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Foods you inexplicably hate


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1 minute ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


Awaiting the plating shot with bated breath.



1 minute ago, blue_dolphin said:


I'm very much looking forward to the finished dinner!


It might be a while. It needs very slow cooking. Could take months!



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...your dancing child with his Chinese suit.


The Kitchen Scale Manifesto

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I have a very good friend who does not like white food: milk, sour cream, mayo, anything that's white.


I actually know why I loath one food: Sweet potatoes.  I was forced to eat candied sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving and Christmas every year growing up. The smell of roasted yams gags me.


I have a texture issue with custards. No flan for me, I'll pass on the cream pies.


I have no idea why my younger daughter hates raisins, but she certainly does.


Porthos Potwatcher
The Once and Future Cook


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Now I know you all hate me doncha ya!  I think the last time I felt this queasy in the morning I was preggers.😜  What a thing to wake-up to.

And., trust me on this, I know I'm not preggers.

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