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  1. mumkin


    We're not eating gazpacho yet—our tomatoes, cukes and peppers are probably a month away from bearing fruit—but once our community garden plot starts producing we'll be eating it nigh daily. I'm not a great one for canning, so gazpacho and ratatouille/samfaina are central to efficiently using up the summer's bounty. My recipe structure is similar to @Margaret Pilgrim's , sans lemon juice. I probably got it from this NYTimes recipe, but I tend to go about 50% lighter on the EVOO because calories.
  2. My better half labors under a baking compulsion, so we seem to always have a few ~200g dough balls in the fridge. They make for quick and simple herbed focaccia, paired with Americanos. (Of which I have no photos… I try to live mindfully in the eternal now of Aperitivo)
  3. mumkin

    Lunch 2020

    Sugar snap pea, radish and mint salad.
  4. Ah, good to know. I was wondering if this was Argentina-only. I have a sauté n.25 on order, but the eG enthusiasm for more Dartos is infectious. Has anyone here bought from a “second choice” sale? I’m curious what level of aesthetic imperfection we’re talking about.
  5. I used Morton’s Tender Quick instead of Cure #1 (I thought at 20g/500ml/1 lb) and brined it for two days. I picked up a few breasts at the butcher shop this afternoon, so I’ll give it another go tomorrow, measure mindfully, and give it three days. Even if it’s not ham-like, it’s novel having lunchmeat around 😀.
  6. I've never gotten into meat curing, and this thread piqued my interest. Tried my hand at @FeChef's recipe but I suspect I got my ratios off and made a weaker brine. If it's supposed to be ham-like, I definitely did something wrong. It's delicious, but I wouldn't mistake it for anything but smoked chicken lunchmeat. I also didn't use any meat glue, so there's a tendency for slices to separate where the two breasts met. Makes for a tasty lunch, regardless.
  7. mumkin

    Lunch 2020

    An open-faced "hammy chicken" melt sandwich, radish and arugula salad.
  8. mumkin

    Lunch 2020

    I can't speak to how it's done in Japan, but I tried it once, per this Anova recipe, for 30 minutes @ 85ºC. It was an underwhelming outcome, so I haven't revisited turnips-under-vacuum. Four hours, you say? Hmm.
  9. mumkin

    Lunch 2020

    A friend hit up the farmer’s market today and picked up some sweet Japanese turnips for me. I am sometimes subject to poor impulse control, so lunch was Japanese turnips with miso and a bit of King Arthur soft wrap bread on the side.
  10. mumkin

    Dinner 2020

    Kitchen remodel’s mostly done, so we have the counter space to crank-out pasta: hand-cut fresh tagliatelle with an anchovy, arugula and shallot sauce.
  11. I appreciate the caution, Dr. Teeth. Using a product in an unapproved manner is a sure ticket to finding one's insurance coverage voided. It does seem that the RCS is otherwise identical to the RNB, so it's not inherently unsafe. But yeah, CentralMA should weigh the merits of $800 saved now vs. a claim inspector discovering the range wasn't to manufacturer's spec. SLB, from sifting through many reviews and forum posts, I gather that there've been several iterations of the oven door design in the last decade: different hinges, a bigger window, and insulation (or something) to keep the surface much cooler. And recently they've disabled the convection fan until the oven is at temp. Seems that broiler pans are only for RNB and Platinum units. Those of you with a too-high BlueStar simmer, did you adjust the flame height and find that it just couldn't go low enough?
  12. mumkin

    Dinner 2020

    Well gosh. I rarely take pictures of dishes, but I did tonight, so I’ll chip in: grilled chicken breast on brown basmati with steamed veg and an arugula salad.
  13. Ah, gfweb, that sounds less like malice and more like someone who just doesn't know from food. There's a restaurant supplier in my neighborhood that's selling direct-to-public. Several weeks back, when store shelves were barren of flour, I picked up a 50lb bag of all-purpose flour (OK, and a 5kg bag of tipo 00, 1lb of yeast, 5lbs of cranberry beans and puy lentils, and several pounds of frozen ravioli). Decanted the flour in a 5 gallon food-grade bucket and drove around to friends' houses for them to fill their flour canisters with. Might be about time for me to make another circuit.
  14. mumkin

    Recipe management

    Oh golly. I hadn't tried scraping a paywalled recipe with Paprika before, but how brilliant/evil. The Cook's Illustrated Eggplant Parm recipe yields an ingredient list of: 4 teaspoons salt 2 chocolate bar biscuit croissant topping 1 jelly cotton candy ½ jelly gummies 2 cups liquorice chocolate 2 jelly beans bonbon 2 caramels tart gummi bears 6 butterscotch caramel lollipops 12 tbsp butter ¼ cup sugar
  15. I have a new 36" RCS sitting in my dining room at the moment, waiting for the kitchen remodel to wrap up. Like you, CentralMA, I couldn't discern a functional difference between the RCS and baseline RNB other than the 22K BTU burner, so decided to put that extra thousand bucks elsewhere. If it turns out I really need a 22K BTU burner, I'll replace one of the 15Ks. BlueStar won't sell you a 22K burner unless you can prove you own an RNB range, but people on eBay will, as (I'm told) will some online appliance stores. The going rate seems to be about $150 (the 18K is the same burner, but you use a different orifice to upgrade it to 22k).
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