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    Reheating Turducken

    It was absolutely awesome it was from Cajun Grocery in Louisiana.
  2. My first Thanksgiving alone in 9 years so my soon to be ex sent me a 15lb Turducken from Louisiana with all the sides. This being the first one I've ever cooked, how do I go about reheating the leftover Turducken without overcooking it???? Thanks Tom aka StInGeR
  3. OK guys heading on our annual roadtrip and it's been decided to head to Nashville. My wife and I will eat anything and cost is not really a factor. Interested in Southern food and BBQ as well as some higher options. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Tom aka StInGeR
  4. StInGeR


    Ok guys hitting Cancun right after spring break. Staying at the Sun Palace, tes it's all inclusive but I know I'm going to want to try some local foods. Any ideas, suggestions or advice. Thanks Tom
  5. Try Kam Man Supermarket next to Home Depot on Rte 10 in East Hanover
  6. That is funny - nice to meet you too! Yes, a very small world! Food choices were great - the sauce accompanying those wontons was delicious - in fact, I should have got the waitress to just leave it there when the entrees came out. I have been to Chengdu 1 about four or five times up until now with my wife, but I'm looking to try out some more dishes. I will have to switch over to the Chengdu 1 thread and take a look at some other suggestions! Thanks again, Jason ← Well, the thing to do is go in a group of 6 or 8 people(we do this pretty often with other EG'rs.) We order MANY dishes and never pay more than 30 bux a head. Next outing expect an invitation. In fact email me when your in the mood to go again, who knows, it may spark an impromptu calling out of "the troops" ejebud@verizon.net Eric ← You know for a fact if I'm not working Vicky and I are in!!!!!
  7. My wife and I just got back from an eating trip Vegas - try $2000 in 3 days. For a steak dinner we actually went to Prime in The Bellagio. At the Pallazzo we had lunch at Morels. We had the Seafood tower and it was absolutely awesome sitting outside on a gorgeous day people way\tching. I'll write more when I get a chance.
  8. StInGeR

    Chengdu 1

    Don't forget to try the hot and spicey jumbo prawns. OMG they are so damn good. 4 plates of them later ..................
  9. Great I was going to do burgers for dinner but now I'm absolutely craving rabbit. Looks like I'm now off to Kings to search for rabbit!!!!!! Tom
  10. I have to agree with Holly there's 2 different New York dogs - Nathans and dirty water dogs. I can't get enough of either Tom
  11. OMG I grew up 5 minutes from the Kilakanoon Winery in Clare and haven't had any since I moved to the US in 2004. Clare is famous for it's rieslings - the cold nights and hot days during summer make for some intense and interesting flavours. How was this?? Tom
  12. Personally, I prefer roast Koala
  13. Everyone once in a while I go for a Peanut Butter and Vegemite sandwich It's a memory from my childhood, when we didn't have alot of money, and you did what you had to do ..... I guess in some ways it's comfort food Tom
  14. Happy Birthday Suzi, Thanks for the invite One day we're finally going to get together for a meal. Tom
  15. Living in Morristown (formerly in Sparta by way of Australia) here's a few places for you: Stonefire Grill on Rte 10W in Randolph http://www.stonefire1.homestead.com/menu.html East Tokyo on Rte 10E in Randolph (almost directly across from Stonefire) An American Grill even though Lou's no longer there There's just some to get you going Tom
  16. Vicky and I always leave early when we're heading to Sparta to see the "outlaws', oops inlaws, just for breakfast at the Jefferson Diner. The corned beef hash is awesome. The Gyros are great for dinner and they have great burgers. Cheers Tom
  17. StInGeR

    Dinner! 2007

    As an Ex-Adelaide boy, now living in New Jersey that looks awesome, and now you've got me on the road to making my own this weekend. It may sound funny, but there are definitely times over here you miss Balfours and Villi's pies Cheers Tom
  18. Um, baited breath? Isn't that the results of eating sushi? (Runs away, very fast...) ← I'm guessing you're right coz sushi was fro dinner last night
  19. Good Morning SUZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, I've been waiting for this day to happen. V and I will be reading this with bated breathe. Is that he Smart World Coffe on Rte 15? I haven't tried it yet, as living in Morristown is one more reason to avoid 15 Tom
  20. StInGeR

    Chengdu 1

    You poor thing, you definitely didn't get enough to eat! Maybe we should have let you guys order just a Few. More. Dishes. ← I'd put money on the fact that if we'd order another plate of the dumplings, you girls would have continued eating along with us ←
  21. StInGeR

    Chengdu 1

    OMG what a night. The soup actually had tiny oysters in it Tracey Chengdu 1 has now become my absolute favourite Chinese restaurant in NJ. As far as I was concerned the soup was just ok, the fish just a pass BUT everything else was absolutely awesome!!!! The lamb and beef were major standouts, as were the wontons. And we can't forget the price, all of this was $28 per person and included tax and tip. This place is definitely worth another visit, the only real question being when. Now we need to get a group of 10, so we can order everything else on the menu. Tom
  22. As an Australian living in New Jersey, the tipping is a big thing. Another piece of advice is whatever you do DON'T convert food prices into whatever currency your used to!!! I made the mistake of doing that the first few times I went shopping and nearly had a coronary. If you have any questions regarding pricing of certain supermarket items PM me. Tom
  23. Typical I'm freakin working on Saturday!!!!! Nothing beats a LIVE EGullet reunion Tom
  24. I had one of the Weber woks when V and I lived back in Australia. It was carbon steel and absolutely awesome. Chili crab done on the weber for a messy BBQ. Honestly I don't know how I feel about the stainless version, but the steel one was good for so many things - stir frys, tea smoking duck it just made the usual outdoor different when everyone was expecting you to do the usual steak, lamb chops etc on the grill. Cheers Tom
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