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Menu ideas needed by overly ambitious mom


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Hi everyone,

In a few weeks, I'm giving a Bon Voyage party for my daughter who is going on a 4 month college trip to 14 ports of call. In a moment of insanity, I said that I'd make one dish from all 14 countries that she'll be visiting. I have about 1/2 of the menu determined, but I'm having trouble coming up with a few of the items. I'd prefer dishes that could be prepared ahead of time and that are "typical" for that region. Here are the countries that I don't have dishes figured out for yet: (I'm short on salads/vegetable dishes)

-Port Louis, Mauritius

-Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

-Shanghai, China

-Puntarenas, Costa Rica

-Miami, Florida (Key Lime Pie maybe?)

Here are the dishes I have penciled in:

-Nassua, Bahamas...............Pigeon Peas & rice

-San Juan, Puerto Rice.........Fried Plantains

-Salvador, Brazil..................Bahian Style Shrimp

-Cape Town, South Africa.....Peri Peri Sauce/Beer

-Channai, India...................Samosas (from local Indian market)

-Penang, Malaysia...............Garlic Noodles

-Hong Kong........................Har Gao (from local asian market)

-Kobe, Japan......................Sushi (from local sushi restaurant)

-Honolulu, Hawaii................Fresh Tropical fruit, pineapple etc

Any input/commentary is welcome!

thanks so much,


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I'm not so sure key lime pie goes with Miami (as opposed to the Keys and the grove areas) although I could be wrong about that. What about Cuban sandwiches?

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How about fresh spring rolls (sometimes called salad rolls) for Vietnam?  It uses a lot of fresh vegetables, but is easy to eat.

I had thought about spring rolls....you're right, they would be a good salad type item. I can buy those freshly made here in the bay area also!


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I'm not so sure key lime pie goes with Miami (as opposed to the Keys and the grove areas) although I could be wrong about that.  What about Cuban sandwiches?

I knew I was "pushing it" with relating key lime pie to Miami.....but since I didn't have any desserts, I thought I'd give it a shot! I haven't made Cuban sandwiches before, but I know this group (20 somethings) would probably love them!

I think I'll go with the fresh fruit for dessert and maybe have a cake.


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