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  1. Oh would those hazelnut help with the emulsion? Its a different brand although not so nutty. Nutella has 13% hazelnuts.
  2. What other fats can be used? Yeah might have to resort to nut butters if I can't make white choc spread on its own.
  3. I see in the second image, they add non fat milk, that is what helps with the emulsion?
  4. Yeah i wanna avoid glucose, as I read it's bad for health and also they add preservatives, but definitely might have to be my last resort. Got some liquid soy letcithin, let's see how it goes. Would liquid letcithin act like egg York? Im imagining I'll be like making a mayo but sweet.
  5. Happy to use white chocolate as that would be easier:)
  6. Here's two jars I'm referencing off.
  7. Hello, I've been doing a lot of research but cannot find a recipe that only uses ingredients similar to the store-bought below to make a white chocolate spread, I'm looking to store it at room temperature without it going off. I will put on toasted bread. The main ingredients in the store-bought jar are sugar, canola oil, milk solids, cocoa butter, and emulsifiers and it doesn't need to be refrigerated. I thought it would be easy to make but boy I was wrong!! Maybe it's my ratios or my technique (I'm a total noob). I placed all the ingredients (melted cocoa butter) except for emulsifiers in a blender and blended it up although it doesn't emulsify together.. There is just a layer of the oil above the other powdered ingredients. Is it because I am missing the emulsifier liquid? I have never used it before. 1. Here's my recipe sugar 40g oil 30g milk powder 20g cacao butter 10g My workaround to the recipe at the moment is to make a rich sugar syrup (2:1) first then add the rest of the ingredients on the stove and cook and mix till it's smooth. But not sure if this method will be shelf-safe cause of the added water. what do you guys think, will it be shelf stable? Does anyone have a recipe for white chocolate spread? 2. rich sugar syrup 40g milk powder 20g cacao butter 20g oil 20g Thank you!
  8. Hello, I'm from Australia. A home cook enthusiast who loves making savoury food such as fried chicken. I hope to learn more about food safety and tips with home cooking from here. At the moment I'm making a sweet dish, which I am inexperienced with. Hope someone will be able to help me. Thank you
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