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How Do You Deal with Handicaps in the Kitchen?


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23 minutes ago, Darienne said:

I know that no one requested a photo of the rolling table Ed made for me but I thought I'd post it anyway...it has a very helpful handle on one side.  Ed didn't actually construct the table...I imagine he bought it at the ReStore, his favorite department store, but he added the wheels and the handle.   (As usual, my apologies for my dreadful photographic skills. )  


The dining room table is just feet away and I can unload all the stuff onto it in a minute to wheel in my humongous stand mixer or my new ice cream maker (gifted to me this August by a friend who never once used it) They are in the Southwest style cabinet (also a ReStore purchase  (we are nothing if not frugal)  to the left of the table. 

SO nice!

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Here is another idea: Scrubbing is a pain for anyone. This is what I do:

I know I am abescent minded and burn food  often. I am also a messy griller with BBQ baked on grates. 

So I have a good size plastic bin outside the house. The bin is filled with water and the water has a few table spoons of sodium hydroxide (Amazon, cheap) dissolved in it.  Any cookware with thick grease, burnt on food gets thrown into the sodium hydroxide solution. The next day I can just wash the baked on stuff away with a garden hose. No scrubbing needed.

Of course I make sure to wear rubber gloves and eye protection  to do this.


Also, you cannot do this to aluminum cookware.




Note: Sodium hydroxide (what makes Liquid Plumber work) is highly corrosive. It's powerful enough to clear clotted plumbing lines. Do  not have around if you have children in the house.

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