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This is what I pigged out for lunch today. Salads - pickles - Warak Enab (stuffed vine leave) - Loubia B'zait (green Beans EVO) - Mutabal (Aubergine) - Fresh baked bread - Ice watered Arak............etc are off picture :B


From top left clockwise:

- Hummos covered with lettuce leaf + Mint leaves + fresh Zaatar (wild Thyme)
- Char Grilled tomatoes

- Chicken Shish Taouk skewer (garlic pure off picture)

- Lamb cubes skewer

- Minced lamb skewers x 3 (ate one already) 

- Char Grilled onions.









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9 hours ago, Darienne said:

And you are where?



Wherever you want me to be :B

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