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  1. I've got a heart and liver. I don't know what to do with them. Any ideas? Something that can be done at once for dinner. I.e., not sausage or a terrine. Thanks.
  2. The WorkSharp Knife & Tool Sharpener works great, although it can be a little aggressive. (The WorkSharp 3000 is great for chisels and plane irons, by the way.)
  3. Here's the rabbit rillettes I also made: I liked this better than the terrine. Much lighter flavor, a bit too much duck fat.
  4. Chopped the carrot and celery pretty small to begin with. I didn't chill and defat the broth. There didn't seem to be much fat in there. The pieces of tail were pretty fatty, although the butcher and I trimmed much of it. After the braise, I pulled out the fatty bits.
  5. Thank you, and thanks for the help.
  6. Here's how it came out. I should have cleaned up the cutting board for the picture. Obviously, I skipped the foie and went with quail eggs in the center. Surprisingly easy the whole thing. Browned 5 pounds of ox tails, sauteed mirapoix, added bay leaf, thyme, rosemary, oregano, red wine and beef stock. Braised for 4 hours. Took out the bones and removed the meat, strained the broth and reduced to about 2 cups. Loaded the terrine and poured the cooled broth on top. Did pretty much the same thing for rabbit rillettes. Picking out little rabbit bones is a tedious process. they both went
  7. thanks. So, basically, I want to cook braise the ox tail and cook the foie separately? then combine in the terrine? Would it be easier to wrap the foie in cheesecloth and poach it?
  8. I'm making my first terrine this weekend. I've found a bunch of recipes for ox tail terrine, but since I'm in the Hudson Valley, I figured I'd try to a foie in the middle. Anyone have a good recipe for how to do this? I've never dealt with foie before. I assume I need to cook it before adding to the terrine?
  9. Well, ok. But I still blame you for some pretty bad delivery I got from Klong.
  10. Stone

    Brindle Room

    And they deliver!
  11. Didn't you say that Klong was as good as Sripraphai? I've gotten the "better than Sripraphai" recommendation for a Thai place on 14th at 2nd Ave. Haven't been over to try it yet.
  12. Stone

    Brindle Room

    One more: Metromix (By the way, I don't mean to shill. But since I'm friends with the owner, I figured I shouldn't post write-ups of the food.)
  13. Stone

    Brindle Room

    According to Eater: EAST VILLAGE—East Village restaurant The Brindle Room (277 East 10th) has a new special: free bruschetta with any purchase of win. The bruschettas are smoke trout and white bean puree and English pea and Parmasian. [EaterWire] [Photo courtesy The Brindle Room]
  14. I think the problem was that it wasn't the type of place that was going to get a lot of repeat business and it was in the middle of nowhere. The block was empty. There aren't many people who are going to head out for that kind of cooking on a regular basis. (I've never been to WD50, but I don't know that it's food is quite as outlandish as Tailor's.)
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