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Why we all need to move to Tasmania

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Dubai is home to the world’s tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa. Nepal boasts Mount Everest. Soon, if Jeremy Rockliff gets his way, Tasmania could be home to the world’s largest chocolate fountain.


The story

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"There is no sincerer love than the love of food."  -George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman, Act 1


"Imagine all the food you have eaten in your life and consider that you are simply some of that food, rearranged."  -Max Tegmark, physicist


Gene Weingarten, writing in the Washington Post about online news stories and the accompanying readers' comments: "I basically like 'comments,' though they can seem a little jarring: spit-flecked rants that are appended to a product that at least tries for a measure of objectivity and dignity. It's as though when you order a sirloin steak, it comes with a side of maggots."


"...in the mid-’90s when the internet was coming...there was a tendency to assume that when all the world’s knowledge comes online, everyone will flock to it. It turns out that if you give everyone access to the Library of Congress, what they do is watch videos on TikTok."  -Neil Stephenson, author, in The Atlantic


"In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." -Galileo Galilei, physicist and astronomer

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Nepal can only boast part of the world's tallest land mountain, whatever you call it. It straddles a border. And neither side of the border call it "Everest".


As to chocolate and potentially moving to Tasmania, I'd say that is a good reason not to move there.


Tasmanian Chocolate Tomatoes (yes, they're a thing) sound more promising.



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...your dancing child with his Chinese suit.


"No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot"
Mark Twain


The Kitchen Scale Manifesto

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2 hours ago, MaryIsobel said:

I can think of a couple of North American politicians who would be behooved to use this as their platform!

If only a whole lot of our American politicians would move there, Tasmanian would have a return of their Tasmanian devils.

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