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  1. 18% off sitewide on thermoworks. thermapen, anyone? sale just started today. doesn't say when it ends. no code necessary. https://www.thermoworks.com
  2. i don't doubt that's possible, but have you seen this implemented before? got any pics or links to specific parts? not trying to grill you, just genuinely curious. i thought about doing that, but i couldn't find any off the shelf solution. it would have been a lot of hardware.
  3. yes, it's only on/off. you adjust the temp and flowrate from the faucet (and leave the faucet on). i had some small doubts, but after using it, i love it. by default, i leave it warm-hot (but not scalding). it almost doesn't matter which temp anyways since i don't have a hot water recirculation system (is that the next project? lol), and i'm often not using the sink long enough for it to get up to temp. when i'm doing dishes, i set it to scalding once, and when i'm done, i move it back to warm. etc. i definitely touch the faucet way less.
  4. i've wanted foot pedal actuation for the kitchen sink (and every other sink, honestly) for a long time, and now it's set up! why? it's very convenient to be able to get a quick splash of water without reaching over to the faucet valve. imagine repetitive tasks like doing dishes. also, if your hands are dirty, you don't have to touch anything to rinse them off. after researching, i found that there are products available that can be used to retrofit existing fixtures. they work by placing remotely-actuated valves in series with the fixture supply shutoffs. i think i saw
  5. rotuts, with respect, i don't see the word "bluetooth" anywhere on the APO's spec page. afaik, that's just not going to happen for you. a suggestion... why not just plug in your "router" but not use it as a router? either disable its router (e.g. NAT) functionality or just don't plug anything into its WAN port. all you need is a wireless access point and probably a DHCP server to provide clients on your WiLAN with IPs. if you just plug it into a power supply, you get these features out of the box no instant grams, no face books. but you can get
  6. going back to the topic of fissler valve pressure from years ago... despite being told that US models aren't being sold anymore (see a few posts back), i received a 10L vitavit premium directly from fissler usa's online shop with US stamped on the lid (handle is removed in this pic): i'm guessing 2919 is a date code, but i don't know how to interpret it. perhaps day 291 of 2019? the GB/EU manual says: on a european parts shop, i found a picture of the underside of the main "traffic light" control valve:
  7. i got my fissler stuff. haven't used it yet, but it looks very nice! ^ btw, the handle swap was a success.
  8. i see. well, i looked carefully at all the images i could find online (including in the instruction manuals) and decided to make a $75 gamble on it. i bet i can make it work. will update when i receive it. it's the metal rim that has to match as i'll be replacing the handle. but i get that yours are in two different sizes. thanks for taking a look for me anyways!
  9. hi JoNorvelleWalker, is there any chance you could snap some pics? also, are all of your fisslers made after 2010? because i think there was a redesign in 2010, so that may add a layer of incompatibility. so for example, if you're looking at a vitaquick made before 2010 and a vitavit made after 2010, i know for sure those aren't compatible. this page shows what i mean: https://myfissler.com/manuals.php i'm still holding out hope for converting a new vitaquick bottom into a vitavit premium bottom, lol.
  10. aside from the handle shape, does the actual bottom of the vitaquick and vitavit look identical? i'm looking to get a vitavit premium 10.6qt and also a vitaquick / vitavit comfort Pressure Skillet (only) 4.2qt which is the bottom only. i'd like to use it with the vitavit premium lid. comparing vitavit premium vs vitqauick/vitavit comfort, obviously the handles are different: https://www.fissler.com/us/products/product-detail/vitavit-premium-pressure-skillet-with-lid-1/ vs https://www.fissler.com/us/products/product-detail/vitaquick-pressure-sk
  11. i almost bought a famag 10 from PHG earlier this year, but they were having stock issues due to covid. phew. yes, from what i've seen, the breaker bar is pretty important. i wouldn't buy a spiral that doesn't have a breaker bar. but then again, i'm pretty handy, so maybe i would. i bet i could add a breaker bar onto most spiral mixers. also worth a read: https://wheatbeat.com/famag-spiral-mixer-update/
  12. i actually didn't order yet, but since i've got the discount going, i was thinking of grabbing some other stuff. i'm considering getting a spare gasket and a glass lid to use it like a normal pot. i bet the spare gasket would last a long time in a cool, dark place. maybe i'll save some money in the long run by buying one now, idk. haha. hard to say. are you guys fans of other stuff by fissler? anything else i should look at?
  13. nice, that's a good deal. i'd feel good about it. yours has the same fw version as mine: i can say that your fw is older than fall 2019, but unless you are seeing a "communication error", there's no need to update. and just fyi, you can't update without sending it in because they changed their policy and no longer provide users with fw updates. btw, i found your auction and saw the pics of your display issue. if you're handy, i bet you could take it apart and fix it pretty easily by fiddling with the data ribbon.
  14. sup guys, admittedly, i didn't read all 21 pages of this topic yet, but i've decided to get a fissler vitavit premium 10 L (10.6 qt). however, from googling and reading their website, i didn't understand some things about their lineup, so i emailed them. here's my personal little FAQ in case it helps someone. this info was obtained from fissler usa: Q: what is the warranty on the vitavit premium? i see lifetime on your website's FAQ section, but the instruction manual PDF says 3 years. which is it? A: The warranty for our pressure cooke
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