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White Castle


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I went to school in Columbus in the early '60s. Before there was Big Boy's and Jerry's there was White Castle, and a place called "2 'fers" where you got two "hamburgers" for something like 18 cents. Of course the secret to the 'burher baddle was thinning the meat with onions and oatmeal. Don't think my stomach could take that diet now, but then it was a great budget meal for college students.

Remember, when it comes to fast-food: "if it don't play in Columbus it won't play anywhere."


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So what's with this faker Krystal chain?


They apparently also have TWO BITE hot dogs.

Apparently they even have MORE locations than WC if that can be believed... over 400 versus 340 odd for WC.

White Castle may be older (by 11 years), but Samuel L. Jackson did commercials for Krystal, which makes them infinitely cooler. Plus, they taste better. I'm not sure what the difference is - maybe it's that Krystals only have mustard, pickle, and the steamed onions, and White Castles have ketchup? (I could be wrong, it's been a few years since I've eaten non-frozen White Castles).

I treasure the moment we first took my husband to a Krystal. When my dad ordered 24 (standard amount for four people), my husband exclaimed in horror, "What, are we buying a round for the restaurant??"

Once he saw the burgers, he understood - and is seriously considering bringing his mom for a visit next time she comes over just for the same shock value. :laugh: He's also developed a mild addiction to Corn Pups (the 2-bite corn dog).

Krystals also used to do a more substantial breakfast (waffles made to order), and really excellent vanilla frosted donuts. They apparently don't have the donuts anymore - my mom keeps complaining about it.

"Tea and cake or death! Tea and cake or death! Little Red Cookbook! Little Red Cookbook!" --Eddie Izzard
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