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Veggie Burgers review a la ATK


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on a recent TestKitchen show , Veg Burgers were reviewed.


not the so called meat-subs :


to review the review :


they classifies the group into Bean , Earthy-Savory , and Veg:




the recommended in each category were :






the price for these des not seem to be an error !










and the final one :








Sodium content does not seem to be too extreme .   the price of the Actual Orange Burger seems very extreme .


anyone tried any of these?  


they commented that VegBurgers  ( vs Meat-Subs )  has come a long way.

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I don't care how yummy and nutritious they are...I'll either eat Real Canadian Superstores (Loblaws) brand or I'll buckle down and eat a real hamburger.  

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learn, learn, learn...


We live in hope. 

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I like our local supermarket’s house brand mushroom and cheese veggie burger/patty (frozen, 4 pack, on sale for $3.49 today) but I prefer to differentiate these products (personally) since I don’t eat them as a meat burger sub. Like @rotuts, I will eat turkey burgers for the burger on a bun experience.

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"Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast" - Oscar Wilde

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