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  1. Hing Loon has a great braised pork belly with taro (or with fermented vegetables) that is just the thing in this blustery time of year.
  2. La Taberna del Alabardero is fairly new and I've heard their paella is quite good, though I haven't eaten it myself. I enjoyed their huevos rotos and service is attentive. I would pass on Tango, although the bar is nice for cocktails and non-committal nibbles.
  3. Hi all, It´s been a while since any posts on the scene in Granada. I will be here until June and am curious to know if there are any new developments here. I have not been to the city for a few years and am looking for a place to work or stage. (Have knives, will travel.) Although I adore traditional food, I am looking for any places that tend towards a more modern cuisine, albeit grounded within tradition. It appears that Restaurante Iris has closed. I am curious about Iberos y Patagónicos, if indeed it is still around. Very interested in Calima in Marbella-- is there anything similar going on in town? Cheers, and thanks in advance!
  4. Sitka and Spruce is pretty damn amazing. They haven't been doing brunch very long but, wow. Chill atmosphere, great coffee and fantastic egg dishes along with a full spread of delights (ie. octopus salad, salame, housemade yogurt, roasted beets) to sample.
  5. A pho restaurant is opening in what used to be Coffee Messiah. Now there's a reimagined space!
  6. Expo is short for expediting tickets or reading off orders as they come in; coordinating simultaneous platings of dishes from different stations, making sure they get out in a timely fashion and often finishing the plates (wiping the rims, garnishing, etc.)
  7. While the room at Nell's is a bit strange, I think the food and service are among the most enjoyable and accomplished in Seattle. It's really too bad that you were disappointed. I'd certainly give it a chance.
  8. Nell's is my old standby for Monday nights. Haven't noticed if they are particularly veg. friendly, but I'm sure if you called ahead Philip could whip something up for your friends.
  9. I called Bandol this morning to see if they were open for lunch. Well, they weren't, and it turns out that they are closing soon, perhaps as soon as this next week. It's really a shame, I never even got to try it out.
  10. I think we can all agree here that Mutual Fishis one of our top picks for quality seafood (see shrimp thread going on right now). They're just north of Columbia City on Rainier Ave. S. (just south of the ID). Also, I'm a Larry's girl (when I'm in the hood) and I really think the fish counter help at any Metropolitan Market is always pretty good. If you tell us what neighborhood in Seattle you'll be looking, we could probably find more places where you can find salmon closer to you. Or, wait, were you asking where to buy actual salmon, or could you possibly mean good restaurants where you can order salmon as an entree? And Mutual may be one good place to find Yukon River Salmon . . . It's listed on the website anyway. Wonder about the price . . .? My apologies Anita.
  11. Boil frozen octopus in a heatproof plastic bag for 2+ hours. It becomes very tender and all of the juices/flavor stay next to the flesh of the octopus rather than leaching into the cooking liquid.
  12. An actual (Spanish) tapas bar. Small would be okay. Food on display in a case, along with ham, chorizo and other charcuteria, fried things (fish), olives etc. Taken standing up or sitting at stools or small tables. Good Spanish wine, and small glasses of beer. Or sherry.
  13. A new place is going in right next to the Baltic Room called Baguette Box. Baguettes Sandwiches Wine + Beer is printed on the window. Finally folks are figuring out that tiny hole in the wall places can work. We'll see when it opens . . . I always love a good sandwich.
  14. The question is, what defines a cuisine? In my opinion, Chez Panisse does not cook California cuisine although Alice Waters and her staff are very devoted to the products of California. Cuisine emerges after generations and generations of cooking local produce and finding out what works. I'm not certain that a Northwest cuisine does exist, although the dishes mentioned are certainly good vehicles to showcase the amazing products we have around us. The closest that we have is probably fresh oysters, salmon and dungeness crab-- prepared simply and fresh, fresh, fresh.
  15. Caffe Dell'Arte on second makes good, strong espresso. It is a bit clinical in its environs, but always very good.
  16. City Kitchens downtown is pretty good , though I have not noticed the prices on Le Creuset or stockpots. They always have good deals on knives and other random items (calaphon cookware), so I would guess that they might be pretty fairly priced. . .
  17. Cassis does that too. That's the only thing I don't really like about the place. So does Harvest Vine.... Cassis only serves in tumblers if you get house wine I believe, though a kir also comes in a tumbler. As for Harvest Vine, it's sort of a traditional taverna thing to serve wine in chatos. It made me happy.
  18. That's what flasks are for. They are getting wine and beer soon, I believe. Ask for Brown to tide you over. The reuben is worth the trip, making eating sans booze endurable.
  19. I love Harvest Vine too, it's currently one of my favorite places to go in the city, but that said it's not necessarily traditional. Some items on the menu are very authentic, others are more modern riffs on ingredients. Not a bad thing at all, the moving away from tradition never strays too far and the flavors are familiar, but just so you know. (from a nitpicker) (what an unpleasant, too-descriptive phrase)
  20. What an interesting site. Trillium, thanks for sharing the Gernot Katzer Spice Page! A nice little resource there.
  21. I'd agree that the prices don't seem out of step with Seattle's top restaurants. Especially as beef is getting pricey these days.
  22. Long life to the revolution! I visited Lark and was presently surprised. Properly seasoned homey food, good flavors and a lovely little room all add up to a very pleasant meal. I had the potato puree to see what everyone was going on about. Good flavor if a little dense as has been said, although I'm not sure I'd describe the stuff as gluey. Loved the cranberry beans and Virginia ham accompanying the halibut cheeks. A flatiron steak was a bit cool in temperature, but beautifully rested. Overall quite a good value. We just got 4 dishes between the two of us and were quite satisfied. Not too expensive. I'm with you, Tighe, Lark and Union are serious, yet approachable new restaurants that (together with Harvest Vine) have greatly expanded my dining world in this city. I especially enjoy the push to design the menu with the intention of crafting a meal the way that the diner likes to eat . . . quite an exciting addition to the Capitol Hill hood (finally!).
  23. Anyone have an idea when Lark is supposed to open? I went by there about two weeks ago and they were still all papered up. I wonder how many seats it will have . . .
  24. I'm pulling this to the top even though the name is inaccurate because the thread makes for good reading and is heavy on the Cabrales . Dinner Monday! (After a long, sad Vancouver-less summer for me.) Report soon to come. . .
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