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Pizza Bianca - alla Roscioli and others...

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After a fantastic trip to Rome earlier this month (more to come, at some point), I needed to try (again) my hand at pizza bianca, Rome's favorite food to eat out of hand. Forno and Roscioli are but 2 examples, and they're both great.

Last night I started a no-knead, high-hydration dough; about 75% hydration, only water, flour, salt and yeast. Kenji's recipe here is a good one.

Prior to baking...

Pizza bianca before.jpg


Pizza bianca after.jpg

The structure of the dough...

Pizza bianca structure.jpg

Sliced and stuffed with a bit of Prosciutto San Daniele...

Pizzaa bianca sandwich.jpg

Bill Klapp will be happy to know I used no fancy equipment!

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