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  1. WHT

    Pantry moths

    Part of the problem is any grain can bring them in. I took a friend over a year to rid herself of the. They can lay eggs in areas that you would not think of on your own. Unless you are willing to stam clean every MM of space it may take a couple of tries.
  2. Without a high output broiler it will be tough. I can get it in my gas broiler if I get the space between flame and meat right.
  3. WHT

    convenient eats

    I miss Wawa and the deli stuff they have. &-11 is too limmited in what the offer except for microwave snacks.
  4. Part od it is we have been conditioned to think white meat is better. The way it is sold may make it easier to handle and cook, not that it has to be that way.
  5. I am getting sick of seeing that slapped on everything. Especialy stuff that comes from large scal production.
  6. I still see carts in some areas. Most are homemade and run by Mexicans. They sell ices, corn and other snacks but no real food.
  7. Look online for Marlin Resturant Supply. Olynpic just south of 55 on Cicero is good. There are several places on the north sid but I can't recall names.
  8. WHT

    Jerky: The Topic

    Or a little thicker if you do a long slow process.
  9. I think being accomadating is one thing but some people go too far. You as the host can only do so much to to make someone comfortable. Would this friend broil you a steak if you came to an event they where having? It sounds like your friend has some control issues that need to be resolved. Why should the whole group be put on the spot for one person?
  10. WHT

    Dead Sea Salt

    For a 5 pound bag. ← That would be a little short of two kilos.
  11. WHT

    Dead Sea Salt

    Do a google search and you can find it for less than $3.70 a kilo.
  12. I would love to know where they are based and shooting. My guess is in Pilsen or maybe along Lake St.
  13. If you can stay on your feet for long periods of time, cary 20Lb. or better loads and be friendly you may have a stab at it. Bing a server in a home is a little diferent than resturants and not as high stress. it is more like doing catering. Attitude is most of what it takes. They will teach you the rest.
  14. Yes I get the point of the OP. The fact remains that it is sold in your local store at that price for a reason. You can not get Arrmani at JC Penny prices. Though it might be interesting to do some tests on further age tratments. You could tape up a jur to make it light tight and put oak into it for flavor.
  15. WHT

    KFC or Popeyes?

    Agreed ← It may be but it was not the question.
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