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  1. Why doesn't one person pay the whole thing on his/her card and have everyone reimburse him/her with cash? That's what groups including me do when we don't simply pay the whole thing in cash. Are you sharing $200/person meals in the above situations? I meant in situations where nobody has cash. Many restaurants here now have notices that they won't do separate transactions over a certain number of people, say 6, but that doesn't seem unreasonable. The processing time alone, waiting for the machine to pick up and all, can put a server really far behind on their other tables.
  2. Sorry I didn't notice earlier. I don't know if it's the same but it's Ellen McFarland. Chef Scott Dolich, Sous chef Jeff Reiter. Should snage menus more often. Two entrees besides the lamb that will have to be tried (if they stay on the menu) - Seared sablefish w/olive oil potatoes and sweet pepper stew ($18.00) and Warm duck salad w/black currants and hazelnuts ($18.50).
  3. I love love love clafouti. Here's what was on the menu last week. Lemon raspberry bread pudding Warm Gravenstein apple & blackberry galette w/vanilla bean ice cream Caramel chocolate chunk tart w/salted pecan bark Honey-orange melon gelato w/lime butter cookies Gratin of late summer berries w/cassis sorbet & champagne sabayon
  4. Really? I'm about six issues behind on that too. Never should have gone back to school. Finally trying The Dining Room tomorrow night though. Still haven't tried Murata.
  5. I think the main reason that there's so much cheque splitting these days is that everyone is using plastic and that makes for more complex transactions. It certainly takes much longer than everyone dumping in their respective paper. I know that when I'm part of a group that's divvying up everything onto respective debit cards, I increase the tip in an attempt to offset the inconvenience. It's probably not worth it to the server though.
  6. Portland is getting a PF Chang's too. In the Brewery Blocks, across the street from Sur La Table, diagonal from Whole Foods. Has the one in Seattle opened yet? Has anyone tried it?
  7. I was recently at a one year birthday party where they put him in his high chair with a layer cake about the size of a personal pan pizza. A dozen adults gathered round with cameras waiting for him to dive in and smear it about and he just picked at it delicately. They were very disappointed.
  8. I am so far behind on trying new restaurants. Made it to here last night. They let me take the menu but it's a heck of a lot to type. But anyone is welcome to PM for a fax. It says 'early September' so maybe it's changing soon. We had four of the small plates, although we were tempted to ask them to let us split the "Roast leg of lamb with flageolet beans, chanterelles and roasted chiles ($18.50)." From the Small Hot Plates section, "Salt cod fritters with malt vinegar ($7.50)" and "Batter fried green beens with tarrgon and bacon ($8.00)." From the Small Cold Plates section, "Flank steak w
  9. I always wonder the same thing for the first few days, and then you remember. Come to think of it, I always ate Sailor Boy pilot crackers in Sitka and nowhere else. A staple on my grandfather's boat. Ironically, I received a completely unexpected care package from there in the mail last night and it included a bar of Theobroma chocolate and two bars of another local brand. Moose something? White wrapper. Two chocolate companies in a town that size. ???
  10. Oooo. I have a friend who is dreading her toddler's first wedding experience. Then again, his first plane ride went quite smoothly. She's just afraid that the profusion of horror stories means that it's one of those settings where an otherwise well-behaved child (which he is) goes mysteriously out of control. I have a dim wedding memory of my 3yo brother taking fistfuls of sweet and sour meatballs from the chafing dish at a reception. Everyone found it adorable, especially once he ended up with sauce smeared across his face.
  11. Well that's certainly more appealing than The Women of WalMart, which really is the next Playboy offering.
  12. They've signed Oprah's diet guru as a spokesperson/consultant. Greene? Not Dr Phil.
  13. Fratelli's will always be a sentimental favourite for me because I had my first experience with gnocchi there and was blown away by how this was clearly the most delicious food ever and how could a pasta be that luscious and then I found out that that was actually because the dish also included my first truffle experience. Great recipe - Yukon gold potato gnocchi with spinach and proscuitto and fontina. And white truffle oil. They wrote it out. I made it once -- took all day. But mmmm. I really liked the duck-cabbage-wasabi spring rolls at VQ but it's not worth the attitude. Which is usual
  14. One of the local cheese shops has switched to a different creamery(sorry, forgetting the name) because they say the longtime Maytag cheesemaker left for the new one and thus it's for all intents and purposes more authentically Maytag than what is now being sold under the Maytag name. Plus something about Maytag going more corporate and packaging in plastic and so on and the quality has slipped. Someone here probably knows the name of the new place. If not, I can call and ask.
  15. I've been looking forward to Heather getting tagged. In part to hear about the munchkin meals. Not to mention how their presence imacts the actual prep part.
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