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  1. Our family will be in The Morningside Heights neighborhood (800 block of Amsterdam) for 2 days in early August. We love The Hungarian Bakery for breakfast. My girls love NY style pizza and there are a ton of pizza places along Broadway and Amsterdam. Any local favorite? Also, any great not to be missed dining spot in the neighborhood? We found a cool bagel place on Broadway where it was packed with locals getting their bagel sandwiches. We eat everything except Sushi. We will not have fancy clothes to enjoy fine dining experiences on this trip. Any rec would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Last night on NYC Housewives, Ramona Singer had a party and everyone had these purple colored wine glasses that looked like they had a silver glass lining. The things sparked beautifully and wondered if anyone knows anything about these and where to get them. I live in Chicagoland. Thanks for not laughing at me for watching this program.
  3. We made it to Blue Dog and the place did not disappoint. We arrived to a packed house at 12:15 and by 1:pm the place had cleared out-something about the big football game... Plenty of steam table options-plus carved turkey and roast. Dirty rice and the pecan sweet potatos were our faves. The whole bill for a family of 4 was $62 plus tip. We had no booze and OJ was provided. The next day went to Thyme for incredible fresh oyster Po boys and Guidrots to stock up on sausages and other goodies.
  4. we hope to gwe in Blue Dog-it sounds perfect. Thank you.
  5. We are taking a road trip from Chicago to LA over the holiday. Depending on travel time we will be in either Baton Rouge or Lafayette (or a nearby parish). Anyone know of a place to eat that is not too fancy but great food? Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you!
  6. We will be travelling from Sakhalin Island to St. Petersberg on the BAM and other RRs. Is there a Vodka that is available only in Russia that I can not get in Chicago? I would like to pick up a few bottles for gifts and for my own use. I do not want to spend more thatn $10-20 USD. Two years ago we were in a Moscow liquor store I was dumfounded by the selection- I bought bottle for $6USD that the clerk recommended- yum! I like my vodka with a kick versus smooth. Thanks
  7. We will be in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania-travelling overland- for a couple of weeks in early August. I have read dining blogs-albeit a bit old and would like some general recommendations as what I should eat. Are there special fish from the Baltic Sea or rivers/lakes I should seek out? Special breads, pastries or other baked delicacies famous to these regions? Are there special stews, meats, mushrooms or alcohol that I should try? I am a budget traveler and am not bringing 'fine dining' clothes. Any recs would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  8. The Violet Hour is a big time deal here is Chicago-it is the 'it' place to go for cocktails setting the standard. Glad you have a one in Nashville.
  9. We are taking a weekend trip to Nashville from Chicago. Husband is a beer guy and I drink bourbon and sour mash. Should we stock up on beer enroute (for the hotel room) or can you buy beer in the area? The same goes for bourbon. I do not have time for a distillery tour and wondered where I can pick up some nice small batch bourbons enroute. I am a bit confused as to which counties are dry and the availablity of alcohol. What about drinking in restaurants? We are targeting 'meat and three' types of places. Any explantation would be most helpful. Thanks.
  10. Vermillion is tasty indeed but the portions are very small. The room is cool and the FOH is very well informed. IIRC, the mint chutney is an extra charge and the naan is super small and pricey.
  11. elfin


    I like the rye Triscuits.
  12. Not to sound like (ugh-forgive myself) Sandra Lee, I use a few tablespoons of the stuff in canned pork and beans and add some brown sugar to the mix and let it simmer on low for a long time. I also put it in my BBQ sauce. The jar seems to last forever.
  13. My husband wants to take us to the Sunday buffet at the Grand Aleutian. It supposedly has some great seafood. It sounds a tad pricey and we are going to hit the breakast buffet rather than the lunch as we have to get back on the Tusty. (I don't think it is a brunch buffet). Any experience here?
  14. Liked the show-would have preferred a professional chef or a foodie -like Alton Brown adds to Iron Chef-rather than a car show model.
  15. We caught the 4th of July BBQ in Cordova a few years back. Tons of salmon on the grill and the locals made homemade desserts and sides. It ws truly the freshest fish we had the whole trip. Although the salmon were running it was hard to find salmon in the restaurants. The folks would say that they catch their own and thus going to a restaurant is a splurge and they were not going to spend money on fish. I am craving a halibut burger now!
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