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  1. is there a coupon code? what's the resulting minimum for free shipping?
  2. i'm thinking of getting this set: https://anolon.com/collections/nouvelle-copper-cookware/products/nouvelle-copper-luxe-hard-anodized-nonstick-frying-pan-set Nouvelle Copper Luxe Frying Pan Set -- 8.5" & 10" (matching lids are here) does anyone have that smaller 8.5" pan? i'm wondering if it tips when empty on the CF. the handle looks kinda beefy, so that's why i ask. i apologize if someone already answered this question, but i scanned this thread and didn't see it. edit: you can get 10% off on anolon.com with code WELCOME10 (maybe only for first time customers?)
  3. i asked, and all i was told is that they require different programming due to their different specific heats. not a very revealing answer. also, the manual says: reading between the lines, this is my guess: it's probably the same control algorithm but just tuned differently. for example, if they're using a PID algorithm, they normal probe control mode probably has a higher proportional gain constant than the oil one there may be some additional safety checks on oil like a max temp to avoid lighting oil on fire (huge hazard in frying).
  4. i got in touch with David at PSC. he got back to me quickly and was very nice to deal with. here's what i found out: due to a change in policy, the firmware is no longer user-upgradeable firmware updates will no longer be provided to end users by support the user manual will eventually be updated to remove references to the software update procedure firmware can be updated by service, but the unit has to be sent in there's no fee to do that in-warranty. it was also suggested that there wouldn't be a fee to do it out-of-warranty if an update were required to resolve an actual issue with the unit i forgot to ask who covers shipping, so i'll follow up with that info later if i learn more i was told that the only firmware update available was to fix a harmless "communication error" bug affecting less than 1% of units if you aren't already seeing that error, the issue probably won't manifest in the future i never tried contacting Breville online support chat, but i sort of don't care anymore since i've been told that there aren't any useful firmware updates available.
  5. just got a control freak and found this thread. thanks for all the info! so far, i'm really enjoying the CF. i made eggs benedict today, and the sauce was a snap. does anyone have any specific info on the various probe control modes? like specifically how do the probe control and probe control oil algorithms differ? i agree that multi-step recipe functionality would be a huge bonus. i'm a little disappointed that the recipes are so limited. also, support has so far been pretty useless for firmware updates. there's nothing wrong with my CF, but of course i'd like to run the latest firmware just in case. using the support form at PSC was a bust. i messaged them twice so far with no response. it's been several business days, but the form says they strive to respond in 24h. i also called PSC's support line (1-844-765-9724 M-F 6am to 5pm PST), but apparently it routes you to breville. the person i talked to wasn't aware that the CF's firmware is user-upgradeable and insisted that the only way to update the software was to send it in for service 😅 but thanks to this thread, i found a couple more options to try. i just emailed David.Pietranczyk@polyscienceculinary.com, and tomorrow, i'll try breville's online support chat thing. i post my findings when i learn more. btw, here's my about screen: i bought it on amazon from a 3rd party seller for 1446usd including tax and shipping. not the best deal in the world, but i think i could've done slightly worse. has anyone in the US bought from TesTek in canada? i see it's 1500cad (~1135usd), but i wonder what the grand total comes to after shipping and import duty. their site doesn't give you an on-the-spot shipping quote sadly.
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