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  1. 10% off on tapmaster sink foot actuators on conservastore.com code: EARTHDAY21 expires 4/22/21 midnight (idk which timezone)
  2. well, there's a 10% off sale at conservastore (code EARTHDAY21, expires tomorrow), so i got a "euro" style to try out on another sink. it will be fun to compare to the kickplate style. i'll eventually update with which style i prefer and why.
  3. even for the CF, that's more than flat enough. any updates?
  4. eh the price on that skillet has been 14.88 for almost all of the past year. they dropped the price by less than a dollar. 89 cents savings, lol.
  5. hmm, idk. 500-600usd is a hard sell for an immersion circulator.
  6. thermoworks doesn't manufacture the thermapen, either. ETI does. https://blog.thermoworks.com/thermometer/thermoworks-eti-ltd/ that's not a criticism. just sharing because i thought it was interesting.
  7. first, i assert that it's not all about precision. i think they should have had a "classic" mode without temp control (but where temp is displayed!). i.e. you pick power output in watts or percentage or whatever, and there is no closed-loop temp feedback. this would have added no cost to the device and would have made it more versatile. as for my pans, they aren't warped enough to matter in the way you suggest. also, you realize there's a gap in the field in the center of the resonator too (where the contact sensor is), right? the power distribution isn't perfectly even across the
  8. unfortunately, the CF is finicky with cookware detection. i talked about this earlier in the thread. i have a lot of slightly-to-moderately warped stainless cookware that works fine 100% of the time on my miele induction range but works inconsistently on my CF. sometimes, it works fine on CF. sometimes, it stops working mid-cook. other times, it won't work at all. it's a shame because it's an issue that could be fixed in software. i emailed polysci and asked them to release a fw update with a debug/calibration menu that could let you adjust the coupling detection threshol
  9. i can't tell if you're joking or not. giving the benefit of the doubt, the 12 days of cheese sale says: i'm saying that this year they're doing something different. they'll honor sale for all of the previous days' cheeses, but you have to ask them to slap a special PLU sticker on there. i'm just talking about cheese on sale, but thanks for the "lesson" i guess 🙄
  10. two whole foods in my area will sell the previous days' cheeses at half off. you have to ask them to stick a special sticker on them though. i went today and got several different ones on sale. edit: i mean that today in particular, you can get any of the '12 days of cheese' cheeses at half off.
  11. sometimes, i wonder if the CF is actually necessary or worth it. this is not one of those times. the CF shines in candy and sauce making. in this case, it was trivial to make syrup without scorching or caramelizing anything. i candied some aji lemon drops (C. baccatum). ingredients: 350g water 250g sugar 2g citric acid 3g salt half a lemon 360g aji lemon drops (cut, destemmed, and deseeded) meticulously cutting and cleaning the peppers is BY FAR the most time consuming part. you don't have
  12. 18% off sitewide on thermoworks. thermapen, anyone? sale just started today. doesn't say when it ends. no code necessary. https://www.thermoworks.com
  13. i don't doubt that's possible, but have you seen this implemented before? got any pics or links to specific parts? not trying to grill you, just genuinely curious. i thought about doing that, but i couldn't find any off the shelf solution. it would have been a lot of hardware.
  14. yes, it's only on/off. you adjust the temp and flowrate from the faucet (and leave the faucet on). i had some small doubts, but after using it, i love it. by default, i leave it warm-hot (but not scalding). it almost doesn't matter which temp anyways since i don't have a hot water recirculation system (is that the next project? lol), and i'm often not using the sink long enough for it to get up to temp. when i'm doing dishes, i set it to scalding once, and when i'm done, i move it back to warm. etc. i definitely touch the faucet way less.
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