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  1. Why are those particular fruits not allowed in the hotel?
  2. They are still being sold in Canada.
  3. Well, I dunno. I'm on my third, having had the original and two replacements under warranty. It seems the APO's are still having the same problems they've always had which tells me they aren't fixing the problems. If I didn't have one, I wouldn't buy one.
  4. The Kindle edition of Jacques Pépin's Heart and Soul in the Kitchen is available today for $1.99 from both Amazon.ca and Amazon.com
  5. Top right of your first photo - is that a cat salt cellar?
  6. I recently bought some of this at Costco and we quite liked it. It is in looks and tastes like DQ soft serve. I churned it in my Breville. Today I bought some more. I'd like to use my Creami to churn it (not sure if that is the right word) so I plan to freeze 1/2 cup amounts in the Creami pints and take it for a spin. Once I get the right spin, I'd like to start adding things such as fruit puree, caramel sauce, dulce de leche etc. Any advice? I'm thinking adding caramel sauce won't be a problem bur fruit purees could be. Any suggestions?
  7. ElsieD


    What made them just "ok"? I love those things, but haven't seen them around here yet.
  8. @&roid That pizza looks amazing. Nice job.
  9. Yesterday the inside of my microwave got a yellow paint job when my butter "exploded" as it was melting. Sad thing is, I know better.
  10. Our Japanese curry. Edited to add: I'll never buy curry blocks again.
  11. That's tonight's dinner coming up shortly. I cook for 2 so I scale recipes down. For tonight's dinner I'm using two of my new blocks.
  12. I'm making something called Japanese curry. I can't remember where I got the recipe from but we like it. It will be made with chicken tonight.
  13. The one @weinoo linked to in the third post on this topic.
  14. I made the cubes yesterday though mine are 8 blobs of about 1 tablespoon each. I made the roux first then added the spices which I had mixed together.
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