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  1. Frenchie, you'll never get into, ditto for Chateaubriand (thanks, Bourdain) , Rino (thanks NYT), Spring downstairs is a wine bar (upstairs forget it), all the rest , book in advance, 'cept Avant Comptoir which is a very casual crowded wine bar with small bites..
  2. Wouldn't call it 'hip' by any means
  3. I think you're right. They've been flagging for ages. I think finally this is a case of David (online food writing) killing Goliath (ie, them). I don't think I've ever seen a Guide Rouge launch drawing less interest. There was, of course, the initial twitterverse/blogosphere frenzy, every Tom, Dick and Harry food blogger hoping to announce the results first. But after a couple hours, it died down and nobody really cared...
  4. Yam T'cha has had a ginourmous amount of buzz. Disappointing lately, though. Passage 53 has really come a long way. I've been going since the beginning when it was more of a 'bistrot de luxe' with great products, but not much challenge for chef Shinichi Sato, doing things like steak frites (Desnoyer, comme meme..) and tartars, jabugo ham. People complained about the deco being too crowded. Guillaume the owner listened to his diners and critics, completely redid the dining room, hired great waitstaff, and an amazing cute Japanese sommelier (from Tokyo's three star Qunitessence), and gave the chef free rein with the tasting menu only menu for both lunch and dinner. He's learned , come a long way, and allowed the table to become what it is now, a well deserved one star. Although some dishes really shine like the recent "tempura" of artichokes on a bed of yuzu flavored oysters and the famous veal tartar and oysters are the ultimate "Surf and Turf", and it definitely gets my vote as my top table of the year. I recently felt bad writing this .......
  5. Funny, there doesn't seem to be too much commenting on the new Michelin guide. It seems to have left people pretty cold, but I'd love to hear what you people out there think of it. Is Michelin trying to change? Does the Etoile magazine and sporadic online reviews make any difference, make them more valid? Does giving the first one star to Yam T'cha and Passage 53 make them a little more open to new trends? What do you think?
  6. fresh_a

    Jean Francois Piege

    20 seater in another month or so.
  7. I can't believe there have been no replies/comments to this! What do people think of these results? I was happy to see the Passage 53 get a star, they deserve it just as much , if not more than Yam T'cha. Bigarrade, not so sure... Anyone else?
  8. fresh_a

    Lievre a la royale in Paris

    The pasta was delicious. And the lievre was the best I've ever had.
  9. fresh_a

    Lievre a la royale in Paris

    Put off by this dish?? Blasphemy! This is indeed the Senateur Couteaux version.
  10. fresh_a

    Jean Francois Piege

    He's actually opening a new concept gastro upstairs from Thoumieux , but not for a few months so I hear...
  11. fresh_a

    Lievre a la royale in Paris

    url=""]Here's the one I had at the Pré Catelan yesterday. Superb with a nice 2007 Cote Rotie.
  12. fresh_a

    Lievre a la royale in Paris

    http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2009-11/1348671/IMG_1932.JPG"]Here's the one I had at the Pré Catelan yesterday. Superb with a nice 2007 Cote Rotie.
  13. fresh_a

    Le Chateaubriand, Paris 11e

    Yeah , it seems Inaki's strong side is his being a media darling. I've never been that impressed with his cooking to tell the truth, whether it be at La Famille, Transversal (where his tenor lasted about 2 minutes before he abandoned his partner- their words , not mine..) and currently at the Chateaubriand.
  14. fresh_a

    Lievre a la royale in Paris

    Very disappointing lievre last night at Chez Michel. With truffles and foie gras , and a 25€ supplement (!). Has to be good we thought so we splurged. The dish was very uninspiring. The truffles were odorless and tasteless, and the dish itself really didn't merit the price we paid. Not only that, my dining partner found two large pieces of plastic wrapping his lievre, and the waiter explained , "Oh, that's just for shaping the dish". No apologies. No reaction. Then again, I'm not surprised, as chef Thierry Breton didn't perform any cooking duties at all, his Japanese stagieres seemed to do everything. (Trust me, we had a full view of the kitchen for the entire dinner).