly prefer it for general purpose cooking. the oven is also pretty badass. is there room for improvement on this device as well? of course. but it's pretty good. not perfect, but it's imo the best range currently on the market.
  11. in terms the burner's size and evenness of the field, the CF is acceptable. however, even if i had several CFs, i personally would not want it as my main cooktop. for general cooking, i prefer controlling power output (open loop control). 0%-100% (100 settings) or actual power in watts would be ideal. instead, you only get three power output settings, and beyond that you must select a temperature setpoint (closed loop). turning the setpoint all the way up is not enough for good open loop control with only three output settings. you can't trick it to work around it. it is rather finicky with cookware compatibility/recognition. slightly warped stuff that should work (and DOES work on other induction cooktops) often won't work on CF. for me, it is a specialty tool. i usually cook on my miele induction range which gives 12 power output settings. love the build quality, though.
  12. cool system, @CentralMA. pics? does pressure equalization happen somehow? i.e. is your jug of soap caved in, and does it become progressively harder/slower to dispense?
  13. jaw

    Ooni pizza oven

    for peels, Gi Metal or bust. they have a wide range of products, and i bet you can get short handles for these portable ovens. or at least shorter handles. if you want, it's also easy to trim the handles with a saw. https://gimetalusa.com/gimetal-our-products i have A-32RF/120 launching peel and I-20 turning peel, but my oven is much bigger.
  14. 10% off on tapmaster sink foot actuators on conservastore.com code: EARTHDAY21 expires 4/22/21 midnight (idk which timezone)
  15. well, there's a 10% off sale at conservastore (code EARTHDAY21, expires tomorrow), so i got a "euro" style to try out on another sink. it will be fun to compare to the kickplate style. i'll eventually update with which style i prefer and why.
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