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  1. I am planning to make an apple tart for the dinner party on Saturday. I've make it before, but not for a LONG time. It has a base of mascarpone and fig and the apples and glaze on top. I really need to make it on Friday. With the mascarpone, I know it needs to be refrigerated. I'm thinking that I should refrigerate unglazed, bring to room temperature on Saturday and glaze when room temp. Does this sound right?? Thanks!
  2. Not @rotuts, but here's Mr. Kim's method. I started The Gravy today. Turkey necks, onion, celery, carrots, Bell's seasoning, salt, pepper, olive oil, and tomato paste ready to roast: Roasted: Lots of good fond brought up with some white wine: I made the stock in the IP instead of the slow cooker like I usually do. It took 90 minutes of pressure cook and 15 minutes natural release, instead of all night. Looks, smells, and tastes wonderful: It's all in the fridge now. I'm hoping to make the actual gravy tomorrow. I'm not really sure when this will get used. We often have our "holiday dinner" in January. We will invite parents and various strays who aren't too tired of turkey. My MIL has made it pretty clear that Jessica and I won't be contributing to Thanksgiving. She told Jessica that "her family" likes very traditional food. I admit this makes me feel weirdly left out. And honestly pissed on my daughter's behalf. Her cousins grew up being schooled in pie-making by this grandmother, so they will have their "traditional" sleep over at grandma's Thanksgiving Eve to make pies. I know full well I should get over it after all this time. I'll try again this year. 🤐😉 It actually might get used this Thanksgiving. My MIL is probably going to have dinner at 5pm. I will go to the nursing home at 2pm with a Thanksgiving dinner for my mom and me that will look for all the world like I made it. 😁 I have found a place that does a really nice Thanksgiving dinner plate with all of Momma's favorites. A nice dollop of my gravy should help.😉
  3. How would you reheat this behemoth of a popover/Yorkie? Not sure what they called it - Jessica brought it home from Salem MA. It is sitting on a half paper towel.
  4. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2019

    One of the men that Mr. Kim plays poker with once a month had a birthday last Friday. They decided to make poker into a dinner and poker celebration with everyone bringing something. We provided a baked potato bar. I used chuck-eye steak for the steak and cheese topping: Salted and ready for the refrigerator: They stayed in the fridge overnight and were rinsed and dried on Friday. I seared them in a cast iron skillet set on HIGH: They got a nice crust: but were basically raw: Cut up and steamed on 210F in the CSO until as done as I wanted: Inside each of those little cubes, the meat is medium-rare to medium. I’m so thrilled I found this method. I made cheese sauce based on a James Briscione recipe: Steak and cheese potato: I also used the cheese sauce to do a broccoli sauce: We also provided sour cream, butter, bacon, and chives. Mr. Kim said they loved it all and the birthday boy was very happy about the menu. Dinner Sunday night started with salad with Momofuku ranch dressing: And leftover baked potatoes with steak and cheese sauce. Dinner tonight started with tomatoes, carrots, and radishes with Momofuku ranch: Cornbread: Pinto bean soup with ham: This is from the IP pintos I made last week. I saved the extra cooking liquid and put them together tonight. So good.
  5. Kim Shook

    Lunch 2019

    Went for one last visit to my grandparent's house before it goes up for auction in December. Lot's of good memories and a bit of sadness, too. One last Short Sugar’s BBQ for a long time: Sunday brunch at Mr. Kim's favorite Greek/Italian place. Their great bread: Why do Greek restaurants always have such great bread. Even when the restaurants aren't all that great, the bread usually is! Salad: Baked spaghetti w/ meatballs: Mr. Kim got the same baked spaghetti, except with all the meats. I ate about a third. Had another third for lunch today. I'll probably finish tomorrow. 😁
  6. Resurrecting yet another thread to show some stuff I found at my grandmother's house. I didn't keep them. They are all brand new - never used. My Grandma Jean couldn’t any more go to a direct sales party hosted by one of her friends and not buy something than she could have gone to church in her nightgown. So, we found a few weird, unused pieces. A canned ham holder: It was HUGE. For those really big canned hams: LOL. I don’t remember her ever serving a canned ham. An absolutely useless looking shredding/slicing/grating/storing piece: The top flipped over to offer other options. I can’t imagine that it would have stayed sharp very long. The last was a container to make/store a fancy looking congealed salad in: She never used anything but a Pyrex baking dish to make her congealed salads in.
  7. Resurrecting this thread to show something I noticed when I cleaned my large cast iron skillet the other day. This is the cooking surface. It almost looks like something you could scrub off, but you can't. It's fairly smooth, too.
  8. Began work on a dessert I'm doing for a dinner party this weekend. It is a green apple sorbet. I got the recipe from @Lisa2k at least 10 years ago. The last time that I made it, we had to get the giant whole fruit juicer out of the attic. This time, I just used the Vitamix. Granny Smith juice: Added lemon juice, sugar syrup, and a couple of glugs of this:
  9. I believe that omelet spent some time in a bag.
  10. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2019

    It's a very common recipe in the American south. If you Google "sweet potatoes with..." the first thing that comes up is "bourbon". Or maybe that's just south of the Mason-Dixon Line 😄.
  11. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2019

    This could be me. I don't like any of the dark liquors. I've always felt that I don't really fully qualify as a Southern girl because I don't drink bourbon. I always thought I didn't like sweet potatoes until I became an adult and tasted someone's other than my family's. It turns out everyone in my family puts bourbon in their sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes - I just don't like bourbon! 😄
  12. Kim Shook

    Dinner 2019

    Except for the whole beer thing, I believe I have a German soul. Just freaking amazing.
  13. Kim Shook

    Lunch 2019

    Oh, dear! I'm so sorry and I sympathize completely. I hate all things dental. I'd honestly rather have another gastric bypass or hysterectomy than dental/periodontal surgery. Let Ronnie spoil you and eat what you can. Hugs! When I'm recovering from something and can't eat, I always make grandiose plans of what I plan to cook when I'm recovered. Maybe that will help.
  14. Kim Shook

    Lunch 2019

    How come you can't eat? ☹️
  15. Kim Shook

    Lunch 2019

    Dinner out at a favorite neighborhood joint the other night was chili dogs and club sandwiches. I can never finish a club sandwich, so I bring it home and re-purpose it into a salad or another sandwich. Today was sandwich. If you are offended for some bizarre reason by the combination of house roasted turkey and lovely house carved ham, please avoid looking😁:
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