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Restaurant Food Fashions or Gimmicks

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I know it's hard in the restaurant business and many are struggling. Some desperately seek gimmicks to set themselves apart from the competition. Few work for long. I've seen many here come and go.


Here in China, a recent fashion has arisen for this bizarre type of service.


Instead of plating the food, the server brings a whole wok full of food and tips it into the centre of the table, which is covered in paper. Seafood is the most common I've seen.


These screen grab images are from Douyin, the heavily censored version of Tik-Tok used in China. I have the videos but can't post them at the moment. More censorship.






Dig in!


I'm sure there are others!



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...your dancing child with his Chinese suit.


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I have an aversion to eating food that is on the table. Even if it is on paper. I would hate that. And it sure doesn't leave you much room for your drinks or whatever. In that last photo where they are dumping the wok, I see the corner of a phone right next to it. I'd be having a heart attack if that was my phone.

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It sounds like they're trying to imitate the US East Coast Seafood boil. Being from the West Coast I've only been to one restaurant that served this. They lay newspapers on the table and bring out the drained seafood which usually has boiled potatoes and your favorite, corn on the cob mixed in. It's all poured on the newspaper and you eat it with your hands. This one had a hole in the middle of the table with a garbage can underneath for everyone to pitch the shells. Everyone was provided with plastic bibs and wet towels.

If you want an idea of how crazy it has gotten read this article.

The worst I've seen here in Costa Rica is food served on a big slab of slate.

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