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  1. Christ, maybe they were lucite galoshes. Certainly smells like it.

    1. mumkin


      Almost seven years later, this status message remains a complete mystery to me.

  2. I was recently pleased to discover the apricot and peach brandies of Koenig Distillery. They seem to be the only not-Mr. Boston apricot and peach brandies available in Oregon's state liquor stores. Here they're about $18.00 / 350 ml. Unfortunately, being in Idaho it appears they aren't allowed to sell brandy by mail.
  3. I tried making a yard of flannel about a month ago. I chose the wrong ale, I think, so I'm reserving final judgment on whether there's merit in hot beer drinks as a category; the problem is that now the thought of drinking another really isn't tempting, so I've never investigated further. Anyone care to speak in defense of a well-made yard of flannel or hot ale flip?
  4. I don't keep a copy of Baker at the office, so I can't provide an exact quote, but I'm fairly certain that he contradicts himself elsewhere as well, to the effect that at his digs, the 2oz. jigger is much admired. I'll dig up a citation this evening... it's something that's bugged me ever since first reading The Gentleman's Companion, since it contradicts earlier admonitions on using precise measures etc.
  5. Hey, swell! I hadn't seen Chuck's recipe for the mysterious Pimento Dram, but it's now duly noted. I've never mixed anything with it -- Pimento Dram in Oregon? unpossible! -- but looking at the DB, I think my first choice for experimentation would be the None But The Brave, which seem to rely on it the most. Hell of a name -- a cursory glance doesn't show it in any books I have -- but from the ingredients it sounds a grand autumnal drink.
  6. You're definitely missing The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks by David A. Embury. I wouldn't pay the $200+ that most online vendors seem to want for it, however. There's something to be said for the Bartender's Guide by Trader Vic, and Tom Bullock's The Ideal Bartender is, most fortuitously, available from Project Gutenberg.
  7. Haven't tried any -- it's not available in my locality -- but their site seems on the up-and-up. A relatively small-scale locally-produced product that's being introduced to new markets by distributors with an eye for something new and different, I gather. Interesting that it's made from grape rather than grain alcohol. Not much comment on its flavor profile, but I'd expect to see some reviews as they roll out in the UK.
  8. It's real for varying definitions of "real," I suppose. It's certainly the proper name of a product, but for all its reputed 100+ year history, it doesn't appear in the OED 2nd ed., in which the only faler- words are Falern and Falernian, both referring to a much-appreciated wine from the Campania region of Italy.
  9. And a further "me too" ... 1 c. POM + 1 c. cane sugar + 1/2 oz Everclear, shaken vigorously at room temperature. I haven't bothered to refrigerate mine, but then, I go through it at a fair clip. I suppose I could make more and keep it in the freezer, but my tendency is always to drink the rest of the POM while I'm shaking up the grenadine.
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