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  1. Thank you so much for all of your great suggestions! I think we'll probably end up at one of the spots either near downtown (Pike place etc) or just north. We are expected at the in-laws for dinner in White Rock BC, so we don't want to have too late of a lunch! We've been to Pike Place market several times, but haven't eaten at Matts in the Market....it looks great! Thanks again and I'll let you know where we end up. Margy
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Mary! I'm afraid we'd be there much too late for lunch though....we land at Seatac at 12:30. I think something more in the Seattle area would be good. I love lake Samish though...it's always looked so beautiful, but we've never stopped there. Maybe we can stop there on the way back! Margy
  3. I pay around $3 for the Reynolds quick release foil at Target...I haven't seen a store brand before and I've only seen one size. It's the best stuff ever! I'd try the Kroger's and if it works out well, then you're set! Margy
  4. We'll be driving from Seatac to Vancouver BC at lunchtime this coming Saturday. Does anyone have any ideas for a cool place for lunch along the way, near I-5? We prefer something that isn't too formal. We love anything with seafood...something that features northwest cuisine would be great! Thanks so much for any guidance, Margy
  5. Thank you so much everyone for the great ideas! I never would have thought of using a towel....would you use a thin kitchen type towel folded up I'm thinking? I did find a round rack at the local Ranch-99 store for less than $2 on my lunch hour today....but I left it at work. I'm hoping it fits! I'll let you all know how it works out. Thanks again, Margy
  6. Thanks Emmalish....I've looked for a round rack that would fit, but have only found square ones that would be used for cookies etc. I'll keep looking! Margy
  7. When I was in my twenties I canned all sorts of jams, tomatoes etc and had all of the supplies. Life got in the way and after I hadn't used any of this stuff in over 10 years, I gave it all away. Now of course, I want to make some tomato chutney...I have jars, but hate to buy a new water bath canner. My question is....has anyone used a large heavy pot to process jars that wasn't an "official water bath canner"? I know I can't put the jars directly on the bottom of the pot, but I can't quite figure out what options there might be. Thanks, Margy
  8. MargyB

    Chef Ethics

    Is the "boss" also the owner? If not, does the owner know about the deceptions? Margy
  9. I buy a ton of garlic at once...pre-peeled from the local middle eastern produce store. I slice it thinly, using my Cuisinart, and then cook it slowly in enough olive oil to cover. You have to stir it every few minutes and make sure that it doesn't brown too quickly. This gives you nice, sweet "roasted" garlic. I freeze it in small amounts and then pull it out to thaw as needed. I use it as you would roasted garlic...I make a lot of roasted garlic bread! Margy
  10. After reading this thread, I've checked out 5 or 6 different grocery & liquor stores in my neighborhood (Santa Clara, CA), but all of the Campari was the new formula. Does anyone know when the new formula Campari would have hit the shelves? Thanks, Margy
  11. I knew I was "pushing it" with relating key lime pie to Miami.....but since I didn't have any desserts, I thought I'd give it a shot! I haven't made Cuban sandwiches before, but I know this group (20 somethings) would probably love them! I think I'll go with the fresh fruit for dessert and maybe have a cake. margy
  12. I had thought about spring rolls....you're right, they would be a good salad type item. I can buy those freshly made here in the bay area also! margy
  13. Hi everyone, In a few weeks, I'm giving a Bon Voyage party for my daughter who is going on a 4 month college trip to 14 ports of call. In a moment of insanity, I said that I'd make one dish from all 14 countries that she'll be visiting. I have about 1/2 of the menu determined, but I'm having trouble coming up with a few of the items. I'd prefer dishes that could be prepared ahead of time and that are "typical" for that region. Here are the countries that I don't have dishes figured out for yet: (I'm short on salads/vegetable dishes) -Port Louis, Mauritius -Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -Shanghai, China -Puntarenas, Costa Rica -Miami, Florida (Key Lime Pie maybe?) Here are the dishes I have penciled in: -Nassua, Bahamas...............Pigeon Peas & rice -San Juan, Puerto Rice.........Fried Plantains -Salvador, Brazil..................Bahian Style Shrimp -Cape Town, South Africa.....Peri Peri Sauce/Beer -Channai, India...................Samosas (from local Indian market) -Penang, Malaysia...............Garlic Noodles -Hong Kong........................Har Gao (from local asian market) -Kobe, Japan......................Sushi (from local sushi restaurant) -Honolulu, Hawaii................Fresh Tropical fruit, pineapple etc Any input/commentary is welcome! thanks so much, Margy
  14. I'm wondering if shops in Paris are closed for "Easter Monday"? Shops here in the states aren't, but I know that Canada and I believe Great Britain celebrate Easter Monday. Margy
  15. Does anyone have a favorite kitchen supply store in the SF Bay area? I'm in the South Bay, but will go elsewhere if need be. I've found a few small kitchen supply stores in San Jose, but they both seemed poorly stocked and didn't have much of a selection. Thanks, Margy
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